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What type of crap is George H. W. Bush asking Obama to pull?

Obama would not just meet with George H. W. Bush and Jeb Bush in an unscheduled meeting to socialize. Shit is up. The CIA Grand Klan Master wanted to put the world elite's orders directly in Obama's ear, not over any electronic conveyance, probably no tongue intended, or maybe there was. Just my opinion, they are all a bunch of sick fucks to be doing what they are doing, and lying so frequently. We are ants to them, expect them to treat us as such.

The White House official photo and story below re-posted from [ source]

Obama hosts George H.W. and Jeb Bush at White House

1/27/12 7:15 PM EST

Unbeknownst to the press, President Obama met Friday evening with former president George H.W. Bush and his son, former Florida governor Jeb Bush, in the Oval Office.

White House officials did not list the meeting on the president's schedule but released a photo on Flickr. According to the photo's time stamp, the meeting occurred shortly after 5 p.m., about the time the president returned to the White House from a fundraiser.

When asked what the men discussed and why it wasn't on the schedule, the White House released a statement saying, “The three men enjoyed a personal visit in the Oval Office – as they have done on previous occasions when President Bush is Washington.”

The Bushes are in town to attend the exclusive Alfalfa Club dinner Saturday, an annual get-together for Washington power brokers that Obama also is scheduled to attend, according to the Associated Press.

The meeting came at an interesting time politically, just one day after Obama, in an interview with ABC News, blamed predecessor George W. Bush for policies that brought on the greatest recession since the Great Depression. He also blamed him for initiating the expansion of food stamp rolls.

Jeb Bush has also played a critical role in the GOP presidential primary contest in Florida -- primarily by saying he wouldn't play a role. His endorsement would have been key in the race, currently neck and neck between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, but Jeb Bush said last week that he would remain neutral.

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The SHTF A Long Time Ago!!!

Text with video:

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We have been in deep crap for a long time but now things are going to get real bad fast.

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My beefs, mugshot, and video:

stevengerickson At yahoo Dot Com

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Beyond SOPA: The Past, Present and Future of Internet Censorship

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In recent weeks the general public has mobilized to face US legislative threats to Internet freedoms. Far from a conclusive victory, however, the death of SOPA and PIPA only highlight the latest in a series of measures that are seeking to create a legal framework for government-administered Internet censorship. Find out more about this contentious topic in this week's GRTV Backgrounder on Global Research TV.


By James Corbett
29 January, 2012

When legislators in the US abandoned their support of SOPA and PIPA in the wake of mass popular protest earlier this month, many of those who had been mobilized by the legislation–which would have granted the US government almost total power to block access to foreign websites accused of so much as linking to copyrighted material–did not have long to enjoy their “victory.” The very next day the New Zealand police swooped in to the million-dollar estate of founder Kim Dotcom, arresting him and three others at the US government’s request for alleged racketeering, copyright infringement and money laundering. The Department of Justice is now seeking the MegaUpload CEO’s extradition to the US.

Some amongst those who had been campaigning against SOPA and PIPA did not know that the US government already had the authority to shut down entire websites and in fact has exercised that authority on numerous occasions. What many are now learning is that, far from some potential future threat, internet censorship already exists in a variety of legislation that is already on the books in the United States and in nations around the world.

Although most commonly associated with China, which has implemented strict internet filters that prevent its citizens from finding politically sensitive material, various internet censorship programs have already been implemented by countries around the globe.

In 2010, Japan passed amendments to its copyright law making it illegal to download copyrighted material. The move has yet to curtail file-sharing in the country, so the Japanese government recently announced that they are going to begin putting fake copies of popular tv dramas on file-sharing websites that, when opened, remind users that it is illegal to download such material.

In July of 2010, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement seized the domains of 8 websites that it accused of hosting illegal copies of copyrighted material as part of an investigation dubbed Operation In Our Sites. The seizures came before any trial took place, and six of the websites did not actually host any of the copyrighted material in question, only linking to it. That November, ICE acted once again, this time seizing 82 domains. In December of 2011, over one year later, the agency returned one of the domains,, to its owner, after admitting that it had not in fact breached any laws.

In May of last year, the US Justice Department began seeking the extradition of one of the website’s operators, Richard O’Dwyer, from the UK. O’Dwyer is a British citizen who established in December of 2007. The DOJ is hoping to bring O’Dwyer to the US under the Extradition Act of 2003 to face charges of copyright infringement in the Southern District of New York.

Late last year, a number of nations signed a new global copyright agreement known as the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement or ACTA. Signatories include the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, South Korea, and, as of this past week, 22 member states of the European Union.

Purported to be a treaty against counterfeit goods, generic drugs and copyright, it threatens to fundamentally alter the internet as it has so far existed.

When the Polish government announced its intention to sign earlier this month, protests sprang up around the country.

While the public is only beginning to understand the implications of ACTA, which has already been signed by a number of countries, others are pointing to these types of agreements as only the thin edge of the wedge for the implementation of outright totalitarian control over the internet as a whole. Indeed, perhaps even more worrying than the existing legislation and agreements for internet censorship are the numerous proposals for even more restrictive measures that have been made time and again by political leaders in a variety of contexts.

In October of 2008, the Labor government in Australia proposed a mandatory filter for the entire Australian internet. The proposal, dubbed “Clean Feed” would ostensibly block any content deemed to break Australia’s media regulations. When a list of the websites supposed to be banned under the scheme was released in early 2009, it included the websites of numerous innocuous Australian businesses, as well as overtly political websites that had no illegal or offending material. The current government has said they would not vote for any such legislation, and the proposal would be unlikely to reach parliament until 2013.

In 2010 the UK passed the Digital Economy Act, which theoretically allows for the UK government to ban copyright violators from the Internet. In August of 2011, parts of the legislation proposing the blocking of sites believed to be linking to copyrighted material was declared to be unenforceable and were dropped from the legislation.

In March of 2009, Senator Jay Rockefeller opined during a subcommittee hearing that the internet is proving to be such a threat to America’s national security that it would have been better if it had never existed.

In June of 2010, Senator Joe Lieberman stated that he believed the US needed the same ability to shut down the internet as China currently has.

While these proposals are sometimes couched in business-friendly rhetoric about protecting intellectual property, sometimes as a national security question about defending cyber infrastructure from foreign enemies and sometimes as attempts to protect children or stop the spread of child pornography, the proponents of internet censorship are becoming increasingly honest about their real worry: the free spread of ideas amongst a public that is allowed to choose for themselves what information to believe and what to discard.

Last year, Bill Clinton advocated the idea that the US government create an agency for “fact-checking” websites on the internet.

Earlier this month, Evgeny Morozov of Stanford, who previously served as a Fellow of George Soros’ Open Society Institute, wrote an article calling on Google and other search engines to use banners to warn users about websites that are deemed to be pseudoscientific or conspiratorial. Perhaps realizing that the proposal sounds drastic, Morozov concludes:

“such a move might trigger conspiracy theories of its own—e.g. is Google shilling for Big Pharma or for Al Gore?—but this is a risk worth taking as long as it can help thwart the growth of fringe movements.”

Here we see the real danger of the internet for those who seek to control the spread of information. The internet, like every other medium that has come before it, changes not just the way in which people create, distribute and receive information, but the information itself. Just as the printing press led to the widespread publication of the Bible in the vernacular and ultimately to the Reformation which forever transformed the power structure in European society, so too has the internet allowed the public to receive, correlate and distribute information that challenges official government narratives in a way that threatens to transform the power structure of our society. And as the traditional media has begun to bleed away the remains of its increasingly dissatisfied customer base, self-immolated on the fantastic failure to challenge the status quo on issues like Saddam’s WMD or the growing apparatus of the police state or the never-ending bailouts of the too-big-to-fails, a new, independent media has arisen to take its place, empowered by technologies that allow for the instantaneous and nearly costless transmission of ideas to the farthest corners of the globe.

When situated in this context, the recent struggle over the SOPA and PIPA bills are seen for what they are: one battle in a much larger war for internet freedom, and ultimately, the cognitive liberty of the American public. But it is possible to win the battle and yet lose the war, as the millions of MegaUpload users who just had all of their files seized by the FBI found out the hard way. The only hope is that the movement that has arisen to face this, the greatest threat to the rise of this new era of mental independence, does not wane in the wake of the SOPA and PIPA “victory,” but instead rises to meet the even greater internet clampdown that awaits. After all, all the authorities are waiting for is for the public to fall back asleep.

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[click here] for:

Monsanto Corporation Thugs vs. Farmers



[click here] for:

ACTA, Obama, and International Protest


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Would you like to help me stump for Ron Paul, produce better video, hire actors/extras/video editors/musicians for better online videos? Will you help me have the ability to show up at political events to report back to you, here? Will you help me fight the NDAA and internet censorship? Will you then consider donating a dollar, two, five, ten, or other amount? You need not be a PayPal acct holder. Just click on guest, and fill in amount you can give to help fight the fight. Thank you.


Friday, January 27, 2012 and Video Counter Fudging?

image [found here]

I posted a video of yours truly [pissing on a printed out image of Connecticut US Senator Joe Lieberman]. The counter for the video stayed at 303, and then it was shared about 20 times. You can't share the video without having the view count go up. So something is fishy.

The same for youtube. The more controversial, and the more you would think a particular video would get viewed, the counter sticks. I have noticed this, mostly with videos posted by others that are anti-war, anti-corporation, anti police brutality, anti judicial misconduct, etc.

I noticed that blogs I posted on Enfield Connecticut State Senator, a Republican, John A. Kissel, google blocked the posts where I call Kissel a scumbag, or at least imply it. And if there is a listing, it is to a site that give your computer a virus. That is very dirty. When I posted on Connecticut State Police Colonel Thomas "The Duck" Davoren, the word searches were also blocked. So, scumbags with power can manipulate the internet. I have also have had almost ten laptop and desktop computers just fry after posting on Connecticut State Police brutality and judicial misconduct.

The post on Davoren [found here].

-stevengerickson AT yahoo Dot Com

I asked Connecticut State Elected Officials on how to remove Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman for being a complete scumbag supporting the NDAA powers which can strip of US citizenship, lead to torture, confinement, and murder of anyone on a list written in secret. Lieberman is also for internet censorship and in terrorizing citizens to accept the US Police State.
[Text to Connecticut elected officials, click here]

Are the 1% Elite using Public Schools to break up families worldwide?

Scroll down in post for videos

[Image found here] Link includes story about children in prison, youth and teen boot camps, and the abusive prison and jail the general population, system.

Note: this blogger likes to view, and listen to Alex Jones, and guests. I however do not take all Alex Jones has to say, hook, line, and sinker. I do not believe anyone should preach to anyone else, unless that is what they are there for. I believe that government, schooling, and religion should all be separate. I don't believe it is a God, Good vs. Evil, fight that is being unveiled. Corporations and banks are trying to be the world government. These people seem to have no morals and seem to not care who they kill, or how medieval their methods. Torture, worldwide murder, and holding citizens indefinitely after their citizenship is stripped, all in secret, should not be legal, worldwide. The operators of the US Government, international corporation owners and bankers, are committing war crimes and crimes against humanity. We should fight back. We should see that international organized crime is erradicated and punished. Corporations and banks, internationally, should not regulate themselves, and be our supreme dictator. Do you duty. Do it now.

-stevengerickson AT yahoo Dot Com

Text with below video:

Uploaded by on Jan 27, 2012

Filmmaker Colin Gunn joins Alex in-studio to give an inside look at his film IndoctriNation, exposing the nation's public school system and its attempts to corrupt our youth and ready them for state control, all while undermining traditional Christianity. With an eye on homeschooling as an alternative, Gunn breaks down the moral and ethical degradation posed by the modern school system.

IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America is the latest DVD from the award-winning director Colin Gunn that examines the issue of public education and home schooling from a Christian perspective. This unflinching and highly controversial documentary takes a long and hard look at the true state of public schools and you may not like what it discovers.

Most Christian children attend a public school. Their families have a vested interest in all that happens there. Join filmmaker Colin Gunn, a home school father of seven, on a field trip across the USA to examine the state of public education.

Driving an old school bus, Colin and family travel across America, asking questions about the origins and social impact of America's public education system. Colin asks:

Who established the American Public Schools system?
Are my kids physically and morally safe in the schools?
Are the public schools religiously neutral?
Shouldn't Christian kids be "salt and light" in the schools?
Can the public school system be fixed or redeemed?
Featuring compelling interviews with teachers, administrators, parents, and other whistleblowers, this film is part documentary, part testimonial, and totally captivating. Above all it is both an encouragement and challenge to the millions of Christians who need to know what God's Word says about the discipleship and training of the next generation. You will want to give IndoctriNation to every parent you know.

Featuring interviews with Samuel Blumenfeld, Col. John Eidsmoe, John Taylor Gatto, Ken Ham, Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Doug Phillips, Howard Phillips, Bruce Shortt, R.C. Sproul, Jr., Kevin Swanson, and many more.

Run Time: 102 minutes
Region 1 -- U.S. and Canada.
Directors: Colin Gunn & Joaquin Fernandez
Format: Dolby, NTSC, Color, Full Screen
Studio: Gunn Productions

[Order Your Copy Today at]

IndoctriNation: Exposing The Nation's Public School System 1/3

IndoctriNation: Exposing The Nation's Public School System 2/3

IndoctriNation: Exposing The Nation's Public School System 3/3

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NDAA Pee on Joe Lieberman image Protest

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Jan 26, 2012

more info:

A longer version of this video with music:

If you disagree that elected officials like Connecticut US Senator Joe Lieberman and Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy etc can strip you of your US Citizenship, send you out of the country, subject you to secret detention, torture, and even your being murdered is not okay.

If you disagree with SOPA, PIPA, internet censorship, the US being declared a war zone, martial law being declared, the Patriot Act, and the US Constitution becoming null and void, speak up. Please make a video like this if your elected officials voted for the NDAA or votes for internet censorship.


Scroll down for links, blogs, authors, etc. found on Drudge

Drudge might be the first source of news that most people go to worldwide. Many are also checking out Alex Jones various sites. Blogger is a Google entity. We need to do away with, and fight monopolies. Jones calls for a boycott of Google and google entities. Blogger which hosts this blog is Google. Youtube is Google. Consider using alternative search engines. Consider using alternative blog sites. Consider using, and viewing, alternative video upload sites.

Unregulated corporations and banks are a worldwide enemy to humanity. Let's see the enemy for what it is. Let's also do something to fight back, daily. Let's do it offline and over no electronic medium. Talk to people, get out, exercise, live a little offline, network, trade with neighbors, grow food, be more self sufficient, consume less of the corporate garbage which you pay to enslave, and abuse, yourself.

-stevengerickson At Yahoo Dot Com

Fight the power:

Do you know where your local Homeland Security DHS Homeland Security Center is in your state? [info and location, click here]

One of the blogs that this blogger visits most often, the Kenny's Sideshow blog:

Links found on Drudge:

Balloon Juice
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Peter Rothberg
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David Sirota
Andrew Sullivan
Helen Thomas
Tom Tomorrow
K. Vanden Heuvel
Oliver Willis
Matthew Yglesias

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Shock Docs: Federalization of Police Under New DHS Mission

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Jan 26, 2012

Mission Creep: DHS Agency Abandons Fighting Terrorism, Shifts to Hiring Police, Taking Over America

Aaron Dykes
January 24, 2012

A new white paper presented to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence carves out an 'evolving mission' for Homeland Security that moves away from fighting terrorism and towards growing a vast domestic intelligence apparatus that would expand integration with local/state agencies and private-public partnerships already underway via regional fusion centers.

Crafted by the Aspen Institute Homeland Security Group, co-chaired by former DHS chief Michael Chertoff and composed of a who's who of national security figures, the report outlines a total mission creep, as the title "Homeland Security and Intelligence: Next Steps in Evolving the Mission" implies.

Significantly, it puts on paper and into the Congressional record a proposed transition from outwardly dealing with the threats posed by terrorism towards intelligence gathering "focused on more specific homeward-focused areas." That is, the homegrown, domestic threats we've heard so much about from Big Sis already.

In short, it confirms the intentions of key insiders-- including former NSA/CIA head Michael Hayden, former Rep. Jane Harmon, former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, 9/11 Commissioners Philip Zelikow and Richard Ben-Viniste, former National Security Advisor Samuel Berger and others-- to flesh out a plan we have already seen developing from an outside perspective-- namely, to build a domestic Stasi-like force to takeover, monitor and control the population.

Moreover, the media has reported on this changed mission-- towards the full spectrum domination of the people under a patently-fascist framework-- with the same calm as the weekly weather forecast.


Achieving this new aim includes co-opting local law enforcement and other regional agencies.

"As the threat grows more localized," the report reads, "the federal government's need to train, and even staff, local agencies, such as major city police departments, will grow."

That's right, the feds want to oversee the hiring of your local police.

Fusion Centers, now spread across the nation, have already infected police agencies and local governments with a federalization takeover mentality. A Dec. 2010 Aspen Homeland Security Group report, quoting the Superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department, recommends that "every mayor and governor of a major city in the country should have to attend a DHS-sponsored emergency management course where various scenarios -- like hurricanes, levy breaks, and explosions -- are exercised."

But directing local police departments, mayors and governors is only the beginning. Indeed, the Aspen group envisions the 'foundation for a separate DHS intelligence mission' by building upon 'decentralized' partnerships with the private sector as well.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pissing on Joe Lieberman pic to protest NDAA and Internet Censorship?

Connecticut US Senator Joe Lieberman's pic [found here]

Still from video of the urinating on Joseph Lieberman's black and white printed out picture.

I would like to be part of a movement to piss on portraits of any elected official, on non-elected official, who voted for, promoted, or signed into being the NDAA, Military Detention Act which allows citizens to be detained by the military, sent out of the country, tortured, murdered, have their citizenship stripped all without a hearing, in unconscionable. To protest this, to get attention, I may have to appeal to the lowest common denominator, the Jerry Springer Show watcher.

Jerry Springer image [found here]

I intend on uploading the video to (update, video approved!, scroll down in post), and will be embedded here as long as liveleak lets me upload that clip. I would not even think of putting it up on youtube, a google entity, although this blog is a google entity.

SOPA and PIPA would subject most blog owners and video uploaders, even the casual, to randomly having their accounts terminated and/or even being subject to 5 years or more in prison for the most benign acts of Free Speech. The internet censorship efforts of the international corporations who have bought, and paid for, US politicians won't stop their efforts until we the people can recall at will, all the rogue politicians such as Joe Lieberman. I want to help with any efforts to remove Joe Lieberman and any other official who supports the NDAA and internet censorship.

Joe Lieberman is a big advocate for his deciding on his own who should be censored, and who should face rendition, secret confinement, torture, having their citizenship being revoked, and even being murdered with no hearing and no records kept. Do you want Joe Lieberman to put you on a secret police enemies list for roundup or being sent to camp? Joe Lieberman can be even more Nazi-like, and more dangerous to the world, than was Adolf Hitler. Hitler didn't have nuclear weapons and his enemies were aligned against him all over the world. Lieberman represents the global occupation of the international corporations and banks. They occupy the world. Joe, I piss on you. Joe, I piss on them.

Joe and his friends might be fine with babies and children being raped with implements dipped in battery acid in front of their parents. That is what is allegedly done to those confined in other countries that have been declared war zones to give extra punishment to those who won't break under standard torture. Joe Lieberman voted to make the US Homeland a war zone where the atrocities committed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and secretly all over the world can now be committed by the US Military run offshore by corporations and banks, and by the contractors paid with US taxpayer dollars.

Implements wrapped around your head, with a half inch in circumference smooth end can be torqued down on your eyeballs until they pop. Any medieval torture method can now be used on you with immunity if done by, or for, the US Government. C-clamps can be used to put two pieces of wood with a little cavity hollowed out in the end. Drywall screws are torqued through tips of penises and blocks of wood to prevent urination and pools of blood from ending up on floors. Blow torches and pliers are used to torment the victim's testicles and penis. US torture contractors are taught how to cause the most amounts of pain without making a bloody mess. You can thank complete psychopaths like Joe Lieberman for this.

Letting politicians know, that we are many, and that, "enough is enough" should be made clear by more of us pissing on their pictures, letting their staff know where we post it, and why.

-stevengerickson AT Yahoo Dot Com

My mugshot and story:


NDAA Internet Censorship Pee on Joe Lieberman Protest

Text with video:
Connecticut US Senator Joe Lieberman believes he should decide what you are allowed to view here on, he wants to censor what he sees here, saying he's a reasonable person. So, should Joe decide what you view here? Should Joe decide, himself, who, anywhere in the world should be kidnapped, confined, tortured, and murdered secretly with no hearing. Should the internet be censored using tools like SOPA and PIPA? Well, please let Joe know what you saw here. I would like to make another one of these for Vermont US Senator (Patrick Leahy) and every other official who supported the NDAA Military Detention of Americans and other nationals with secret signings. Any American can now be stripped of his, or her citizenship. America is being run offshore by corporations and banks. We are under armed occupation in the US. Joe and others are sell outs. Please let them know how you think. I have. [more pictures and info on today's posting of my blog]

I was told by another liveleaker that I did not have the testicles to do this and then post it. Here you go. This is my war protest against the wars, and crimes against humanity in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and all over. I consider people in Iran likewise abused by the international corporate bankster puppet government, the US Government. Word search Steven G. Erickson and you may then understand why I posted this.

[more of my videos]

Please let Joe Lieberman know what you saw here, [his official site]

I let State of Connecticut Judiciary Committee Legislators know about the pee on NDAA Supporter Joe Lieberman video, and ask about the process of Joe Lieberman's removal from office, here:

* * * *

[click here] for:

Remove Dirtbag Massachusetts US Senator Scott Brown

Will Massachusetts residents urinate on Scott Brown's pictures and upload the video to be viewed online? Are Americans fed up with the NDAA, Military Detention, Torture, and the push for internet censorship? Well, piss on Scott Brown.

Picture of what Scott Brown was up to before taking over Ted Kennedy's Massachusetts US Senate seat [found here]


* * * *

Is raping women allegedly okay for CIA, FBI, Connecticut State Police, NYPD, other officials, and Fox News anchors if they are White, and male, and are connected? Post:

* * * *

click below title for post with embedded Civil Rights "Fight Back" video

Nina Simone: "If I had my way, I'd've been a killer"

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If you would like to know the location of your local Homeland Security DHS Fusion Center, click below link:

A special note from me to DHS the TSA, and especially police brutality and misconduct central, the Connecticut State Police:
"Go fuck yourself, and eat shit."

[click here] for:

McCain/Lieberman "Snatch & Grab" Legislation

US Senators Joe Lieberman and John McCain want legislation that would allow the government to snatch and grab any American, on any excuse, without charges, without a release date, and not having to tell anyone anything with no oversight. Have they gone crazy?


* * * *
* * * *

If you would like to help me get out to political events, stump for Ron Paul, hire actors, musicians, video editors, and other professionals to get more, and better quality, video out to, fight the NDAA, internet censorship, and do more than piss on a picture of Joe Lieberman in my temporary home, please consider donating a dollar, or two, or more. Getting out and about, and being a pain in the ass to fight the fight costs money. If you don't have a PayPal acct, just click the guest option and you can pay debit, or credit, or with your PayPal acct with button below.

You can also contract to send me to a news event, hire actors, or negotiate to contract other people for a video shoot, or for signs for a protest.

-stevengerickson AT yahoo Dot Com


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

International Corporate Warfare against US Small Business continues

Geithner: Taxes on ‘Small Business’ Must Rise So Government Doesn’t ‘Shrink’

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner image and story below is cut, and pasted, [from this source]

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner told the House Small Business Committee on Wednesday that the Obama administration believes taxes on small business must increase so the administration does not have to “shrink the overall size of government programs.”

The administration’s plan to raise the tax rate on small businesses is part of its plan to raise taxes on all Americans who make more than $250,000 per year—including businesses that file taxes the same way individuals and families do.

Geithner’s explanation of the administration's small-business tax plan came in an exchange with first-term Rep. Renee Ellmers (R.-N.C.). Ellmers, a nurse, decided to run for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2010 after she became active in the grass-roots opposition to President Barack Obama’s proposed health-care reform plan in 2009.

“Overwhelmingly, the businesses back home and across the country continue to tell us that regulation, lack of access to capital, taxation, fear of taxation, and just the overwhelming uncertainties that our businesses face is keeping them from hiring,” Ellmers told Geithner. “They just simply cannot.”

She then challenged Geithner on the administration’s tax plan.

“Looking into the future, you are supporting the idea of taxation, increasing taxes on those who make $250,000 or more. Those are our business owners,” said Ellmers.

Geithner initially responded by saying that the administration’s planned tax increase would hit “three percent of your small businesses.”

Ellmers then said: “Sixty-four percent of jobs that are created in this country are for small business.”

Geithner conceded the point, but then suggested the administration’s planned tax increase on small businesses would be “good for growth.”

“No, that's right. I agree with that,” said Geithner. “But just to put it in perspective, it's important to recognize why are we doing this. You know, our deficits are 10 percent of GDP, higher than they've been since any time in the postwar period really. We have a big hole to dig out of, and we have to figure out how to do that in a way that's balanced, good for growth, fair to people as a whole.”

Geithner, continuing, argued that if the administration did not extract a trillion dollars in new revenue from its plan to increase taxes on people earning more than $250,000, including small businesses, the government would in effect “finance” what he called a “tax benefit” for those people.

“We're not doing it because we want to do it, we're doing it because if we don't do it, then, again, I have to go out and borrow a trillion dollars over the next 10 years to finance those tax benefits for the top 2 percent, and I don't think I can justify doing that,” said Geithner.

Not only that, he argued, but cutting spending by as much as the “modest change in revenue” (i.e. $1 trillion) the administration expects from raising taxes on small business would likely have more of a “negative economic impact” than the tax increases themselves would.

“And if we were to cut spending by that magnitude to do it, you'd be putting a huge additional burden on the economy, probably greater negative economic impact than that modest change in revenue,” said Geithner.

When Ellmers finally told Geithner that “the point is we need jobs,” he responded that the administration felt it had “no alternative” but to raise taxes on small businesses because otherwise “you have to shrink the overall size of government programs”—including federal education spending.

“We're not doing it because we want to do it, we're doing it because we see no alternative to a balanced approach to reduce our fiscal deficits,” said Geithner.

“If you don't touch revenues and you leave in place the tax cuts for the top 2 percent that were put in place by President Bush, if you leave those in place and you're trying to bring our deficits down over time, then you have to do exceptionally deep cuts in benefits for middle-class Americans and you have to shrink the overall size of government programs, things like education, to levels that we could not accept as a country,” said Geithner.

“So to do a balanced approach to reduce our deficits you have to make modest changes in revenues,” he said. “There's no realistic opportunity to do alternatives to doing that.”

According to historical budget tables published by the White House Office of Management and Budget, federal spending has climbed from $2.89 trillion in 2008—the year President Obama took office—to $3.82 trillion this year, an increase of approximately $930 billion.

Meanwhile, according to the National Center for Educational Statistics, although federal education spending in inflation-adjusted dollars has jumped from $71.64 billion in 1995—when Bill Clinton was president--to $163.07 billion in 2009—when Barack Obama was president—federal spending still accounted for only 8.2 percent of spending for public primary and secondary education in America in the 2007-2008 school year. Historically and presently in the United States, local and state governments have funded the cost of public education.

- Terrence P. Jeffery

* * * *

Yes, the below was posted June of 2011, but these criminals in government and their international corporate criminal friends are still at secret war with us. We are under armed occupation here in the US.

This blogger's take on the scourge of international corporations and banks on US sovereignty and small business:

Should citizens who don't want a war with Iran be secretly arrested and detained, should elected officials who don't go along with the international corporate bankster agenda face the same tyranny policies?:


Monday, January 23, 2012

Preserving Halloween HQ and the War on Cupcakes

cupcake by

I recently stopped in for a $3 cupcake in a recently opened establishment in Nashua, New Hampshire. Having opened around last October, they had picked the right season to open. The horror story they told me of having to deal with City of Nashua to open was appalling to hear. The number of hoops to jump through, there is a myriad of officials out to fine, confiscate, and close small businesses on any excuse. Rudeness, being an egomaniac, and being a complete parasite on humanity, sociopath must be a requirement for working for city government there. The mayor at the ribbon cutting for that business was apologetic to the owners who were almost prevented from opening due to bureaucracy, and the apathetic, lazy, incompetent, and abusive City Hall goons. Great cupcakes by the way, I recommend stopping in for world class cupcakes and made while you watch, cannolis, if you find yourself in Nashua.

I was then on to the self-proclaimed Halloween capitol of the world, Salem, Massachusetts. Video of my walkabout there available below. Fighting back the international scourge of corporations and out of control banks seems by appearances to be held at bay in Salem. There are busy, unique shops on every downtown street. I have never had a bad meal anywhere, or one that I thought was overpriced in Salem, Mass.

In the video below the one about Salem, I posted one about the evil of Eminent Domain, and did a story back a couple years, interviewing a long time owner of a sheet metal fabricating shop in Norwalk, Connecticut.

From my own experience, I felt town hall, the state, and the Federal Government were at war with me for being a homeowner, small business owner, politically active, engaging in Free Speech, wanting my tax dollars to be spent wisely, employing employees who know who their bosses are, us. For that, taxpayer paid goons went to war with me. I lost. Word search my name for that story. Those who were rewarded for helping the government goon war on me, were vandals, prostitutes, drug dealers, thieves, common criminal parasites, and bi-polar sociopaths. Good behavior is punished, bad behavior is rewarded. So is the world run by international corporations and banks.

They are out to steal from you and ruin your life too. Are you going to let them, or will you fight tooth, and nail, to prevent internet censorship like SOPA and PIPA, and to fight the NDAA, Military Detention of Americans where citizenship of Americans be stripped and they face rendition, torture, confinement, and even death, secretly outside the US? It is time the US Government was not international corporation and banker owned. Let's take it back and not ask nicely.

The corporate motion picture industry, and the mainstream media, does not want the competition of those exercising Free Speech with video uploads and those who speak out about public corruption, police brutality, public corruption, and international corporations and banks ruining America. They want to silence you with legislation. Let's remove each, and every politician who voted for, or promoted, the NDAA. I feel you have to be over the top, and maybe downright inappropriate to get attention in this world.

I intend on pissing on paper images I print out of Connecticut US Senator Joe Lieberman and Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy, shooting a video, posting it, and then letting the senators' staffs know what I did, and why. Maybe if more of us do that, these criminal bozos pandering to international corporations and organized crime will connect the dots that the US populace is not going to take it anymore. We will fight back on the streets if necessary. We will not accept foreign, armed occupation.

Salem, Massachusetts, Street Scenes

Text with video:
Will the maker of this video be subject to rendition, torture, secret detention, and then being murdered for producing videos that support small business, the self-employed, free thinking, and Free Speech? Well with the signing of the NDAA by Obama on Dec. 31, 2011, where Military Detention indefinitely with no hearing, no reasons given, and no release date is the law of the land. Torture is legal, if performed by US contractors, anywhere in the world. This video would not be available for view with the passage of internet censorship efforts like SOPA and PIPA. Let's fight back by distributing DVDs hand to hand, just in case, AND continue uploading protest videos here on

I intend on starting a national movement to video various US state residents pissing on portraits of any officials who voted for the NDAA and who vote for internet censorship, making a video of it and uploading it. Make the staff of politicians who voted for the NDAA about the videos. So a politician can then see what their constituents think of them and there actions. I intend on doing two so far. The first one will be me pissing on Connecticut US Senator Joe Lieberman's printed picture of his face. The second will be on Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy.

International corporate and banker interests would just as soon bulldoze all the history, old houses, and shops in Salem, Massachusetts, and like communities, worldwide, to set up luxury condos for the rich, and make the world look like a Strip Mall of corporate chain stores. View this video and see what we need to preserve, and please understand why we must all fight back, right now. This video to be embedded as a blog post on [this blog].

Eminent Domain Citizen Abuse, Norwalk, Connecticut

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Oct 8, 2007

Politicians and their connected, rich developer friends are scamming taxpayers nationwide. This man's story tells it all. Casey Onaitis of 4 Merwin St., Norwalk, CT 06850, doesn't deserve to be put out of his business. Such businesses should be passed on to family or others willing to honor traditions and honestly serving the public.

Casey's Sheet Metal Service, Inc., provides necessary custom sheet metal fabrication and other services Home Depot and other chains do not.

It is a plain shame that working people are being put out of business, put out of their homes, for a scam, a shell game.

Our heritage and history in the US is being torn down and average citizens are being ruined to make the rich richer at everyone's else's expense.

More information here:

* * * *

stevengerickson AT yahoo dot com

my mugshot and story:

[click here] for:

US Policing we pay for, the Actual Policing We Get



Saturday, January 21, 2012

Over the Top Protests

Black face makeup image [found here]

I fled my home and can't go back to my job Monday for reasons I won't discuss on, or over, anything electronic. I did nothing illegal. But, I do know what it is like to be hiding from heavily tattooed organized crime contract killers up from New York City, looking to allegedly injure or kill me. [His used car business] is in Brattleboro, Vermont. I believe to get attention, you must be a little over the top in your approach.

I put my cloths, toiletries, laptop, video camera etc in a black trash bag and I am in a new city, at least for the moment. If the US Government was looking for me, just being online, they'd have my exact location at the time I am online. I don't carry a cellphone to avoid having my exact location known 24/7.

If I was a military target the same satellites that beam radiation on missiles to take them out to radiate down on where I am typing. A little dose will just make me poop like a goose. Yeah, I know, it sounds a little like I should literally be wearing a tinfoil hat. I am not that big a target as I was, as more people are saying what I said, mostly alone, from about 1998, writing letters to the editor printed in newspapers, making me a target for Connecticut State Police harassment, retaliation, and threats of taking my last ride in a cruiser trunk with my teeth kicked out for having such a big mouth. How do you like that for a run-on sentence?

But, the government does have sensory denial, crowd control weapons, and yes, bigger versions are on satellites, I can almost guarantee if they think it, we are spending unknown trillions of US tax dollars to make it so. They really have no budget constraints, that is why the NDAA was passed, and the internet censorship legislation will probably pass too. I could but all sorts of links to back up what I am saying here. Don't be lazy, do some word searches, research this for yourself. For more of us who say cut all the crap, with all the wars, and say, "End all taxpayer support of Israel, end the Fed, and turn back the clock legislatively to before 9/11 to be pre-Police State would be a good thing.

I checked out a mill today for shooting a no budget independent film. It is a throwback to rotary dial telephones, I love it. I thought I wanted to film my latest ideas in New York City. Well, I may have found a better location. The location is for a feature length independent film protesting our current US Police State.

I did just write a Short, a video, on an unrelated subject, which I am looking for two college age male Caucasian actors for. One would wear black face makeup to make the video that much over the top, insensitive, politically incorrect, and some may say, a little racist. My intent is to be so out there as far as upsetting the tight asses in the peanut gallery that I get a little attention to my works and to what I would like to do.

Some of my pet peeves are to reform the judiciary, to get civilian oversight of police, and to take back are government by having a process for recalling legislators who vote for NDAA and internet censorship. We need to be able to fire the bozos who don't represent the will of the people.

To bring attention to how much I am upset by what US Senators have voted for, and propose, that I would like to piss, and maybe even shit on, pictures printed out of Connecticut US Senator Joe Lieberman's and Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy's face. I would shoot a video and make still of the results of the poop on the printed faces. I would let the office staff of each senator of what I did, where I posted video and digital pictures, and why.

We the people may have to go partially internet and electronics free. If the internet is censored, those who burn to DVD, documentaries and their own independent films, may not get rich, but hand to hand DVD sales might be larger than ever if the goons in government pull the trigger on massive internet and video upload censorship legislation. Given the laws proposed, I might have to pull down all my videos and blog posts to avoid 5 to 10 years in prison, My torture and murder might result from posts like this, but who said life was forever? In this day, and age, you never know what the international corporate and banking tyrants who own the US Government have in store. Make a statement, don't be a pussy, and get loud.

-stevengerickson At Yahoo Dot Com

P.S. If I an offensive, it is because I worked over two decades to build a contracting business, buying and restoring rental properties, getting vocal about fixing the police brutality, judicial misconduct, and public corruption problem in the State of Connecticut and I got prison for Free Speech. So, they didn't try hard enough to kill me yet, so here I go, getting louder. But, if I did get my record cleaned and some cash, I just might consider going offline, and living out my life, Free and American, elsewhere, outside of America, where I can live free and then die of natural causes.

My mugshot and more:

The American Resistance Movement vs. International Corporate Whores

CIA collaboration with New York Police Department was never legally approved

The top lawyer at the CIA never approved sending one of its officers to help the New York Police Department create a domestic spying program, raising the possibility that the agency may have violated a ban on domestic spying.

Last August, the Associated Press reported that the CIA had violated that prohibition when it “played a key role in transforming the New York Police Department’s intelligence unit into a cutting edge spy shop dedicated to gathering information on Muslims.”

New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly insisted in October that the arrangement was legal under a 1981 presidential order, which allows the CIA to provide local law enforcement with “specialized equipment, technical knowledge or assistance of expert personnel,” provided the guidelines are spelled out in advance and the agency’s general counsel approves of the arrangement.

The AP is now reporting, however, that according to intelligence officials who spoke on condition of anonymity, neither of those things was done in 2002 when then-CIA director George Tenet sent a veteran officer to set up “spying programs that transformed the NYPD into one of the nation’s most aggressive domestic intelligence agencies.”

An internal CIA investigation launched in September by newly-appointed Director David Petraeus concluded there had been no wrongdoing, but the AP report casts fresh doubt on that conclusion.

The AP story points out that the role of CIA officer Lawrence Sanchez — and of a second, unidentified, CIA officer who succeeded him in 2010 — was “murky,” which enabled US officials to claim his presence did not violate the ban because he was never directly instructed to help set up the spying programs.

“Officially, he is there on a sabbatical to observe the NYPD’s management,” the AP story notes. “Kelly said the operative provides the NYPD with foreign intelligence. CIA Director David Petraeus described him as an adviser. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper described him to Congress as an analyst, then Clapper’s office acknowledged that was incorrect.”

Clapper has acknowledged that “it did not look good for the CIA to be involved in any city police department.”

Photo by Nick.Allen [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

[source of above and above photo]


Big Brother was first out to spy on people like me. Now they're out to put us in camps, torture us, and kills us, all for expecting that we the people have Free Speech protection.
[More video, pictures, and stories on this subject]

Should Americans be stripped of their citizenship, be beaten, tortured, detained, and then killed for blogging critical of a Governor, or who expose Police Brutality, Judicial Misconduct, or Public Corruption as I did in the State of Connecticut?


stevengerickson At yahoo Dot Com

Are Homeland Security Fusion Centers for making the US one big prison camp?:


The NDAA: Just one more link in the chain of tyranny

Text with video:

by James Corbett
15 January, 2012

Each year, the United States Department of Defense budget and expenditures are approved by Congress, which must pass a National Defense Authorization Act in order to fund the DoD.

The most recent bill, however, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, shocked many by containing an extraordinary provision allowing for the indefinite detention without trial of anyone even suspected of providing support to individuals or groups identified as terrorists. Although this represents little change from the US government’s modus operandi in waging the so-called war on terror, many were amazed to discover that this provision specifically applies to American citizens, who can now be detained by American military personnel anywhere in the world, including on US soil, and held indefinitely without trial.

Perhaps it is not surprising that President Obama chose New Year’s Eve as the date to sign the NDAA, as the revelry of the holiday predictably distracted Americans from the event. Particularly remarkable is the fact that the legislation has been almost universally identified as an overt act of tyranny by commentators of all political stripes, perhaps most importantly from sources that have traditionally defended the actions of Obama and his administration.

Now, on the heels of the NDAA, a new bill is making its way through Congress: the Enemy Expatriation Act that would make the controversy about the NDAA null and void by simply stripping Americans of their American citizenship, should they be accused of associating with government-deemed terrorist organizations.

What the outrage over the NDAA and now the Enemy Expatriation Act, reveal, however, is not that Obama or the current members of the House are suddenly taking the American government in a startling new direction, but merely that they are in fact continuing to pursue a coordinated policy agenda that has persisted through administration after administration on both the left and right sides of the political aisle for decades.

In 1864, during the American civil war, Lambdin P. Milligan and four others were sentenced to death by a military court after they were found guilty of planning to overthrow the state governments of Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. The case reached the Supreme Court after the war ended, where it was found to be unconstitutional for US citizens to be tried in military tribunals as long as civilian courts were operating. This precedent remained in tact for almost a century, with the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 further delineating the boundary between the military and civilians by barring US military from engaging in civil police actions except by act of congress.

In 1942, however, the Supreme Court ruled on Ex Parte Quirin, a case involving the detention of eight German saboteurs during World War II and their trial as civilians in a military tribunal. The court ruled that the eight men, one of whom was a US citizen, could be tried as “unlawful combatants” in the war, a status applying to civilians who engage in armed conflict during times of war.

Unsurprisingly, it is this Ex Parte Quirin decision allowing for the military detention of civilians, not the Ex Parte Milligan precedent, which both the Bush and Obama administrations have relied on to try to assert their authority to detain civilians as unlawful combatants in the so-called war on terror. In the immediate wake of the 9/11 attacks, Congress passed an Authorization for Use of Military Force which authorized the President to “use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks.” Less than two months later, Bush invoked that authorization to issue a Military Order declaring that individuals detained in the war on terror be tried in military tribunals. The administration immediately began applying this order to detainees in Afghanistan, regardless of affiliation.

The practice of detaining these “enemy combatants” at Guantanamo Bay and other military detention centers has been challenged repeatedly in the courts. When the Supreme Court finally ruled in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld that the detainees could not be held as unlawful enemy combatants but had to be held as prisoners of war in accordance with the Geneva Conventions, Congress passed the Military Commissions Act of 2006 specifically authorizing military commissions for the detainees.

In 2008, the Supreme Court ruled that Guantanamo prisoners were entitled to the US justice system, but in 2009, Obama Attorney General Holder and Solicitor General Kagan testified that they believed the government could detain combatants in accordance with the laws of war, thus sidestepping the issue of determining a prisoner’s status or their right to trial.

Now the NDAA of 2012 seems to extend all of these precedents and provisions to US citizens. This comes in addition to Peace Prize laureate Obama’s stunning declaration that he has the right to kill American civilians anywhere in the world, without so much as a trial.

Perhaps most worryingly of all, when Obama expressed reservations about the NDAA, it was not because he as a Constitutional scholar felt the idea of using the military to detain American citizens on American soil was an unconscionable abrogation of everything the US constitution and Bill of Rights stood for, but because he felt that the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force had already granted him this power as supposed Commander-in-Chief in the supposed War on Terror, which has never actually been declared.

Now, many are asking what can be done to prevent this seemingly inevitable slide into overt military control over American citizens and others around the globe.

One voice providing an answer to this question is Stewart Rhodes, a Yale Law graduate and constitutional law scholar who founded Oath Keepers, an organization dedicated to instructing American police and military personnel about the nature of their oath to uphold the constitution, and how that oath precludes them in participating in acts that clearly violate the constitution.

Stewart Rhodes appeared on Corbett Report Radio last week to talk about the history of the use of “enemy combatant status” as a legal smokescreen to violate the Bill of Rights, and how citizens can work to reverse the damage that has already been done by the passing of this legislation.


This particular blog post might be a complete violation of laws proposed under legislation passed and proposed by US Senator Scumbags such as Joe Lieberman and Patrick Leahy who show they are shameless whores for international corporation owners and banker elitists. Would I get 5 years in prison for this post? Would Vermont US Senator, former prosecutor, and shameless whore complete scumbag Patrick Leahy order my US citizenship revoked, my torture, confinement, and murder, for my wanting to remove his lame ass from office circulating a petition around the State of Vermont, and one for Satan Nazi-like traitor Joe Lieberman in the State of Connecticut?

Should I be tortured for hanging out with a Phil Donahue type crowd?

Steven G. Erickson questions Phil Donahue

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Jul 12, 2008

I ask him a question about 20 seconds in.

The topics of discussion are Phil Donahue's Documentary, "Body of War":

Should Bush be arrested for being a war criminal and crimes against humanity?

What about Free Speech, a Free Press, the economy, and our youth not be unnecessarily harmed and killed?

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