Friday, October 28, 2011

US Killer Drones to get their own 51st State?

If we the people allow US Military to have a 51st US State for unmanned aerial murder machines, we're all mad like the old, "Mad Hatters", who got Mercury on their fingers from stiffening the brims of hats. Let's put our foot down on this one, no more abuse of drone murdering machines at our taxpayer expense. Let's vote out all Democrats and Republicans who support all out war and "Terminator, Rise of the Police State".

Arnold Schwarzenegger "Terminator" movie image [found here]

[click here for more of the story, and excerpt from David Swanson's article on this subject]

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Now for my rant ...

Work for over two decades, get married, buy a home, buy investment properties and fix them up from a boarded up condition, start raising a family, save for retirement, AND police in the US want you in jail, to lose your credit, home, and family unity. You pay taxes [for this], and why are returning US Veterans a threat to the US Police State?

Police in the State of Connecticut, awarded hundreds of thousand of dollars of decades of my hard labor, my property, to a [crack cocaine smoking sociopath police informant], Peter J. Coukos, who sleeps with prostitutes, but would prefer to have sex with 6 to 8 year old children, girls or boys, for his having sexually terrorized and harassed my then 14 year old daughter and me out of Connecticut. Stafford Springs police and [Troop C Connecticut State Police], namely Stafford Springs Constable "Fat Frank" Prochaska and then Stafford Springs Resident State Trooper Mulcahey, allegedly helped the bi-polar alcoholic drug abusing parasite on humanity a gun permit to carry concealed pistols for his committing crimes in behalf of police. Welcome to the real world, America.

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