Monday, September 19, 2011

I had a dream this blog was censored by being removed

Above dreamscape images [found here]

I hear Jim Morrison lyrics from the song, The End, beginning with, "Lost in a Romance ... ", from somewhere in the song. Can't get that music out of my mind.

Back about ten years ago, having a blog cost money for bandwith, Getting 10,000 hits a day for a blog you paid about $400 a month for meant your voice could be heard with impact. The online video revolution had not yet happened. Everyone, including a grandma knitting, couldn't easily blog for free. That changed.

Del Simmons out of somewhere near Atlanta, Georgia, started a website called Free Speech and allowed me to write on his website from about 2003. I feel that I was again censored by Free Speech when every bit of what I had written, over 5000 posts was removed. Del cited that he feared authorities and his business and family came first, not Free Speech.

I was recognized from my blogging in Mississippi in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. A father who was also an non-custodial parent, read what I wrote, and knew who I was. I'm not a celebrity, and it was eerie being recognized outside of Connecticut on sight. In Connecticut, it could be a bad thing. Recognized by police, or a police informant, I feared that the threat of my taking my last ride in the trunk of a police car in handcuffs with my teeth kicked out was a real possibility. Proposing Civilian Oversight of Police to legislators and speaking your opinion at hearings, town hall, and/or in letters to the editor can be detrimental to your ownership of property, family unity, having friends, having a small business, having a job, and enjoying life minus a criminal record. Ritt Goldstein also proposed Civilian Oversight of police to legislators in Connecticut. Ritt fled Connecticut seeking political asylum so terrorized by police after making [this video].

Bringing up the subjects of Police Brutality, Judicial Corruption, Public Corruption can get a citizen unwanted attention, get one put under 24/7 surveillance, and land one in an American prison, held as a political prisoner. I went through letters sent to me from legislators about ten years ago. Steven Spellman [post], had told legislators that they weren't allowed to propose Civilian Oversight of Police for me, and see about enacting that into law in the State of Connecticut. Mr. Spellman allegedly told Stafford Springs, Connecticut, now former Representative Mordasky's aid, Rosemarie, that I was going to be severely retaliated against for my political and free speech activities. Spellman is, or was, the legislative liaison for Public Safety (The Police and Police Union) in Connecticut.

Not even blogging, just writing emails to elected officials about police misconduct, offering a solution, resulted in multiple computers of mine frying. I used a tenant's brand new Dell Computer, and it too, fried, after sending an email to Connecticut Legislators and Colonel Barry of the Connecticut State Police regarding being harassed, targeted by officers, and about police misconduct.

I dreamed that this blog was taken down, early AM, hours ago. I was okay with that, believing it to be so. I'm a witness, as are others, that we descend further into the nightmare of a Police State, everyday.

Having a romantic partner, property, freedom/liberty, a family, and being able to exercise the supposed First Amendment rights is not guaranteed in America if there is no real way to seek remedy when it is violated. We have the facade of liberty, and freedom, only with police permission. Shadow figures and police are those who are really in charge.

I feel salvation for me, and for others like me, will have to come from patriots within the system. One whom I replaced my lost family with, is now passed away. Rich Murzin [post] was a former Narcotics Detective. He reached out to me, knowing I was in pain from having been railroaded to prison for my political activities, and for my letters to the editor, printed in Connecticut newspapers. Rich's entire family, and even extended family, have been targeted, and harassed, now going on decades. Rich allegedly went after a Mafia heroin and cocaine distributor against his Hartford Police Captain's wishes, and the retaliation began. [Example]

Rich's death, made me realize, that my pursuit of justice could be my end too, with no justice realized. Rich did hold his family together as best he could, and for the most part, he did, against all odds. Rich felt he was doing his moral duty to resist tyranny, and paid the price. So has his family. In a just society, they'd be compensated. Money can't ease the pain, but it can offer hope of a new start for some, and at least show recognition of one's victimization.

Police use informants to protect their drug smuggling turf, prostitutes, and treat criminals as a farm crop, crime farming. Keeping crime at a steady level means profit, fines, property/asset confiscation, sex, power, and job security. Citizens like me, who get in the way, can have their lives burned down, can be beaten, falsely imprisoned, and/or even killed. Every aspect of one's life can be dismantled, piece by piece, in the American Police State.

Tyranny during the birth of this country can't be dealt with the same way. Insiders in a government grown to big, have to stand up, for positive change. If they don't, we will sink further as a nation. Offshore corporations and banks should not get representation for our taxation. We currently aren't being represented, and literally live under a Police State.

For me, getting an Independent Movie and/or documentary project off the ground is both therapy for me, and might be my only future forward motion. I have considered the possibility of taking my blogs down, changing my name, and living out my life off the grid as much as possible if the Governor of Connecticut, Dannel P. Malloy, might find his way to help expunge my bogus criminal record, and help me seek pennies on the dollar for what I have lost. No amount of money can ease the pain of not being part of my daughter's life, and no longer hearing the word, "Daddy."

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