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Do Obama Puppeteers want to force Children to undergo Anthrax Vaccines?

A picture of art of a child being strangled and tortured that I find disturbing, not because a child is being strangled and tortured, it is the onlookers that disturb me. [picture, found here]

US Attorneys are not out to give breaks to lawbreakers, they are looking to nail to the wall anyone who has broken the law. Some say that US Attorneys are a US Government retaliation tool for the government to really nail to the wall, whistleblowers and big mouthed citizens. So, why would former US Attorney John A. Danaher, III., former Connecticut State Police Commissioner, and now Connecticut Judge, give a then 26 year old fellow West Hartford, Connecticut, man a free pass with no jail time and no criminal record for being in possession of military grade Anthrax during the US Government sponsored Anthrax Scare in 2001? [That Story]

Are politicians so deep into the pockets of Big Pharma that they would pass legislation to force US children to undergo dangerous Anthrax vaccines? What chance would a child risk if the US Government doesn't attack again using Anthrax? So, would a vaccine that a government forces children to suffer with, would it prevent the US Government from unleashing it's terror on the people, Anthrax, which in 2001 failed to get the results of mass hysteria?

Obama to Force 'Anthrax Vaccine' Testing on Children! Nightly News Report

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Aaron details the medical industrial complex's agenda for vaccinating children.

Does the below video blow the lid on fraudulent testing and treatment for Lyme Disease? Did the government manufacture Lyme Disease on Plum Island below Lyme, Connecticut, and above Long Island, New York?

The Skippy on Lyme Disease Fraud

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Connecticut Officials and/or Yale University are allegedly involved in one of the biggest scams ever, involving Big Pharma, Corporate Fraud, racketeering, obstruction of justice, and running a state like a Mafia organization. A State and corporations should not be able to operate as a syndicate defrauding citizens and the world. The numbers tell the story. Kathleen Dickson shows the Patent numbers, the dates, and the percentages for accurate testing of Lyme Disease. Someone would have to disprove the math and all the claims that have documents to disprove her case. There is no personal attack or conflict of personalities when "just the facts ma'am" are produced. Applaud a woman sick with Lyme, a former research scientist at Pfizer for having the courage to speak out. She tool LymeRix off the market after testifying in front of the FDA. She has been retaliated against as a whistleblower ever since. You now have the facts, pass them on to others, let law enforcement know that you expect them to go after the bad guys.


[The History of Lyme Disease]

[Lisa Masterson aka Elena Cook and her plight in the UK against Big Pharma and the State of Connecticut's version of the corporate CIA]

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Whistleblowers below talk about international financial institutions lacking accountability and having sovereign immunity to give the already rigged courts the ability to give these international organized criminals a free pass. Should they kill us and make us sick on a whim?

Did organized criminals within the World Bank conspire to infect the 3rd World's blood supply with AIDS and HIV to reduce population? I attended a whistleblowers' hearing in Washington DC and filmed the below videos.

The World Bank, HIV/AIDS, & Fraud?

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In Washington, DC, we had a national whistleblowers meeting on judicial misconduct, Stewart Mott House, Capitol Hill, 122 Maryland Avenue, NE, Washington, DC 20002, May 15, 2008.

This is footage of the International portion involving banks, corporate executives, judges, law enforcement, and others claiming that they have judicial or sovereign immunity to be able to break laws, harm, and cause the death of people with no financial or criminal liability.

More information and video here:


Part 2 of video:

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Press release text from

World Bank Action "Too Little, Too Late" to Correct HIV Corruption; Bank Uses CDC in Cover-Up
After nearly one year's delay, the World Bank announced last Thursday that it will further investigate disclosures involving the distribution of defective HIV/AIDS test kits, mass purchased as part of a health care project in India. GAP client Dr. Kunal Saha first informed the Bank's Department of Institutional Integrity (INT) of the use of the faulty kits in a draft report in May 2007. In the ensuing months, various World Bank officials have attempted to conceal the facts about the case, discredit Dr. Saha in both the US and India, and use the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) to cover-up fraud. Statements made by World Bank officials to the media last week about this issue were grossly misleading.


"Whistle blower DC conference"


US Homeland Security Fusion Center locations and information:


Flu Vaccine Propagandist Charged with Child Molestation!

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Alex covers hazardous makup from china, CDC Deputy Director Arrested for molestation & beastiality! Alex also updates us on the continued radiation still coming from fukushima (Nuclear plant in Japan).

Dangerous HPV Vaccinations Forced on Boys with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny 1/2

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In tonight's Wed, October 26, 2011 edition of the Infowars Nightly News, Alex Jones interviews Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on the attempt to now push dangerous HPV vaccinations on boys after years of a large effort aimed at girls. They also discuss the wider vaccine hoax, as well as the numerous vaccine developments, including a push to test a new anthrax vaccine on children and the general ineffectiveness of flu shots.

Dangerous HPV Vaccinations Forced on Boys with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny 2/2




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