Friday, January 13, 2012

VT Sen. Leahy, Dark Knight for Corporate Banksters?

Many Vermonters want to protest the NDAA. Many are considering taking action to remove US Senator Patrick Leahy for his signing of the NDAA, military detention act which is now law. It might make the US Constitution null and void. A clip of a Vermont Public Radio podcast below. Not included is a caller in to the radio station really taking Leahy to task for having signed the controversial bill. All the good that Leahy could have done in his life might be overshadowed by the NDAA and the internet piracy bill. The Leahy Act is a law about the use of tax dollars being illegal if civil rights are being violated. Did Leahy break his own law twice?

Image for video [found here]

Clip from VPR [found here]


Leahy Drops Domain Name Terms Of Internet Piracy Bill [VPR source]

Thursday, 01/12/12 5:50pm

Patti Daniels
(Host) Senator Patrick Leahy is the sponsor of a controversial bill that aims to prevent Internet piracy - the problem of rogue websites distributing copyrighted data that they don't own.

Critics of the bill include technology entrepreneurs, services like YouTube and free-speech advocates who say the law would stifle legal online activity. Supporters say the bill goes after illegal websites and protects the intellectual property of content creators.

Speaking Thursday on VPR's Vermont Edition, Leahy stated he was willing to compromise on one aspect of the so-called Protect IP Act. He said he's going to drop a provision that would require service providers to block or redirect users from accessing illegal sites.

(Leahy) "I'm going to set aside these Domain Name provisions. That we'll hold back on, because I've listened to some of the concerns on those. I think there [are] easy answers to it, but let's set it aside, let's spend a year or so studying that part."

(Host) That provision is controversial because it would force Internet Service Providers to manipulate the structure that underpins Internet naming protocols.

The Protect IP Act still faces a contentious closure debate later this month in the US Senate.

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The Internet Copyright proposed legislation talked about:

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FBI, Police, Courts, Mafia, all 1 and same

Fair Use of Copyrighted Materials.

"Danny Greene: The Rise and Fall of the Irishman" is a great documentary to share with others and to show elected officials that you know the score. International corporate and banking owners of the US Government are the biggest organized syndicate. This documentary shows that there is ongoing cooperation between organized crime, the police, the FBI, and the courts. There is court case rigging, murder for hire, racketeering, loansharking, obstruction of justice, and US taxpayers are paying to harm themselves funding these thugs.

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Big Business, Police, the Courts, Organized Crime, One and the Same

Text with video:
I've uploaded the first 6 minutes plus of the movie, "Kill the Irishman" about the life of Irish mobster Danny Greene of Cleveland, Ohio, dubbed "Bomb City, USA" at the time. Check out the full length version on netflix or wherever you can find it. I uploaded a documentary showing the real Danny Greene and the real characters in the movie, [embedded in this blog post], the full version of the documentary.

The documentary shows how Big Business, the courts, the police, government, the FBI, and organized crime are all interconnected. If the FBI will allow an informant, a contract killer, to remain on the streets, the FBI are contract killers and criminals too, by proxy. International banks and corporations own the US Government. So, with the film and documentary, maybe more people can see what we are truly up against, international organized crime. These people wanted and got the NDAA, military detention of Americans in America, no hearing, no release date, torture okay. Connecticut US Senator Joe Lieberman and Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy want American enslavement and worldwide internet censorship. There needs to be a worldwide effort to remove all the criminals in US Government who voted for the NDAA and internet censorship. After, these criminals need to be tried in international court for war crimes.

If babies and children in the US are raped in front of their parents by TSA or US Homeland Security DHA thugs using implements dipped in battery acid, as they allegedly are in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and other US occupied countries, politicians like Patrick Leahy and Joe Lieberman are also guilty of rape, murder, and torture, by proxy, if they voted to make the US itself a war zone.



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