Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Corporations are governments without borders

Screw on top of pickup truck pic [stolen from here]

Calling corporations people is ridiculous. Mittens Romney saying corporations are people only proves without a doubt, he is a complete tool. Obama has proven he is a corporate bent over, shut up and like it, tool for the corporations. He put them in charge of policy, and many were installed as key policy makers. Elected officials are lying lawyer affiliated. International Corporate Banksters have Satan's black robed minions, judges, in their pockets. Elections are too often just a poorly constructed scam, but the scam artists are the ones telling the story, mainstream, or should I say spewing bullshit propaganda?

I support Ron Paul. If he actually gets 75% of the popular vote, the number reported would probably be 3 to 5%. We really are infiltrated by spooks and live in a Police State. The NDAA, the Patriot Act, and the ACTA push is only further proof. [Watch this documentary] and tell me the greediest fucks in the universe aren't out to steal all they can and kill all of us who they consider ants.

I really don't expect this blog to be on the internet much longer. It is a google blog. Google videos are youtube. Google searches are often taken out when I state some alarming truths about individuals, officials, and corporate scumbags. If I am defending someone against unfair government goon and court barbecues, the numbers and searches also can get skewed.

I'll be out with my video camera. Maybe files can be shared with jump drives if the internet gets totally jacked by the international corporate bankster scum who puppeteer the US Government and Military. Maybe I can start my own printing press, if there is no other way.

I went from owning 3 houses, facing early retirement for all of my hard work, to almost freezing to death shivering homeless in the woods, and snow, in Vermont. I am not out freezing now, I'm pissed, and I am funneling outrage into action.

I had a great relationship with my daughter. Scumbag police and their force of informants wanted to punish me for being an American who says it like it is, and then informs others about the scumbags running things who steal us blind. The American Dream for me is a daily nightmare. If I knew what I know now, I would have never worked so hard, daily, for the ultimate lie.

If you don't want a lying lawyer or their minions in your backyard, hang one from a tree in the front yard. No, I don't advocate violence, hang a puppet in black stripes and put the word "banker" on it.

If I find a source of money, or get a decent job, I'll post more professional videos, hire actors, and get professional editing help and post some of my videos [here on]. I will, even if it kills me, put all honest efforts into producing the best informative documentaries and most true life exposing independent films that I am capable of. I know how to network with skilled people, and am not afraid of spending most, to all of my budget on the right people to do the job. It is about getting the word out and taking tyrants to task. We all fight back in our own way. Let's have a common cause.

-stevengerickson At

Former Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd allegedly took bribes from bankers to do their bidding, as Dodd was on a key sellout puppet to the international corporations, on a Bank regulating committee. Dodd is a complete scumbag. Former State of Connecticut Attorney Richard "The Dick" Blumenthal is now a Connecticut US Senator. He allegedly covered up organized crime dumpers of toxic and radioactive waste all over Connecticut as that State's Attorney General. The evidence can't be hidden if it is still drinking water, landfills with the names changed, if samples register on a Geiger Counter, and if people are still getting sick and dying. I plan on doing a documentary on "The Dick" and on illegal organized crime and corporate dumping if I get the funds.

If you want to get listed in the credits, or just want to help, the first button gives $100, the bottom button will allow you to give $1 to any amount. I promise to deliver the maximum I can, even if it leads to my being kidnapped, tortured in the cruelest possible ways, and my resting in pieces near where I am murdered.

Don't say maybe I should have. There is the here and now. Let's make a difference, right now.

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Eliot Spitzer pictured with his wife soon after Eliot was widely exposed to have paid to have sex with a high priced prostitute. [image stolen from here]

Elena Sassower sat down to talk to me back in back in January 2008 (video below). I traveled to New York to meet with her. We agreed to talk about Eliot Spitzer and Hillary Clinton possibly being involved in election rigging and subverting the media, the New York Times. The below video was brought to the attention of the FBI, January 2008. If Spitzer's finances were looked into because of the video, what happened to Spitzer involving a hooker scandal just weeks later?


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