Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Defense Secretary Panetta: Wrong on Military Spending

I found the above image and below video [here on Opednews.com] with interesting links and text. Please check out link.

It is complete BS 75% of our tax dollars on [drug running CIA], a US Military run by offshore corporate banksters, for policing to guard the government and for collecting revenue, for rigged courts, and bloated and out of control state governments and a piece of crap federal government.

Job losses caused by sensible Pentagon spending is pure hogwash. The wholesale rip off of the American people is what is causing job loss. The loss of freedoms is only a symptom of the greater disease.

[Connecticut State Police told me] I would be arrested, lose my property, go to prison, and be ruined for life using their cut-outs, called Connecticut State Police Confidential Informants if I got in the way of criminals, crime, and drug dealing. I talk about that [here].

I was told directly by police officers that reporting heroin and crack cocaine dealing, prostitution, and even vandalism was felony interfering with police as they might have an ongoing investigation of these criminals. That is bogus, they protect criminals and go after non-connected families, homeowners, and small business owners. The Connecticut State Police negatively impact the state and US economy. So do the courts. The problem is not just Connecticut, it is nationwide.

Please watch the 2 parts of the documentary, "The US Drug War: The Last White Hope", at bottom of post. The whole crack down on the American people might just be because African Americans and those of Spanish ethic backgrounds may soon outnumber Whites. Those who rip us off don't want to be voted out of world domination, and to be able to abuse us at will.

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Defense Secretary Panetta: Wrong on Military Spending

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Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is flagrantly advocating for war profiteers at the expense of real security for the American people. He's trying to browbeat Congress and other officials into continuing to send huge sums of our money to war profiteers who are killing jobs and ripping off the taxpayer. Our new video busts Panetta's scare tactics and talking points--share it with your friends.

Parts 1 and 2 of The US Drug War: The Last White Hope

Part 2:



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