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Corporate Puppet Obama, OWS, Spying, and the end to Labor Unions?

I watched Amy Goodman on Democracy Now, and got a different take on an issue than I think she intended to present.

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Steven G. Erickson's opinion is probably different than the opinion presented by Democracy Now host Amy Goodman. I met Amy Goodman in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at the NCMR Free Press Event in 2008, thanks to Francis C. P. Knize, a Documentary Producer.

Democracy Now can be found:

Will Labor Union power end in the US? How about the world? Will the necessary union liaisons in US government not be put back into office? Do the offshore corporate/banker owners of the US Government want to disable the ability of Labor Unions to be able to secure rights and fair wages for workers to maximize corporate/banking profits and political power?

More of Steven G. Erickson links:

OWS, An Obama Admin End to Unions?

Do US Police State goons admit they are going to attack Iran in the future? Well, watch the above video. US Troops are posed outside the Syrian/Jordan border to attack Syria according to Sibel Edmonds. Do most Americans connect with their trek into poverty with wars, international occupations with no end? Tax dollars diverted to wars and a growing police state aren't used to help those who are paying the freight.

Have Police in New Haven Connecticut been caught being racist scumbags? Well, watch the above video.


I don't know how to tell Rob Kall, owner of, how annoying pop ups are. Especially one that comes up before you even get into that site. I know that money is needed to operate such a site, but new viewers might be turned off to the pop ups and then not stay to read. So many of the most aware authors in the world post on

An excerpt of what I read todaym an article written by John Reed, which is [found here in its entirety]:

On December 1, 2011, WikiLeaks released 287 files which it has dubbed "The Spy Files" (click here) detailing some incredible investigative work done by the website Privacy International over the last year involving the manufacture and sale by about 160 companies of services and software to primarily national intelligence agencies with the capacity to render individual privacy and nearly all communications subject to government eavesdropping, censorship, manipulation, editing, tracking and targeting. The commercial software, security, and surveillance companies are incorporated in 25 different countries and most will sell to any regime or private corporation willing to meet their price. According to Julian Assange, the Spy Files were released for the purpose of "documenting the relationships among intelligence agencies and monitoring software developers whose products have been deployed surreptitiously but very, very widely in smart phones and computers." click here

Assange is widely being credited with the revelations in the Spy Files due to the fact he led a panel discussion on espionage and digital security on December 1 in London in which he basically stated that virtually all governments "spy on their own citizens and on foreigners using surreptitious spyware on computers, cell phones, GPS devices and other modern electronic devices." click here Steven Murdoch, University of Cambridge, added that intelligence agencies spy on all individual citizens not because of their involvement in crime or terrorism, but because the intelligence agencies believe the information gathered may prove useful sometime in the future. The implication is, of course, that the information might someday be used for blackmail, although Murdoch does not go so far in his allegations.

It probably comes as no surprise to most progressives that the Spy Files reveal the American NSA and CIA at the front of the line to purchase the most sophisticated surveillance available. Even now, the NSA is building a 1.5 billion dollar facility in Utah just for the purpose of storing such data forever.

Although Assange is getting most of the credit for these revelations, the real hero here is the website Privacy International (click here) and the investigative reporter, Eric King, and his sponsor, the human rights group, Reprieve International, that successfully posed as legitimate international buyers of this sophisticated software for a year in developing their report, "Big Brother Incorporated." According to the panel discussion, the reporters were very surprised how easy it was to gain access to private briefings, confidential reports, technical specifications, and information on other buyers.

The services offered and the capabilities of the software involved are truly mind-blowing. Vendors have websites and offer international meet and greets. The Hacking Team and Gamma Group are examples. One service offered is tapping into high capacity optical fiber networks at submarine cable landing stations. The same service is offered for tapping into land based Internet gateways. In both of these situations, the software used can isolate a single information flow, send it to a land based decryption center for further analysis, and then store it for later use. Additionally, other programs take control of cell phones, even when they are in standby mode, eavesdrop on conversations, take photos of the user and his or her surroundings through the cell phone's camera, record every keystroke of the key pad, monitor email used on the phone, read all text messages, change text messages so the recipient receives a different message from the one the sender sent, use voice recognition to identify the parties to a conversation, and use GPS to locate and, possibly, target a particular phone. In this latter case, when the software developer, Rich Zimmerman, for the GPS locater learned that individuals were targeted by their phone's GPS signal for a missile strike, he is said to have reacted in amazement that the CIA was killing people with his software "that doesn't work." WikiLeaks

Finally, but not least, some of these companies now, according to The Register, "offer to target and break specific international commercial communications satellites, including Thuraya (covering the Middle East), (click here) (take a moment just to watch this website, then consider the power to buy the tools to hack the satellite) Iridium satellite phones, and Marlink's VSAT. Commercial satellite intercept was previously the almost exclusive turf of GCHQ and NSA's Echelon satellite interception network." click here

Whatever can be said about cell phones can be equally said about computers. Moreover, the spyware sold to governments or corporations for intrusion into computers cannot be discovered by commercial security software like Norton Utilities, McAfee, or similar products, and it successfully defeats system restores. Whatever can be accomplished on a cell phone can also be accomplished on a computer, except that normally a computer holds much more sensitive files than a cell phone. If you are connected to the Internet, just presume you are infected because, if Assange and his panel are correct, you almost certainly are.

Evidence found in Egypt, Libya, and certain other countries, indicates that these regimes were using some of the software at issue, if not the highest levels obtainable nor the most sophisticated. According to the work of Privacy International, the Western democracies are the governments which seek the most and best surveillance equipment and software on the international market.

Anyone who paid close attention to the rapid lose of our civil rights since the 911 attack should remember an early DARPA project termed Total Information Awareness. The TIA program embodied an initial attempt by the US government to do openly what we discuss here it does surreptitiously. TIA was created in the Homeland Security Act in early 2003 to be managed by DARPA, but when details of its massive collection of information on innocent American citizens came to light, Congress was forced to kill the project officially in late 2003. The acronyms TIA and DARPA did not go well together in the American mind. The problem, however, was that while in existence TIA had already purchased the hardware and software for its mandate. The project was therefore merely shifted from DARPA to the NSA where it continued to grow and expand with the ever increasing sophistication of new surveillance software. (click here and Truthout has an ongoing article starting at click here)

For many, then, the news that our government is spying on us very closely may not come as a great revelation. We knew it from the Total Information Awareness program, from the Sibel Edmonds case, and almost instinctively. What is new is that instead of collecting terabytes of information and sifting that data for key words or information, the software exists now to keep track of each one of us. Now we are each a target, each located, each heard, each known intimately if they care to look, each subject to blackmail be there a single skeleton in our closet: perhaps a porn site once visited, a Marxist website once read, an intemperate email, a poem over lost love, so many things we have put on our computers. Even if we did not do it, they can do it for us, entering keystrokes when we are not even home, or not even using our Blackberry, turning us into pedophiles, terrorists, tax cheats, or whatever monster they need to disappear without much question or care from our family and friends.

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A recent Steven G. Erickson comment on, [posted here]:

When you blog, or on this site and are "logged in" there is a "handshake" between computers. Some of the biggest names who the US Government's owners would want to silence post on So why not embed a government virus that gets by corporate compromised virus protection software? When there is a handshake, information can be pulled off of the unsuspecting user's harddrive.

If you notice differences in font size, style, and/or the way a word processing programs perform, you might have been intruded on. Just imagine water pressure going the wrong way through your sewer system into your house, it is going to make a mess. The government sewer is no different when it contaminates your computer. If taxpayers foot the bill for 2 cruisers to follow me around all day, burning gas because I proposed Civilian Oversight legislation to elected officials in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, they'll pay a geek to write code to infect your computer if you are considered over a 100 times more dangerous, just posting on this website.

I expand on this theme, and talk more about the text eating virus [here]

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