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What would a post-electronics world look like?

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Many, who worry that there will be solar flares that will fry everything worldwide might happen in 2012, are considered off the wall conspiracy theorists. Electronic pulse weapons can disable a single car if used by police, an entire power grid, or everything inside someone's house or group of buildings. These weapons can be mounted on ground vehicles, helicopters, airplanes, and beamed off satelytes from a ground station fed by major output electric generators.

Your computer, appliances, the power grid, wireless communications etc would not be possible, or may have come much later had it not been for Nikola Tesla.

Conspiracy Documentary Nikola Tesla The Genius Who Lit The World New World Order,David Icke

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If there is all out war, disabling all electronics worldwide would allow an army with superior numbers, not in possession of superior technology and nuclear weapons, to be able to rule the globe. Our solar system may pop up and down in regular cycles all over the galaxy with predictable paths. If every 10,000, or so years, our solar system is subject to bombardment of a type of radiation that does in electronics, we might be in store for such an event in our near future. In the 1800's there are reports of electricity jumping out of the ground and telegraph wires catching fire. Operators of equipment were electrocuted. The weak batteries and devices for generating electricity back then were extremely weak and low power. So, the electricity to burn out car electronics and power grids may have been environmental in the past. Are we due for such events again soon?

Cars would have to have nothing electrical at all to run. A hybrid diesel, propane turbine might be in order. 50 or 60 horsepower mated to a 6 speed manual transmission might do the trick for an economy sized car. A car powered by a turbine only, does not require gears other than forward and reverse. The turbine could be used to power the car alone. The turbine could be used to warm the motor and turn the motor so that diesel power could be used. 65 MPG, diesel only is possible with a small, efficient diesel motor. Venting gas could be used for a horn and for other systems on the car. Conventional power steering, brakes, etc can be run off the motor with belts and standard hydraulic systems. Lights for the vehicle could be propane, or other, powered. Airplanes with no electronics at all, just hydraulic and mechanical systems would be the only aircraft able to fly in an environment not suitable for the use of electrical systems.

Even the smallest chance that the above could occur would make the less than 1% of us who own just about everything, control governments, business, and the sum total of all our lives, could make the elite very nervous. They have contingency plans. If the elite knew an event would be occurring disabling communications, computers, and modern life, disrupting their power, would these elite try to kill off as many of us as is possible before such an event?

Flocks of birds flying, then falling dead out of the sky, simultaneously, might indicate pulse radiation weapons being tested. Pilots, and others associated with military aircraft talk of weapons that can smoke a jackrabbit out on the runway using a joystick in the cockpit. These weapons allegedly can take out a pilot of enemy aircraft and/or fry everything electronic in the enemy plane or SAM, surface to air missile stations. Using actual missiles, or mounted machine guns on airplanes may have been unnecessary for decades. New crowd control weapons are being unveiled. These same weapons can be used to kill large crowds of people when these devices are set up on high.

Vehicle-Mounted Active Denial System (V-MADS)

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The Active Denial System (ADS) is a non-lethal, directed-energy weapon developed by the U.S. military. It is a strong millimeter-wave transmitter primarily used for crowd control (the "goodbye effect"). Some ADS systems such as HPEM ADS are also used to disable vehicles.[3] Informally, the weapon is also called pain ray. Raytheon is currently marketing a reduced-range version of this technology. The ADS is currently being considered for deployment in the Iraq War

Hiding electronics, vehicles, and electricity producing equipment far underground might preserve enough for a defined number of the elite. One nuclear submarine might be able to power a major part of New York City with its on board nuclear power plant. Are the corporate banking elite planning for such an event? Are they planning a first strike to eliminate as many average people as possible to have what is left for themselves?

The forefathers of the modern bankers and corporate owners of America and US Government, the US Military, and the wealth of the world, are the ones who brought Small Pox laden blankets as gifts to unsuspecting Native Americans to commit genocide during the corporate/banking birth of America. Do you think their descendants care about you and want to give you service and value for the money they have stolen from you? If these parasites on humanity fear having their necks stretched by ropes, or being imprisoned, they'd rather kill as many of us as possible not to make that possibility a reality. Should we keep a better eye on the international corporate banking elite?

If one were to write a screenplay about a post electronic world they would consider all the points above, and more.

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