Friday, September 23, 2011

The Bank took your house, the state took your children, and your lawyer took your money

Inflated rat bastard lawyer image [found here]

When your last dollar is ripped off, you have no job, you have no place to live, your life is ripped apart, who do you blame?

I'd personally blame lawyers.

They have their own separate language. They are a secret society. They live off the blood of others. They represent offshore corporations and banks. They are organized crime in the biggest way. They owe favors. They are the government. They run everything. They profit from your birth, life, experiences, and death. They suck blood.

People want to protest on Wall St. in New York City.

I say, "Tell a lawyer to go fuck him, or herself."

-stevengerickson At yahoo Dot Com

* * * *

Judges suck too, maybe even more so ...

A George W. Bush, blood relation, killed a New Haven, Connecticut, police officer, killing him with his car. Can you imagine killing a cop, not getting drug or alcohol tested, not getting charged, not getting arrested, and the cop is blamed for not being orange enough? Imagine the fallen cop, probably a good family man, and probably a good cop, not getting a funeral for a fallen hero as almost all cops get if they meet an end before it is time. Don't imagine, [Read This].

Imagine a lawyer who calls himself the "DCF Specialist" in Connecticut. [Attorney Michael H. Agranoff] claims to help you against the state when they want to illrgally kidnap your kids. Don't trust your family, your life, and your children to this hack, liar, scumbag, who can't even keep his hours, legal files, and statements straight. Don't ask the Connecticut Statewide Grievance Committee to help you with scumbag lawyers either, it is run by lawyers.

Well, in my case where I resisted being mugged on my own property in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, using pepper spray, Agranoff charged over $17,000 dollars, couldn't get me the program I was entitled to for "First Offenders", called "Accelerated Rehabilitation", where a $100 dollar fee paid, there is no reporting, and the charges are erased after 6 months. Agranoff allegedly owed Rockville Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan a favor for his having an inappropriate relationship with an underage client, not being disbarred, served me up. Agranoff told me when I was in prison, when I was sentenced to a year, that things could have been worse had he not been my lawyer ...

I would like at least one lawyer to prove he, or she, is not a scumbag. The only candidates I have so far for lawyers who might be okay are Norman Pattis, John Schoenhorn, and James "Jim" Brewer.

I hear from people, more and more. They are blaming lawyers, Wall St., and the US Government having been bought by offshore banks and corporations.




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