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Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre, SART

West Virginia style "Hillbilly Overalls" pic [found here]

Many of us, who work too often unpaid, in the independent film and documentary industry, more and more, are trying to network just to survive in this economy. We're also sick of the corporate bankster propaganda movies where big corporation items, cars, and war is glamorized for the mostly American weak-minded. Community theater is a place for networking, getting to know like-minded people, to have fun, and just see other Americans who care, and what they have to say on issues. America needs some sort of resurgence of a grass roots industry as factories and small farm barns rot into the ground.

If the below theater was somewhere I could get to on my limited budget, I would have already made a personal visit and said hello.

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The Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre and the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources invite the public to a Special Event honoring Zebulon Vance--NC Civil War Governor and the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War. A short outdoor education drama about Vance will be presented by SART on Saturday, August 13th at 11:30 a.m. and again at 2:30 p.m. at the Vance Birthplace Historic Site on Reems Creek in Weaverville. Following the live presentation, a discussion about Vance's role as Governor during the civil war will be lead by noted author and historian, Gordon McKinney, the author the book "Zeb Vance- North Carolina's Civil War Governor & Gilded Age Political Leader." The public is invited to participate in the discussion, which is made possible by the North Carolina Humanities Council. There will also be a reception between the two events and the public can tour the Historic Site.

Bring your lawn chairs or blanket and enjoy an outdoor drama. There are no fees. For more information, contact the historic site at 828-645-6706. More information about the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War is at:

SART will also present a full-length play, "Vance," at Owen Theatre in Mars Hill August from August 18-21 and August 25-28. The play is written by David Hopes of Asheville and portrays the life of Zebulon Vance. For more information and to order tickets, call 828-689-1239.

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SART FUNdraiser

Text with video:

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Please help SART now by viewing this hilarious skit & then going to www. to donate something by clicking the button at the top.

Kudos to Bradshaw Call and Chandler Smith for their work in this clip, as well as to Bill Gregg for directing, Blaine Greenfield for producing, Lucas Gregg for serving as camera operator/editor and Kaylee Greenberg for handling the lighting.

Also, kindly make sure you "friend" SART on Facebook at:

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