Thursday, January 05, 2012

OWS QQQQ Obama, the TSA, and Homeland Security

Tim Pool photo, a still captured from RT America live stream.

There are new warriors out to disrupt the reign of the international corporate and banker owners of the US Government. These youthful patriots realized that technology is being used to spy on them. They are turning the tables on the tyrants and saying, "We will spy on you, you dirty motherfuckers". Yes, I added that quote, it is mine ...

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OWS uses its own Unmanned Drones

Text with video:
Thom Hartmann of RT America's "The Big Picture" interviews Tim Pool of "Timcast-Tv" about surveilling the police in New York City as part of the Occupy Wall St. movement. With the passage of the Military Detention bill, the NDAA, signed into law by US President Barack Obama, anyone with a point of view that differs from that of the international corporate and banker owners of the US Government and Military might be met with a secret official kidnapping, torture, secret detention, and/or murder. Independent journalists and bloggers being able to deploy their own unmanned drones might be a critical weapon on the front lines of the growing information war. Check out this video uploader's blog [here]


Tim Pool has a website, the below video was [found here]:

Video streaming by Ustream

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