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What would a post-electronics world look like?

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Many, who worry that there will be solar flares that will fry everything worldwide might happen in 2012, are considered off the wall conspiracy theorists. Electronic pulse weapons can disable a single car if used by police, an entire power grid, or everything inside someone's house or group of buildings. These weapons can be mounted on ground vehicles, helicopters, airplanes, and beamed off satelytes from a ground station fed by major output electric generators.

Your computer, appliances, the power grid, wireless communications etc would not be possible, or may have come much later had it not been for Nikola Tesla.

Conspiracy Documentary Nikola Tesla The Genius Who Lit The World New World Order,David Icke

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If there is all out war, disabling all electronics worldwide would allow an army with superior numbers, not in possession of superior technology and nuclear weapons, to be able to rule the globe. Our solar system may pop up and down in regular cycles all over the galaxy with predictable paths. If every 10,000, or so years, our solar system is subject to bombardment of a type of radiation that does in electronics, we might be in store for such an event in our near future. In the 1800's there are reports of electricity jumping out of the ground and telegraph wires catching fire. Operators of equipment were electrocuted. The weak batteries and devices for generating electricity back then were extremely weak and low power. So, the electricity to burn out car electronics and power grids may have been environmental in the past. Are we due for such events again soon?

Cars would have to have nothing electrical at all to run. A hybrid diesel, propane turbine might be in order. 50 or 60 horsepower mated to a 6 speed manual transmission might do the trick for an economy sized car. A car powered by a turbine only, does not require gears other than forward and reverse. The turbine could be used to power the car alone. The turbine could be used to warm the motor and turn the motor so that diesel power could be used. 65 MPG, diesel only is possible with a small, efficient diesel motor. Venting gas could be used for a horn and for other systems on the car. Conventional power steering, brakes, etc can be run off the motor with belts and standard hydraulic systems. Lights for the vehicle could be propane, or other, powered. Airplanes with no electronics at all, just hydraulic and mechanical systems would be the only aircraft able to fly in an environment not suitable for the use of electrical systems.

Even the smallest chance that the above could occur would make the less than 1% of us who own just about everything, control governments, business, and the sum total of all our lives, could make the elite very nervous. They have contingency plans. If the elite knew an event would be occurring disabling communications, computers, and modern life, disrupting their power, would these elite try to kill off as many of us as is possible before such an event?

Flocks of birds flying, then falling dead out of the sky, simultaneously, might indicate pulse radiation weapons being tested. Pilots, and others associated with military aircraft talk of weapons that can smoke a jackrabbit out on the runway using a joystick in the cockpit. These weapons allegedly can take out a pilot of enemy aircraft and/or fry everything electronic in the enemy plane or SAM, surface to air missile stations. Using actual missiles, or mounted machine guns on airplanes may have been unnecessary for decades. New crowd control weapons are being unveiled. These same weapons can be used to kill large crowds of people when these devices are set up on high.

Vehicle-Mounted Active Denial System (V-MADS)

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The Active Denial System (ADS) is a non-lethal, directed-energy weapon developed by the U.S. military. It is a strong millimeter-wave transmitter primarily used for crowd control (the "goodbye effect"). Some ADS systems such as HPEM ADS are also used to disable vehicles.[3] Informally, the weapon is also called pain ray. Raytheon is currently marketing a reduced-range version of this technology. The ADS is currently being considered for deployment in the Iraq War

Hiding electronics, vehicles, and electricity producing equipment far underground might preserve enough for a defined number of the elite. One nuclear submarine might be able to power a major part of New York City with its on board nuclear power plant. Are the corporate banking elite planning for such an event? Are they planning a first strike to eliminate as many average people as possible to have what is left for themselves?

The forefathers of the modern bankers and corporate owners of America and US Government, the US Military, and the wealth of the world, are the ones who brought Small Pox laden blankets as gifts to unsuspecting Native Americans to commit genocide during the corporate/banking birth of America. Do you think their descendants care about you and want to give you service and value for the money they have stolen from you? If these parasites on humanity fear having their necks stretched by ropes, or being imprisoned, they'd rather kill as many of us as possible not to make that possibility a reality. Should we keep a better eye on the international corporate banking elite?

If one were to write a screenplay about a post electronic world they would consider all the points above, and more.

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Domestic 5th Columnists Pre-9/11

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All citizens who blog, upload videos, have music MP3 files on their computer or have received audio and video attachments in their emails that they did not ask for might be subject to 5 years, or so, in prison and being labeled a felon for life. Citizens of other countries will be face being sent to the US to face prosecution for these same "offenses". The US has bases and troops stationed all over the world to enforce these corporate/banking laws that these entities bribe US politicians in the tunes of millions to enforce. Video and audio files that corporations wanted you to download are used now as an excuse of copyright infringement. Laws that corporations want to be law after they provided citizens with the tools to infringe on copyrights. Corporations can take over the internet with new laws that they bribed politicians to have in place. [video embedded here]


Those who started crime watches, or were outspoken at meetings in their communities were cataloged by police as potential problems and put on lists for false arrests, property confiscation, job loss, for their families to be broken up, for set ups using police informants, and possible prison terms. Small business, rental property, and commercial property owners who did not have connections were also put on lists to be taken down. 5th Columnists were used pre-9/11 to soften up citizens for the eventual corporate/banker takeover of America. Some of America's owners run the US Government offshore.

What laws are being passed now by Congress should alarm all Americans who are paying attention.

Ritt Goldstein fled the State of Connecticut to seek political asylum in Sweden after proposing Civilian Oversight of Police at a special legislative hearing held in front of the Judiciary Committee, Hartford, Connecticut, December 1996:

It is common for police to use police informants to stalk, terrorize, threaten the lives of those who propose civilian oversight of police to elected officials. These informants are also given incentives to attack citizens on their property. Police will arrest only the honest, taxpaying, home owning, family raising victim of the police informant criminal attacker. I know, I suffered this Connecticut State Police brutality and judicial misconduct conspiracy in Stafford Springs, Connecticut.

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Dear Yahoo!:
How was the term "fifth column" coined?
Columbia, Maryland

Dear Matt:
Great question! The Fifth Column. The Fourth Estate. The Third Man. All of these phrases can get confusing. According to, a fifth column refers to any clandestine group or faction of subversive agents who attempt to undermine a nation's solidarity.

Who came up with the phrase, and what's with the columns? Emilio Mola Vidal, a Nationalist general during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), originally coined the term. As four of his army columns moved on Madrid, the general referred to his militant supporters within the capital as his "fifth column," intent on undermining the loyalist government from within.

So the fifth column is a group of secret sympathizers or supporters of an enemy that engage in espionage or sabotage within defense lines or national borders. Recent conflicts have had their fifth columns: Iraqi insurgents in the Gulf War, Cuban rebels in the Bay of Pigs. Those columns didn't fare quite as well.


[click here] for:

Target on Enemies List


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Tech at Night: Kill SOPA. Now.

Posted by Neil Stevens (Diary)

Saturday, December 24th at 2:15AM EST

Nothing in this post shall be construed to impose a belief that Lamar Smith would round up every American into MPAA-run detention centers if Chris Dodd suggested it would be good for big business.

Does that sound like a stupid way to begin a post, and does it suggest that I’m about to say the opposite? Well, that’s how the Manager’s Amendment version of SOPA starts off, claiming that no matter what the bill says, it’s not a prior restraint on free speech.

Of course, restrictions of results provided by Internet Search Engines amount to just that: prior restraint of their free expression of future results. Google and others, under SOPA, are told what they can or can’t publish before they publish it.

Kill. The. Bill.

And it’s still an affirmative defense that a government order of censorship is technically or economically unreasonable, meaning the burden of proof is on the ISP to show that the government is ordering literally the impossible. This again means that ISPs effectively will have to go out of business if they can’t afford to fight the government in court, and even AT&T couldn’t afford to do that.

SOPA: it’ll kill jobs. It’ll censor the Internet. It’ll turn us from leader to backwater online. GoDaddy backed off of supporting it. Erick Erickson has come out against it, and in favor of primarying those who vote wrongly. Heritage and Beregond add to the forming consensus both against the bill and for an understanding just how dangerous the bill is.

The President, already under fundraising pressure this time around, is being told to veto it anyway. The petition has met his standard and the White House promises a response from Barack Obama. That they’re delaying suggests to me the answer could go either way.

In other news, The administration’s unwillingness to be transparent about LightSquared, as demanded by Chuck Grassley now threatens the proper functioning of the FCC. If Michael Copps quits before Grassley is satisfied, the FCC will shut down.

The FCC needs transparency, too. Suddenly approving a modified version of the AT&T/Qualcomm spectrum deal surprised me, after previous signals that FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski was going to change the rules specially for AT&T.

That said, I still don’t want the FCC to be shut down. As bad as some of their decisions have been, they serve a necessary role. Approving spectrum transfers is important, as is enabling white space use.

I’d rather the FCC opened up about LightSquared. The case the firm has made looks reasonable. Forbes claims the GPS issues are already fixed, but GPS makers simply refuse to make the necessary changes, and would rather simply cut costs at LightSquared’s expense. That’s not fair, if true, and the FCC has nothing to hide if it rules for LightSquared for that reason.

So what are they hiding?


Be a HERO and Help STOP SOPA Now!! I'll tell you How! This Video that Must Be SHARED!

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Dec 22, 2011

Go to and for thousands of pages of evidence and links to the original source research on the Internet Wayback Machine.


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Corporate Puppet Obama, OWS, Spying, and the end to Labor Unions?

I watched Amy Goodman on Democracy Now, and got a different take on an issue than I think she intended to present.

Text with below video:

Uploaded by on Dec 20, 2011

Steven G. Erickson's opinion is probably different than the opinion presented by Democracy Now host Amy Goodman. I met Amy Goodman in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at the NCMR Free Press Event in 2008, thanks to Francis C. P. Knize, a Documentary Producer.

Democracy Now can be found:

Will Labor Union power end in the US? How about the world? Will the necessary union liaisons in US government not be put back into office? Do the offshore corporate/banker owners of the US Government want to disable the ability of Labor Unions to be able to secure rights and fair wages for workers to maximize corporate/banking profits and political power?

More of Steven G. Erickson links:

OWS, An Obama Admin End to Unions?

Do US Police State goons admit they are going to attack Iran in the future? Well, watch the above video. US Troops are posed outside the Syrian/Jordan border to attack Syria according to Sibel Edmonds. Do most Americans connect with their trek into poverty with wars, international occupations with no end? Tax dollars diverted to wars and a growing police state aren't used to help those who are paying the freight.

Have Police in New Haven Connecticut been caught being racist scumbags? Well, watch the above video.


I don't know how to tell Rob Kall, owner of, how annoying pop ups are. Especially one that comes up before you even get into that site. I know that money is needed to operate such a site, but new viewers might be turned off to the pop ups and then not stay to read. So many of the most aware authors in the world post on

An excerpt of what I read todaym an article written by John Reed, which is [found here in its entirety]:

On December 1, 2011, WikiLeaks released 287 files which it has dubbed "The Spy Files" (click here) detailing some incredible investigative work done by the website Privacy International over the last year involving the manufacture and sale by about 160 companies of services and software to primarily national intelligence agencies with the capacity to render individual privacy and nearly all communications subject to government eavesdropping, censorship, manipulation, editing, tracking and targeting. The commercial software, security, and surveillance companies are incorporated in 25 different countries and most will sell to any regime or private corporation willing to meet their price. According to Julian Assange, the Spy Files were released for the purpose of "documenting the relationships among intelligence agencies and monitoring software developers whose products have been deployed surreptitiously but very, very widely in smart phones and computers." click here

Assange is widely being credited with the revelations in the Spy Files due to the fact he led a panel discussion on espionage and digital security on December 1 in London in which he basically stated that virtually all governments "spy on their own citizens and on foreigners using surreptitious spyware on computers, cell phones, GPS devices and other modern electronic devices." click here Steven Murdoch, University of Cambridge, added that intelligence agencies spy on all individual citizens not because of their involvement in crime or terrorism, but because the intelligence agencies believe the information gathered may prove useful sometime in the future. The implication is, of course, that the information might someday be used for blackmail, although Murdoch does not go so far in his allegations.

It probably comes as no surprise to most progressives that the Spy Files reveal the American NSA and CIA at the front of the line to purchase the most sophisticated surveillance available. Even now, the NSA is building a 1.5 billion dollar facility in Utah just for the purpose of storing such data forever.

Although Assange is getting most of the credit for these revelations, the real hero here is the website Privacy International (click here) and the investigative reporter, Eric King, and his sponsor, the human rights group, Reprieve International, that successfully posed as legitimate international buyers of this sophisticated software for a year in developing their report, "Big Brother Incorporated." According to the panel discussion, the reporters were very surprised how easy it was to gain access to private briefings, confidential reports, technical specifications, and information on other buyers.

The services offered and the capabilities of the software involved are truly mind-blowing. Vendors have websites and offer international meet and greets. The Hacking Team and Gamma Group are examples. One service offered is tapping into high capacity optical fiber networks at submarine cable landing stations. The same service is offered for tapping into land based Internet gateways. In both of these situations, the software used can isolate a single information flow, send it to a land based decryption center for further analysis, and then store it for later use. Additionally, other programs take control of cell phones, even when they are in standby mode, eavesdrop on conversations, take photos of the user and his or her surroundings through the cell phone's camera, record every keystroke of the key pad, monitor email used on the phone, read all text messages, change text messages so the recipient receives a different message from the one the sender sent, use voice recognition to identify the parties to a conversation, and use GPS to locate and, possibly, target a particular phone. In this latter case, when the software developer, Rich Zimmerman, for the GPS locater learned that individuals were targeted by their phone's GPS signal for a missile strike, he is said to have reacted in amazement that the CIA was killing people with his software "that doesn't work." WikiLeaks

Finally, but not least, some of these companies now, according to The Register, "offer to target and break specific international commercial communications satellites, including Thuraya (covering the Middle East), (click here) (take a moment just to watch this website, then consider the power to buy the tools to hack the satellite) Iridium satellite phones, and Marlink's VSAT. Commercial satellite intercept was previously the almost exclusive turf of GCHQ and NSA's Echelon satellite interception network." click here

Whatever can be said about cell phones can be equally said about computers. Moreover, the spyware sold to governments or corporations for intrusion into computers cannot be discovered by commercial security software like Norton Utilities, McAfee, or similar products, and it successfully defeats system restores. Whatever can be accomplished on a cell phone can also be accomplished on a computer, except that normally a computer holds much more sensitive files than a cell phone. If you are connected to the Internet, just presume you are infected because, if Assange and his panel are correct, you almost certainly are.

Evidence found in Egypt, Libya, and certain other countries, indicates that these regimes were using some of the software at issue, if not the highest levels obtainable nor the most sophisticated. According to the work of Privacy International, the Western democracies are the governments which seek the most and best surveillance equipment and software on the international market.

Anyone who paid close attention to the rapid lose of our civil rights since the 911 attack should remember an early DARPA project termed Total Information Awareness. The TIA program embodied an initial attempt by the US government to do openly what we discuss here it does surreptitiously. TIA was created in the Homeland Security Act in early 2003 to be managed by DARPA, but when details of its massive collection of information on innocent American citizens came to light, Congress was forced to kill the project officially in late 2003. The acronyms TIA and DARPA did not go well together in the American mind. The problem, however, was that while in existence TIA had already purchased the hardware and software for its mandate. The project was therefore merely shifted from DARPA to the NSA where it continued to grow and expand with the ever increasing sophistication of new surveillance software. (click here and Truthout has an ongoing article starting at click here)

For many, then, the news that our government is spying on us very closely may not come as a great revelation. We knew it from the Total Information Awareness program, from the Sibel Edmonds case, and almost instinctively. What is new is that instead of collecting terabytes of information and sifting that data for key words or information, the software exists now to keep track of each one of us. Now we are each a target, each located, each heard, each known intimately if they care to look, each subject to blackmail be there a single skeleton in our closet: perhaps a porn site once visited, a Marxist website once read, an intemperate email, a poem over lost love, so many things we have put on our computers. Even if we did not do it, they can do it for us, entering keystrokes when we are not even home, or not even using our Blackberry, turning us into pedophiles, terrorists, tax cheats, or whatever monster they need to disappear without much question or care from our family and friends.

[more from source]

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A recent Steven G. Erickson comment on, [posted here]:

When you blog, or on this site and are "logged in" there is a "handshake" between computers. Some of the biggest names who the US Government's owners would want to silence post on So why not embed a government virus that gets by corporate compromised virus protection software? When there is a handshake, information can be pulled off of the unsuspecting user's harddrive.

If you notice differences in font size, style, and/or the way a word processing programs perform, you might have been intruded on. Just imagine water pressure going the wrong way through your sewer system into your house, it is going to make a mess. The government sewer is no different when it contaminates your computer. If taxpayers foot the bill for 2 cruisers to follow me around all day, burning gas because I proposed Civilian Oversight legislation to elected officials in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, they'll pay a geek to write code to infect your computer if you are considered over a 100 times more dangerous, just posting on this website.

I expand on this theme, and talk more about the text eating virus [here]

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Stop Smoking Pot and Pay Attention to Government

Marijuana smoking image [found here]

Text with below video:

Uploaded by on Dec 15, 2011

Welcome back to -- the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most
important developments in alternative news and open source intelligence. This week:

Story #1: Drones Assist In Corralling North Dakota Cattle Rustlers
Related: Iran Captures CIA Drone
Video: Obama Appeals to Iran to Give Back Downed Drone
Cyberwar on US Drones? Another Spy Craft Crash, Now In Seychelles

Story #2: Canada to Withdraw from Kyoto Protocol
Update: Canada, Out of Kyoto, Must Still Cut Emissions Says UN
Related: Interview w/ Donna Laframboise of

Story #3: Survey Says Teen Smoking & Drinking at Historic Lows,
Marijuana Use High
Related: Dutch Police Complain It's Their Right to Smoke Cannabis While Off-Duty

Visit to get previous episodes in various formats to download, burn & share. And as always, stay up-to-date by
subscribing to the feeds from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy Thank you.

Previous Episode: Penn State, FEMA Cramps, Newt Stamps

Drone Detention, Canada Kyoto, Teen Toking - New World Next Week


The 1983 movie, "Blue Thunder," was a warning. Arming police surveillance helicopters was very dangerous to freedom. All of the questions the movie asks, without asking, should be asked about the use of unmanned drone military aircraft being used for surveillance of Americans. The arming of these unmanned drones is a billboard to the sky saying that the US Constitution is being used as toilet paper by the owners of the US Government. We need not be slaves doing the modern equivalent of picking cotton. Satellites and unmanned military aircraft are spying on us, and these devices will kill us, make us sick, and/or keep us imprisoned, count on it. This is a movie that most of you should see if you haven't already. It was a warning obviously not heeded.

Blue Thunder Movie Trailer

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Aug 22, 2006

Blue Thunder is a specially modified helicopter. It is for police work, but is armed and designed to counter street insurgencies. It's makers want to show what it will do, but have to train a Los Angeles Police pilot Frank Murphy, to fly and use it in order to allow it to operate in the city. Murphy and the project pilot have differences going back to Vietnam. The conflict between them continues to heat up as Murphy begins to suspect that Blue Thunder is more than has been disclosed.

More video to watch before lighting up:

The new look, a US Arrest


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Does the CIA terrorize, and have shot, US Officials?

Is US Attorney General Eric Holder a lying, criminal scumbag?

Eric Holder image [found here]

Warning: The content included in the two below videos contain some pretty strong stuff.

If any of the subjects are actually investigated, are those in charge of investigating, judging, and punishing going to punish themselves for bad behavior?

Text with below video:

Uploaded by on Dec 15, 2011

Wayne Madsen has learned from his contacts within the Beltway intelligence community that Jared Lee Loughner is an "MK-ULTRA" programmed assassin and that US District Judge John Roll and Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords were targetted for assassination.

The reason for the decision to target Judge Roll and Congresswoman Giffords has to do with their knowledge of the malicious and purposeful arming of Mexican drug gangs along the US-Mexico border by US intelligence agency assets in an effort designed to destablize the Mexican government.

This towards the end of making Mexico more dependent on US military aid and protection from its private security contractors.

A key quote from Wayne Madsen's report follows:

"WMR has been told that in 2009, information about the CIA/Homeland Security/Napolitano smuggling operation came to the attention of three individuals, two members of Congress and a federal judge. The three were Arizona Democratic Representatives Giffords, Republican Representative Mike Conaway from west Texas, and Judge Roll. Giffords and Roll were working together on investigating the extent of the clandestine weapons and druigs smuggling operation and held some joint meetings with informants, one in north Phoenix, in 2009.

Information on the investigation and informants was strictly limited to only a few trusted staffers and clerks for Giffords and Roll. In addition, Conaway was also being briefed by informants on the smuggling operation but since the death of Roll and the severe mental and physical incapacitation of Giffords from the shooting carried out by Jared Lee Loughner, said to be an MK-ULTRA-like trained assassin, he has gone silent in fear for his own safety.

Loughner's was declared mentally incompetent and there are reports, including one in Slate Magazine, that the U.S. Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield, Missouri, where Loughner is being held, pending a determination of his mental fitness to stand trial, is being administered psychotropic drugs in his Kool Aid.

In addition to receiving drugs to fund its off-the-books operations, the CIA weapons smuggling program is designed to arm the two main Mexican cartels — Sinaloa and Los Zetas — in order to destabilize Mexico.

Wayne Madsen: Holder's Fast & Furious was Designed to Destablize Mexican Government 1/2

Part 2


Bloodsuckers and DC Madam

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Nov 2, 2010

More info: scroll down to bottom of post for James Corbett, Corbett Report links.

Were Dick Cheney, John McCain, Fred Thompson, and others, including top candidates for US President, clients of the "DC Madam"? Were the multiple suicides suspicious, if potential witnesses now can't testify and provide evidence? James Corbett of the Corbett Report seems to blame the CIA for malfeasance in these cases.

Some pretty explosive stuff is discussed in the included video. Many names are discussed, many clips of some big name politicians and celebrities weigh in on the DC Madam and other subjects.


Episode 158 – Requiem for the Suicided: The DC Madam

Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Description:When the DC Madam closed up shop and put her house up for sale, some Washington power players got spooked. They brought charges against her so she gave her phone logs to the media for safekeeping. That was her first mistake…

Documentation – Early biographical details of DC Madam
Time Reference: 16:01
Description: From a 2007 Washington Post piece.
Link To: Washington Post

Documentation – Sentencing Memorandum from 1992
Time Reference: 16:51
Description: Deborah Palfrey promises not to run another escort business…a year before she starts up another escort business.
Link To: The Smoking Gun

Documentation – Inside the DC Madam’s Escort Service
Time Reference: 17:49
Description: Brian Ross of ABC News gets the scoop on the DC Madam scandal.
Link To: ABCNews

Documentation – New D.C. Sex Scandal Looming?
Time Reference: 21:39
Description: Smoking Gun report on the fed search and seizure of Palfrey’s assets.
Link To: The Smoking Gun

Documentation – DC Madam Ponders Why She Was Raided
Time Reference: 22:47
Description: From The Alex Jones Show in 2007
Link To:

Documentation – Feds Seek to Gag DC Madam
Time Reference: 28:09
Description: The feds immediately move to stop her from revealing her client list.
Link To: The Smoking Gun

Documentation – DC Madam Speaks
Time Reference: 29:24
Description: DC Madam implores ABC to investigate her situation.
Link To:

Documentation – Network refuses to name clients of ‘DC madam’
Time Reference: 30:56
Description: This is why you don’t rely on the establishment media to get your important documents out to the world at large.
Link To:

Documentation – Trial Nearing, Alleged Girl Found Dead
Time Reference: 32:44
Description: They say she hung herself, too…
Link To: Washington Post

Documentation – DC Madam Found Dead
Time Reference: 34:50
Description: Initial report from AP.
Link To:

Documentation – D.C. Madam: Suicide Before Prison
Time Reference: 36:16
Description: Time gets the scoop before Palfrey’s body is even cool: some man claims she told him he was going to kill himself.
Link To:

Documentation – DC Madam Predicted She Would Be Suicided
Time Reference: 38:39
Description: Palfrey unequivocally says on record that she is not planning on killing herself.
Link To:

Documentation – Geraldo at Large Questions DC Madam Murder
Time Reference: 40:14
Description: Even Geraldo wasn’t buying this story…
Link To:

Documentation – Building Manager: DC Madam’s Death Not Suicide
Time Reference: 46:18
Description: Palfrey’s friend says she was being followed and had important documents with her.
Link To:

Documentation – Wayne Madsen names names in DC Madam case
Time Reference: 48:35
Description: Cheney. McCain. Giuliani. Thompson.
Link To:

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Barack Obama, lying criminal scumbag

The lying scumbag takes an oath to become US President. Has Obama lived up to even one word of that oath?

Alex Jones: Government using drones against Americans (North Dakota)

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Dec 13, 2011

Predator drones have been used to fight the war on terror worldwide. Recently Iran shot down a US drone flying over the country and now reports have surfaced indicating these same drones are being used on American citizens. Alex Jones, radio show host, joins us to help us dig deeper and find out why US citizens are being targeted.

Follow Liz on Twitter at

* * * *

This is a picture of my daughter. It has been years since she has called me "Daddy" or said "I love you". If there weren't absolute scumbags in high office in the US, pursuing the American Dream would not be rewarded with prison. [More pictures and links]

* * * *


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Engineering the Eurozone Collapse - F. William Engdahl on GRTV

Text with below video:

Uploaded by on Dec 8, 2011


The leaders of the EU prepare for a summit this week as the Eurozone continues to spin out of control. But how did the collapse begin, and who will profit from it? Find out more in this week's GRTV Feature Interview with F. William Engdahl.

The James Corbett Report:

* * * *

I saw the below video embedded in this post:
and decided to embed it here.

Grateful Dead - Friend of The Devil

Text with above video:

Uploaded by on Jun 10, 2009


I lit out from reno, I was trailed by twenty hounds
Didnt get to sleep last night till the morning came around.

Set out runnin but I take my time
A friend of the devil is a friend of mine
If I get home before daylight, I just might get some sleep tonight.

Ran into the devil, babe, he loaned me twenty bills
I spent the night in utah in a cave up in the hills.

Set out runnin but I take my time, a friend of the devil is a friend of mine,
If I get home before daylight, I just might get some sleep tonight.

I ran down to the levee but the devil caught me there
He took my twenty dollar bill and vanished in the air.

Set out runnin but I take my time
A friend of the devil is a friend of mine
If I get home before daylight, I just might get some sleep tonight.

Got two reasons why I cry away each lonely night,
The first ones named sweet anne marie, and shes my hearts delight.
The second one is prison, babe, the sheriffs on my trail,
And if he catches up with me, Ill spend my life in jail.

Got a wife in chino, babe, and one in cherokee
The first one says shes got my child, but it dont look like me.

Set out runnin but I take my time,
A friend of the devil is a friend of mine,
If I get home before daylight, I just might get some sleep tonight.

* * * *

[click here] for:

Was Jim Morrison's Death caused by Connecticut Police?

[more, and includes 15 min clip of Jim Morrison, and The Doors, Movie]


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Trying to post on

Aristocracy image [found here]

The below is what I intended on posting on Something is blocking me from posting. It is either a virus my computer has picked up, or a problem with the server. I, however, have a different theory. I cut and pasted the html code that I tried to post on, it seems to work fine on this blog.

RT America is a channel available on youtube and can be viewed live streaming over the internet here. I like to watch Thom Hartmann and other programs on RT. Thom Hartmann's recent RT America, "Big Picture", show [embedded here], or see, below this line.

Whether you are well informed about the banking/corporate takeover, or not, Thom Hartmann breaks it down in a great way. I don't agree with all he has to say, however. I think Republicans and Democrats can be equally used by the bankers and offshore corporate owners of America.

Rob Kall recently interviewed Thom Hartman. That podcast [found here].

The below videos, I think, add to this theme:

America, CIA, Torture, and Music

Text with video:
This RT America
video clip is a glimpse of what those who are in charge of your future
are up to. US taxpayers are funding their own eventual abuse.How would
you like to be treated like the subject of this video? When it is for
real, 24/7, and there is no escape from the noise, psychological
torture, and uncomfortable positions, is your humanity drained out by
the minute? Should these torturers be prosecuted for war crimes even
when they are torturing Americans inside America?

Police State Text Eating Virus?

Text with video:

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on Dec 8, 2011

More info:

searching John A. Kissel, Enfield, Connecticut State Senator or
Connecticut State Police Colonel Thomas "The Duck" Davoren used to go to
my posts. External sites for those search results can give your
computer a virus.

If you trust youtube, google, and microsoft this post on Davoren "Faces of a Police State" should be safe:

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RT America live feed:

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Police State text eating virus?

I tried, and tried, and tried to post a comment on [this Michael Moore article].

I tried to post this comment, over and over:

I watched the above clip you link to above for Roger and me. I watched this clip where GM is still pissed.

We are all getting evicted out of our lives. It is the corporate take over of America.

I was asked to be a police informant, by Connecticut State Police in Stafford Springs, to ruin other landlords, small business owners, and to make false statements for police to confiscate guns. I refused to break laws for the police who were organized crime, pimps, and aids to heroin and crack cocaine dealing. I got prison after being beaten on my property by a police informant. So police evicted me and after prison I almost froze to death out in the woods of Vermont fearing police would make good on their threats and kill me.

There are many Rogers poised against us. They are waging electronic, financial, and actual war on us.

-stevengerickson AT yahoo dot com

and this is what results (notice what is missing):

Roger and Me

I watched the above clip you link to above for Roger and me. I watched this clip where I got prison after being beaten on my property by a police informant. So police evicted me and after prison I almost froze to death out in the woods of Vermont fearing police would make good on their threats and kill me.

There are many Rogers poised against us. They are waging electronic, financial, and actual war on us.

Some previous attempts to post on other articles, I lost all that I typed. Some of what resulted was jumbled up as to really distort what I actually wanted to say. I fear someone malicious within the police state can post something that I didn't write to destroy my credibility, or worse, to set me up for arrest and prison, posting something that can be viewed as criminal.

Police State Text Eating Virus?

Text with videos:
ploaded by on Dec 8, 2011

More info:

Word searching John A. Kissel, Enfield, Connecticut State Senator or Connecticut State Police Colonel Thomas "The Duck" Davoren used to go to my posts. External sites for those search results can give your computer a virus.

If you trust youtube, google, and microsoft this post on Davoren "Faces of a Police State" should be safe:

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Monday, December 05, 2011

Spin Job, US Gov caught selling and profiting from smuggling narcotics

Image [found here]

The below re-posted [from here]

US agents laundered drug money: report

AFP – 19 hrs ago

Anti-narcotics agents working for the US government have laundered or smuggled millions of dollars in drug proceeds to see how the system works and use the information against Mexican drug cartels, The New York Times reported Sunday.

Citing unnamed current and former federal law enforcement officials, the newspaper said the agents, primarily with the Drug Enforcement Administration, have handled shipments of hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal cash across borders.

Some 45,000 people have been killed in Mexico since 2006, when its government launched a major military crackdown against the powerful drug cartels that have terrorized border communities as they battled over lucrative smuggling routes.

According to these officials, the operations were aimed at identifying how criminal organizations move their money, where they keep their assets and, most important, who their leaders are, the report said.

The agents had deposited the proceeds in accounts designated by traffickers, or in shell accounts set up by agents, the paper noted.

While the DEA conducted such operations in other countries, it began doing so in Mexico only in the past few years, The Times said.

As it launders drug money, the agency often allows cartels to continue their operations over months or even years before making seizures or arrests, the report said.

According to The Times, agency officials declined to publicly discuss details of their work, citing concerns about compromising their investigations.

But Michael Vigil, a former senior official who is currently working for a private contracting company called Mission Essential Personnel, is quoted by the paper as saying: "We tried to make sure there was always close supervision of these operations so that we were accomplishing our objectives, and agents weren’t laundering money for the sake of laundering money."

* * * *

Gerald Celente: We're going into an economic 9/11

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Dec 2, 2011

The new job numbers are out for the month of November. The Labor Department announced that unemployment is declining and was 8.6 percent for last month. Roughly 120 thousand private jobs were created in the month of November, but critics say retail and hospitality jobs aren't the type of jobs America needs. Others say that this doesn't make up for the new people joining the workforce. Gerald Celente, publisher of The Trends Journal, sounds off on the issue.

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Was 400 Billion of drug smuggling money laundered through Wachovia?

George Carlin wanted to execute drug running bankers. Crucifixion would be good in his opinion, and have Monday Night Banker Crucifixion televised like American Football.

Wachovia Busted Laundering Drug Money

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Mar 19, 2010

US Government Lets Bank Off The Hook
Wachovia Bank reached a $160 million settlement with the Justice Department over allegations that a failure in bank controls enabled drug traffickers to launder drug money by transferring money from Mexican currency-exchange houses to the bank.
Under a deferred-prosecution agreement with federal prosecutors in Miami, Wachovia, which is owned by Wells Fargo & Co., "admitted failure to identify, detect, and report suspicious transactions in third-party payment processor accounts," according to the Justice Department. Prosecutors said the bank processed $420 billion in transactions without using proper money-laundering detection.
In a statement, Wachovia said it "has made significant enhancements to its [anti-money laundering] and [Bank Secrecy Act] compliance program that have strengthened its ability to guard against unlawful use of its system by wrongdoers." Wachovia has spent $42 million improving its compliance program, the bank said.

Wells Fargo Drugs Money Laundering US Government George Carlin Execute White Bankers Wachovia Laundered Cocaine Mexico Colombia Coke Laundering Drug Trafficking Dealers Law Narcotraficantes

Enemies of the Constitution

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Dec 2, 2011

Dec 2, 2011 - Sheriff Richard Mack discusses the Oath Keepers, veterans and cops who swore an oath to disobey any order to disarm or detain American citizens.

Ron Paul Video Playlist

FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 107 of the US Copyright Law.
judge napolitano, freedom watch, Richard Mack, Oath Keepers, s 1867,

US Troops can no longer say they are protecting the rights of Americans. They are being used, using our tax dollars, to abuse and trash rights and the US Constitution. There is no excuse to use military to secretly abduct US citizens, for us to be tortured, illegally detained, and even officially murdered. This is a War Crime, and perpetrators in suit who call themselves bankers, corporate owners, officials, troops, police, FBI, CIA, NSA, DEA, TSA, Homeland Security, EPA, FDA, judges, lawyers, etc should be prosecuted for treason, and for being traitors, if they support tyranny and the dismantling of the US Constitution to make us all debt slaves.

NDAA's World Wide Declaration of War on The People: Alex Jones Sunday Edition 3/6

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Dec 4, 2011

On this LIVE Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex takes your calls and covers the spectrum of news, including fresh admissions that the Justice Department deceived Congress in their investigation of Operation Fast and Furious. All eyes are on Attorney General Eric Holder, who many believe deliberately issued false statements on when he first knew about the 'gunwalking' activities that resulted in the death of Border Agent Brian Terry. Also, Alex breaks down the false support for Newt Gingrich in the mainstream media, and the failure to suppress and silence Ron Paul, even as the Texas Congressman remains strong in Iowa polls only weeks out from the caucus that leads the 2012 GOP primary. The impact of the Senate declaring war on Americans via the recent passage of S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act, and its utterly destructive attitude towards the Constitution and Bill of Rights also remains key, along with so much other news.


This is my beef:



Thursday, December 01, 2011

US Troops forced to Torture, Fear of the Other Side

Willem Dafoe, Platoon Movie, image [stolen from here]

There are so many returning US Troops. Many are talking. No wonder, they are the first under surveillance, and the most ripe for the plucking, to end up in secret detention, themselves. The most dangerous element to the offshore corporate, and bankster owned US Government, are returning US Veterans.

After boot camp troops are told that if they talk about the corporate abuse going on in war zones, they may not ever return. So, how patriotic can young men, and women, be if they are threatened with being killed for caring? Being tortured themselves, and even making their families suffer after their own deaths for acts of conscience, why should they risk it?

Many fear the other side. Many don't really believe in God as the concept is taught. Many do believe. There is an unknown. Who most cares about your own life. The answer is you. What if you had to review all the pivotal points in your own life, reliving them for your own judgment in real time? Imagine torturing someone and their presence leaving the scene to view from another dimension. Soldiers have to deal with this, and more. What goes around, comes around. The evil that is sown, will grow. What grows, comes back out of the ground. Beware to those who think that what they do is for pure pleasure and profit, there are consequences. Grunts sent out to be bullet catchers and bomb absorbers have souls.

What goes into the ground, and is watered, will grow.


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