Friday, November 25, 2011

Should we the people regulate corporations and banks?

Should you [know where your Homeland Security Fusion Center] is located? Whether you like Ron Paul, or not, those with a Ron Paul for US President bumper sticker might be put on target lists.

What are BP, Exxon, Chevron, Goldman Sachs, Halliburton etc really up to? Why are the point 1% getting away with obstructing justice, racketeering, and running what seems to be an international organized crime organization with the US Military, Police, Courts, and elected officials acting as enforcers?

Should we allow these criminals to have a "Patriot Act", declaring Martial Law, and having an internet shut off switch?

If you can stand Greg Palast's seemingly swelled ego, please be patient and let the subjects expose themselves in below video. Palast's book isn't banned in the US. You can order it, but the mainstream media seems to not be covering what should be explosive accusations, based in fact, or not. I believe the accusations are based in fact, personally.

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Text with video:
Non-Fiction book banned in Censorship Land, The US?

Rob Kall's [post] title for this interview is, "Greg Palast, Investigative Journalist Par Extraordinaire Exposes The 1% Vultures". Did British Petroleum, BP, have another disaster that was covered up? Did Chevron? Is the oil being dumped in the Amazon? Is Halliburton guilty of other crimes? I would actually like to read Palast's book, "The Vultures' Picnic". Are people who are talking about the above, and who have documents, video, and proof being murdered? Are elected officials in US in Big Pharma's, Big Oil, the War Corporations, Banksters, and Offshore Corporate owners' pockets, doing their bidding, screwing over We the People worldwide?

Check Rob's link above for more information. If you want to know how bad some of these international corporations and banks are treating you. [click here for more links]

Obstruction of Justice by these banksters and corporate owners is revealed in this video. We need honest policing, investigations, and to have these officials and their corporate counterparts tried in courts that aren't rigged by government insiders.

Not so new video on what has exploded in ridiculousness, the bogus US War on Drugs. Check out below video. Were CIA Drug Lord Kingpin George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton cocaine smuggling partners?:

Corrupt US War on Drugs

Text with below video found on
Air Force intelligence officer & Vietnam War Hero Terry Reed is recruited by Oliver North to assist in the training of Contra pilots in Mena, Arkansas. Plenty of revealing information about Clinton, Bush, covert CIA operations, CIA super-agent Barry Seal, money laundering, international narcotics trafficking, and US Govt. Corruption in it's fake war on drugs.



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