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Life in Prison for Filming Cops, the Tyranny State?

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Is FEMA for cutting police communications, cutting electricity, water, sewer services, blocking food and water relief, making civil unrest and natural disasters worse for the public, and for confiscating your guns, gold, silver, and children?

Is Homeland Security really a show that the US is under armed occupation? How about the TSA?

Are Homeland Security Fusion Centers toset up the priority list to see who goes to camps first, who gets tortured, and who gets murdered? [Homeland Security Fusion Center Locations]

Is the ATF running guns to Mexican drug gangs to attack the rights of American citizens to have pistols and rifles?

Well, Alex Jones tackles some of these subjects.

Bastrop County Texas Seized by FEMA - Infowars Report

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[Federal agencies seize control on Tuesday]

Hundreds of firefighters from all the surrounding counties worked two days and nights in a heroic effort to contain the fires, but high winds Sunday night and all day Monday thwarted their efforts. So the call went out for more volunteer firefighters to join the effort from across the state.

Before they arrived, however, the federal government showed up and claimed it was in charge of the situation. "Agents with the federal National Interagency Fire Center, a coalition of federal agencies including the U.S. Forest Service, assumed command of firefighting efforts Tuesday afternoon," reports The Gonzales Cannon ( is now reporting that volunteer firefighters who had in some cases driven all night to reach Bastrop county were turned away by the feds, who claimed that since local officials never made a "formal request" for volunteers, the volunteers could not be "activated."

So while Bastrop County burns from 40+ fires that are still raging, the federal government is actually telling volunteer firefighters to go home.

"We were at the station getting set up into strike teams, and this guy came up and said that the U.S. Forest Service had 'assumed control of the situation, and that If you don't have a vehicle that squirts water, go home,' said Gordon Greer of Kirbyville, in a RealNewsReporter article ( Gordon reportedly drove all night Monday to arrive in Bastrop and take part in the firefighting effort. "You've got guys who had driven all night long from Corpus Christi and Brownsville on their own dime, and they turned them away," he said.

That same story reports that Jennifer Jones of the U.S. National Interagency Incident Center confirmed multiple federal agencies would be taking over the scene. Tuesday afternoon, the Bastrop County Office of Emergency Management stated on its Facebook page that volunteer firefighters would have to be "activated by the National Forestry Service first."

In other words, if you're a local Texan and you want to help other Texans save their ranches, or their homes, or their businesses, you need permission from the federal bureaucracy first!

But some Texans aren't allowing their efforts to be thwarted. As Real News Reporter says in its story, a group of Texas Nationalist Movement members who are also certified firefighters are in the Bastrop area and aiding civilian relief efforts, with or without permission from Washington D.C.

Learn more:

Life in Prison for Filming Police: Michael Allison Speaks 1/2

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On the Wednesday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks with Michael Allison, a 41-year-old backyard mechanic from southeastern Illinois, who faces up to 75 years in prison for the crime of recording the police. Allison ran afoul of officialdom in Robinson, Illinois, after filing a lawsuit against the city in 2007 in response to a demand he pay the state to license unused cars on his property.

Life in Prison for Filming Police: Michael Allison Speaks 2/2


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