Sunday, October 09, 2011

Fed is The Engine of Our Destruction: Stewart Rhodes Reports

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I've placed a link below. What does all this mean in the real world? I can only say what I've seen with my own eyes with the best conviction. Human nature is human nature. There is no Homeland Fusion Center mentality that is above human nature. That is why they need oversight, civilian oversight. If you choose to look at the links, examples of why these people need to be watched, watching you, is apparent. They have already proven they'll steal your money to the last dollar. So, where's your trust?

Is there a connection between all this citizen abuse, rip offs, Homeland Security, The Federal Reserve Bank, Patriot Act, all these out of control wars of occupation, and Americans just randomly rising up against all these organized criminals?

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Aaron Dykes interviews Oath keepers, Stewart Rhodes about our greatest enemy being the federal reserve, and why we must abolish it for good!

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What Homeland Security really looks like



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