Thursday, December 01, 2011

US Troops forced to Torture, Fear of the Other Side

Willem Dafoe, Platoon Movie, image [stolen from here]

There are so many returning US Troops. Many are talking. No wonder, they are the first under surveillance, and the most ripe for the plucking, to end up in secret detention, themselves. The most dangerous element to the offshore corporate, and bankster owned US Government, are returning US Veterans.

After boot camp troops are told that if they talk about the corporate abuse going on in war zones, they may not ever return. So, how patriotic can young men, and women, be if they are threatened with being killed for caring? Being tortured themselves, and even making their families suffer after their own deaths for acts of conscience, why should they risk it?

Many fear the other side. Many don't really believe in God as the concept is taught. Many do believe. There is an unknown. Who most cares about your own life. The answer is you. What if you had to review all the pivotal points in your own life, reliving them for your own judgment in real time? Imagine torturing someone and their presence leaving the scene to view from another dimension. Soldiers have to deal with this, and more. What goes around, comes around. The evil that is sown, will grow. What grows, comes back out of the ground. Beware to those who think that what they do is for pure pleasure and profit, there are consequences. Grunts sent out to be bullet catchers and bomb absorbers have souls.

What goes into the ground, and is watered, will grow.


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