Friday, January 27, 2012 and Video Counter Fudging?

image [found here]

I posted a video of yours truly [pissing on a printed out image of Connecticut US Senator Joe Lieberman]. The counter for the video stayed at 303, and then it was shared about 20 times. You can't share the video without having the view count go up. So something is fishy.

The same for youtube. The more controversial, and the more you would think a particular video would get viewed, the counter sticks. I have noticed this, mostly with videos posted by others that are anti-war, anti-corporation, anti police brutality, anti judicial misconduct, etc.

I noticed that blogs I posted on Enfield Connecticut State Senator, a Republican, John A. Kissel, google blocked the posts where I call Kissel a scumbag, or at least imply it. And if there is a listing, it is to a site that give your computer a virus. That is very dirty. When I posted on Connecticut State Police Colonel Thomas "The Duck" Davoren, the word searches were also blocked. So, scumbags with power can manipulate the internet. I have also have had almost ten laptop and desktop computers just fry after posting on Connecticut State Police brutality and judicial misconduct.

The post on Davoren [found here].

-stevengerickson AT yahoo Dot Com

I asked Connecticut State Elected Officials on how to remove Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman for being a complete scumbag supporting the NDAA powers which can strip of US citizenship, lead to torture, confinement, and murder of anyone on a list written in secret. Lieberman is also for internet censorship and in terrorizing citizens to accept the US Police State.
[Text to Connecticut elected officials, click here]


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