Saturday, September 10, 2011

Obama, Redeem Yourself!

Barack Obama black and white image [found here]

Andrew Kreig talks about Obama fearing a Republican coup if he asked for prosecution of George W. Bush in 2008. [That article]

If I were Black, I would be embarrassed. Obama should not appear to be bought, and owned. If I were a lawyer, I would not want Obama giving all lawyers a bad name as in your face liars.

It isn't too late.

Obama could do a service to Blacks, the world, and the United States of America by coming clean. Not informing proper prosecuting authorities of felonies committed is a crime. If Obama doesn't come clean he is a criminal and history will judge him. Tell the truth about 9/11. Tell the truth about the operation that was supposed to have taken out Osama bin Laden and the dumping of his body at sea. Produce real pictures and video, or just shut up about that subject. If there is no credible video released, it didn't happen.

Barack Obama probably has no real hope of a 2nd term. There is way less chance of George W. Bush handlers organizing a coup now. Obama, it is time to prosecute Bush, Cheney, and others AND save your own skin. What do you say?


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