Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Color Purple and Solidarity with the Occupy Wall St. movement in NYC?

New Jersey film director Christopher Henze at Zuccoti Park photo, and idea to re-post video here, came from Rob Kall's article [found here]

Check out this video shot by Rob Kall: A Color for Occupy Wall Street? OWS

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I met New Jersey film director Christopher Henze at Zuccoti Park. He had a big pile of light purple strips of cloth wrapped around his neck and piled in front of him. He was giving them away.

He says "If you combine the colors of the American Flag you get light purple. The Occupy movement is not anti-American, it's ultra-American. It's too much right now to separate us into Red, Blue or White. The OWS movement represents a mix of the 99% which is light Purple."

Steven G. Erickson's comment to Rob Kall's article:

The Other meaning of Purple

Rob thanks for shooting this video and posting it. I will re-post it on my blog.

Some people may think of triangles and the color purple and associate a gay and lesbian agenda. I'm open minded and support free choice, free speech, and freedom. I hope most Americans get that it is an all inclusive movement not to be hijacked by other agendas.

It is all of us average people against the offshore corporate owners and banksters who have unlimited power and use of our money to bribe elected officials beyond our imagination. Let's not have the Sarah Palin effect as what happened with the Tea Party after that witch rode in on her broom.

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My thoughts expanded [here]


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Jesse Ventura & Alex Jones Joins Occupy Wall Street And Tells It How It Is

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We are 99


Jesse Ventura rise of the Police State Fema Camp video [embedded here] scroll down


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