Thursday, November 17, 2011

OWS, 10 Feet Tall, Bullet Proof, Sh*tting Rainbows

Who is going to save Wall St. and the Big Banks if they have been caught stealing customer accounts? Will people make a run on their money? Who is going to stop the train wreck or the coming 2nd American Revolution?

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Is Gerald Celente starting a worldwide panic with his exposing of his account contents being stolen?

Gerald Celente hammers MF Global's "MF'ers" on Capital Account (11/14/11)

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Gerald Celente founder and director at Trends Research Institute and publisher of the Trends Journal tells us how he has become a casualty of MF Global's bankruptcy to the tune of six figures! And while MF Global went belly up due to bad bets on European sovereign debt, Celente says the eurozone is next to go. Celente responds to Nouriel Roubini's forecasts of an exit from the eurozone. This after technocrats are installed in Rome and Athens to calm markets. Yet we see Italian and Spanish bond yields on the rise. Meanwhile, Spanish, French and Belgian CDS hit new records.

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The below video is about your supposed need to buy gold. Can you eat gold? Can you stave off the goons who want to steal your food, rape, pillage, and murder when there is chaos? Those who buy gold go on a list. Do you know what happens to people on that list? I do. You should consider what really happened after Hurricane Katrina in the New Orleans, Louisiana, area. [you should care about this].

GCN's Ted Anderson: Major Institutions are in Financial Trouble

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Ted Anderson talks to alex about the crumbling banking institutions and why it's important to take physical possession of Gold in today's market.

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More of their BS:

I learned earlier than many about the abuse of the US Police State. I was asked to be a police informant to turn in those who had firearms, who had a small business, cash, or property that police could confiscate based on actual facts or made up false complaints. They didn't care, it was about targeting families, homeowners, business owners, and outspoken individuals for take down. I didn't want to lie, cheat, and steal. I thought them evil. So the Connecticut State Police toasted me out of my life in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, for not wanting to be involved in their heroin, crack cocaine, prostitution, and crime schemes. I got prison, not actual criminals. [my mugshot]. You live in the same "America" as I do.

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