Thursday, October 27, 2011

Billions of Taxpayer Dollars Abused to Make NYPD, WORLD POLICE

Right on network television, right before your eyes, offshore corporate banksters show you how they steal billions.

NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly by


You always get a corporate, pro-government, police, and just court bias on CBS "60 Minutes," news magazine. I am just alarmed to be an American caught behind the Police State fence after watching the September 25, 2011, episode online. [click here] for that episode.

Should an American police force have officers, undercover officers, and private contractors conducting black bag operations, spying, and espionage? Should American taxpayers foot the bill for this abuse to the tune of billions? Should NYPD be something that rivals the CIA, the Israeli Mossad, and KGB? If the FBI found bomber patsies, supplied the bombs, and the plan to attempt to blow up the twin towers in 1993, and if the FBI paid White Supremest Radio Jock Hal Turner to incite violence, bombing, for citizens to commit acts for terrorism, and for citizens to fight each other, should the NYC PD Mossad goons investigate the FBI, conducting black bag operations against the FBI to prevent terrorism from occurring in New York City and in America in the future?

Serpico was a Narcotics Detective in New York City's Policing past. Serpico couldn't find a single officer to make a police misconduct complaint to that wasn't corrupt.There are fewer checks and balances, and billions can now be stolen in the guise of protecting us from terrorists. What if police are a greater threat than any real terrorist threat. What if police and court system in the US is just organized crime? Officers can now rape, rob, murder, and confine indefinitely citizens globally citing the State Secrets privilege.

Really, what has America become? Do you really just want to occupy Wall St., or do you want to occupy your own country for positive change?

My further comment on America's Police State:

Writing here on, respectfully requesting what you want done with your tax dollars, being against illegal wars of occupation, or proposing legislation to elected officials to try and fix the police state and Soviet style courts can land a citizen on a Homeland Security Fusion Center enemies list. If you want information on the location of the nearest fusion center [click here].

Smart electric meters are used to know when you are home, or not, and report your use and patterns to authorities. More states are pushing for laws so citizens have to have keys to their houses in lock boxes outside, accessible to police and other officials so they have 24/7 access to your home when you are there, or not. Cell phone and internet providers illegally cooperate with illegal government domestic spying programs. Police are paying informants to file fast reports to facilitate arrests and false imprisonment, and beat up citizens to retaliate against them for making police misconduct complaints or because they are politically active.

Maybe 75%, or more, is spent on policing, rigged courts, the military, government, and mounting interest on the debts you never agreed to pay in the first place. The corruption is in your face. The government's security programs are not for you, it is for them. They don't want to be prosecuted, they don't want the people to connect the dots, and successfully rise up. Growing your own food is pretty much illegal, the government is going after small businesses, the self-employed, intact families, and homeowners. The ATF is supplying guns to Mexican Drug Gangs. The Government wants to end cash transactions between citizens. Do you get the picture?


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More to the story:

I recently received email from the system on this piece.

There is more to the story of the above that I have loaded in video and documentaries on There is a documentary called, "The American Drug War: The Last White Hope" and "Loose Change" the ground breaking 2005 installment 1 of 3.

I might plan to expose various Democrats and Republicans just before election on this blog. Feel free to contact me to post there, or possibly here as an audio interview type podcast. Silence signifies acceptance. (Email me at stevengerickson At Yahoo Dot Com)

Do you want to contact your state and federal elected officials about NYPD receiving billions in YOUR tax dollars to become an international policing, spying, Mossad type, covert military, propaganda, and electronic espionage type nightmare for all of humanity?



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