Monday, August 15, 2011

N. Korea, model for American Enslavement?

Prisoner ball and chain image [found here]

Millions of citizens in North Korea toe the mark. They live under constant fear. The prison camp is the necessary tool to make all citizens fall into line.

Americans are forced to accept torture, their kids being molested by government workers at airports and at transportation hubs. Free speech is being curbed, we are being blasted with radiation to check us for weapons, wherever we are in public, to make us safe. New Presidential, and important person, rules in America make it so citizens can be imprisoned without charges, hearings, or release date. Officials can order murders of Americans, anywhere, is modern reality. The President and his minions have the power of life, and death.

Please excuse 30 seconds of advertisements at the beginning of the below video. Why should America start to resemble the repression in North Korea? Are you going to let America become North Korea? Are you paying taxes to make it so? Are you willing to stand up, do something, and prevent what seems to be the eventuality?

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Inside North Korea

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Mar 16, 2009

Go undercover with National Geographic correspondent Lisa Ling as she journeys into mysterious and reclusive North Korea.

Have US police been abusing GPS cellphone tracking technology? Has the Internet kill switch been used to turn off social media, the internet, and cellphones? [video and links]


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