Saturday, January 21, 2012

Over the Top Protests

Black face makeup image [found here]

I fled my home and can't go back to my job Monday for reasons I won't discuss on, or over, anything electronic. I did nothing illegal. But, I do know what it is like to be hiding from heavily tattooed organized crime contract killers up from New York City, looking to allegedly injure or kill me. [His used car business] is in Brattleboro, Vermont. I believe to get attention, you must be a little over the top in your approach.

I put my cloths, toiletries, laptop, video camera etc in a black trash bag and I am in a new city, at least for the moment. If the US Government was looking for me, just being online, they'd have my exact location at the time I am online. I don't carry a cellphone to avoid having my exact location known 24/7.

If I was a military target the same satellites that beam radiation on missiles to take them out to radiate down on where I am typing. A little dose will just make me poop like a goose. Yeah, I know, it sounds a little like I should literally be wearing a tinfoil hat. I am not that big a target as I was, as more people are saying what I said, mostly alone, from about 1998, writing letters to the editor printed in newspapers, making me a target for Connecticut State Police harassment, retaliation, and threats of taking my last ride in a cruiser trunk with my teeth kicked out for having such a big mouth. How do you like that for a run-on sentence?

But, the government does have sensory denial, crowd control weapons, and yes, bigger versions are on satellites, I can almost guarantee if they think it, we are spending unknown trillions of US tax dollars to make it so. They really have no budget constraints, that is why the NDAA was passed, and the internet censorship legislation will probably pass too. I could but all sorts of links to back up what I am saying here. Don't be lazy, do some word searches, research this for yourself. For more of us who say cut all the crap, with all the wars, and say, "End all taxpayer support of Israel, end the Fed, and turn back the clock legislatively to before 9/11 to be pre-Police State would be a good thing.

I checked out a mill today for shooting a no budget independent film. It is a throwback to rotary dial telephones, I love it. I thought I wanted to film my latest ideas in New York City. Well, I may have found a better location. The location is for a feature length independent film protesting our current US Police State.

I did just write a Short, a video, on an unrelated subject, which I am looking for two college age male Caucasian actors for. One would wear black face makeup to make the video that much over the top, insensitive, politically incorrect, and some may say, a little racist. My intent is to be so out there as far as upsetting the tight asses in the peanut gallery that I get a little attention to my works and to what I would like to do.

Some of my pet peeves are to reform the judiciary, to get civilian oversight of police, and to take back are government by having a process for recalling legislators who vote for NDAA and internet censorship. We need to be able to fire the bozos who don't represent the will of the people.

To bring attention to how much I am upset by what US Senators have voted for, and propose, that I would like to piss, and maybe even shit on, pictures printed out of Connecticut US Senator Joe Lieberman's and Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy's face. I would shoot a video and make still of the results of the poop on the printed faces. I would let the office staff of each senator of what I did, where I posted video and digital pictures, and why.

We the people may have to go partially internet and electronics free. If the internet is censored, those who burn to DVD, documentaries and their own independent films, may not get rich, but hand to hand DVD sales might be larger than ever if the goons in government pull the trigger on massive internet and video upload censorship legislation. Given the laws proposed, I might have to pull down all my videos and blog posts to avoid 5 to 10 years in prison, My torture and murder might result from posts like this, but who said life was forever? In this day, and age, you never know what the international corporate and banking tyrants who own the US Government have in store. Make a statement, don't be a pussy, and get loud.

-stevengerickson At Yahoo Dot Com

P.S. If I an offensive, it is because I worked over two decades to build a contracting business, buying and restoring rental properties, getting vocal about fixing the police brutality, judicial misconduct, and public corruption problem in the State of Connecticut and I got prison for Free Speech. So, they didn't try hard enough to kill me yet, so here I go, getting louder. But, if I did get my record cleaned and some cash, I just might consider going offline, and living out my life, Free and American, elsewhere, outside of America, where I can live free and then die of natural causes.

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