Tuesday, November 22, 2011

America Exposed by US Rep Mike Gravel

I haven't heard one man, or woman, tell me what's wrong with America, expose the Corporate ruling of America, and what hope there is for a solution. That is, until I listened to the below RT America video where former Alaska Representative Mike Gravel weighs in.

Mike Gravel campaign button image [found here]

Text with video:
Homeland Security equals armed occupation. The TSA is tyranny. Corporations own America. Corporations need to be regulated, not in charge. Are the corporations who run the US aligned with Israel out to bomb Iran? Mike Gravel is an insider with the answers. Gravel isn't going along with those who have sold their souls to the international organized criminals, banks and corporate owners.

Why are American taxpayers paying for so many wars? Why have so many citizens died in the wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya etc for no good reason? Why do most Americans do nothing when citizens are targets for being outspoken?

James Corbett of the Corbett Report talks about the US/Iran situation in video here.

To show corporate owners and banksters, the US isn't about international organized crime, New York City Mayor Bloomberg should be arrested and prosecuted for judge shopping to try to squash the Occupy Wall St. Movement, OWS. Does the UN own the Statue of Liberty?

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