Sunday, February 05, 2012

Cotton Candy, Sunshine, & The Deception of the Media

Cotton Candy and Sunshine image [found here]

Text with below video:
Volume Warning ... (subject may inform your brain)

Do you blindly believe everything you read and hear in the Mainstream Media? Or have you come to the conclusion that you are constantly being manipulated and lied to..

NDAA, Military Detention, US Citizenship striping, Police State, Martial Law, Internet Censorship, PIPA, SOPA, ACTA, lies, mainstream media, the world's biggest mafia, The Jewish Mafia, international corporate and banking takeover of governments, The Federal Reserve, The Fed, wars, protests, Martial Law, the Patriot Act, depression, rescession, Wall St. OWS, Connecticut, State, Police, Brutality, Judicial, Misconduct, Oaths, Judges, not, qualified, immunity, sovereign, citizen, heroin, cocaine, government trafficking money laundering military industrial complex Israel Iran Iraq Syria Libya Afghanistan Somalia US Wars of occupation [pissing on Connecticut US Senator Joe Lieberman protest video]

Are you fucking kidding me???!!!

More video, text, stories, ABC News Nightline, Dan Harris, propagandist whores etc, click below link:

[Steven G. Erickson uploaded videos, click here]

-stevengerickson At yahoo Dom

I stood in the way of Connecticut State Police Brutality, Rigged Courts, Public Corruption, and the ability for them to sell heroin, cocaine, steal property, corrupt me into becoming a police informant/infiltrator for them, their pimping out of prostitutes, wrecking youth on a grand scale, and skewing the system, and my not telling others, led to my losing contact with my daughter, then 15, now 25, after being imprisoned for being a vocal, honest, home owning, small business operating, vocal taxpayer to the loss of my 3 Stafford Springs and Somersville rental properties which I purchased and fixed up from a boarded up condition led to my imprisonment, and my being cast out as a Peria. Yes, a run on sentence ... too bad. Angst will lead to an independent, fictional movie, about the subject of this disjointed paragraph, even if it kills me ...

Have backpack, sleep on couches wherever I land, don't have a job currently, lint in my pockets, and ability to show up anywhere to do what I do best ... my agenda:

I wish to battle the Patriot Act, the TSA, DHS Homeland Security Fusion Centers, Martial Law, NDAA, US citizenship stripping measures, military detention, armed military on our streets, internet censorship like ACTA, SOPA, PIPA etc.

My video of Mass Transit, comparing the Public Transportation in the US with that which is in the rest of the civilized world, video:

* * * *

You gotta love James Corbett of the [Corbett Report]. His thoughts on the "conspiracy" that was 9/11. Warning: you might just chuckle.



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