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Do Globalists want war with Syria, Iran, and US population?

I saw an anti-gun owner [NBC propaganda piece], Jeff Rossen Reports, staring the two globalist goons below. I really am disgusted having to listen to a lipstick wearing Rossen, an international corporate banking owned mainstream media mouthpiece. These globalists allegedly want us put in FEMA camps, support TSA groping and sexual assaults, and the war on the US Homeland, the NDAA, ACTA, and CIA drones flying armed all over America. Billions of US Tax Dollars are spend on a joint NYPD/CIA World Police Army Joint International Spying International Attack Force with NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. [Video links story]

New York City Mayor Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg with Business Insider post [found here]

[Links to PBS Top Secret America documentary]

Mayor Mike's anti-smoking campaign got many angry. [In this post] some dirt is shoveled in Bloomberg's direction about mistresses, billions in questionable dollars, and where it is going.


The triumph of corruption: "There will be a certain poetic justice when Michael A. Cardozo becomes president of the New York City Bar Association on Tuesday. 'The Association was formed in 1870 to root out corruption in the judiciary,' Mr. Cardozo, 54, said yesterday. 'An investigation was started of three judges, and Albert Cardozo, who was a State Supreme Court judge, was one of them. He resigned.' Albert Cardozo was the brother of Michael Cardozo's great-grandfather." One of Albert Cardozo's sons was Benjamin N. Cardozo, the Supreme Court Justice of the 1930s. "'Benjamin never married, nor did any of his siblings, so among the other cousins, I am the closest living relative,' Michael Cardozo said." (Chronicle. By Nadine Brozan. New York Times, May 24, 1996.) "The chief agencies by which an attempt was made to "bleed" the honest members of the Company were WILLIAM M. TWEED, the Ring Attorney General, Judge CARDOZO, W.O. BARTLETT, E.R. MEADE, and GRATZ NATHAN." (Tobacco. New York Times, Sept. 10, 1872.) This Company was the Tobacco Manufacturers Association, of which anti-smoker Horace Greeley was a director. The Ring conspirators attempted to blackmail the Company into paying Greeley for stock for which he had paid nothing, with Boss Tweed filing papers to put it into the hands of a receiver.

Michael A. Cardozo graduated from Columbia Law School in 1966, was hired by Proskauer, Rose as an associate in 1967, and was made a partner in 1974. He joined the Bloomberg administration in 2001. (Cardozo in the Wings. By Katherine Towler. Columbia Law School, Spring 2002.)

Cardozo in the Wings / Columbia Law School

Michael A. Cardozo's great-great-grandfather, Abraham Hart Cardozo (d. 1897), was the brother of Tweed Ring Judge Albert Jacob Cardozo. He was born in Richmond, Virginia, in 1826. Abraham H. Cardozo's son, William Benjamin Cardozo was a senior vice president of Farmer's Loan and Trust and its successor, City Bank Farmers Trust. He was a business partner of Bernard M. Baruch. He was a brother of Michael Hart Cardozo, Michael A. Cardozo's great-grandfather (Michael H. Cardozo Dead. New York Times, July 20, 1906; Cardozo, Stern Genealogy, p. 29.) Michael H. Cardozo's son, Ernest A. Cardozo, married Emily R. Wolff, a daughter of Mrs. Julius R. Wolff. Mrs. Joseph F. Cullman was the matron of honor, and Joseph F. Cullman Jr. was an usher. (Miss Emily Wolff A Bride. New York Times, Apr. 1, 1908.) Mrs. Joseph F. Cullman Jr. was another daughter of Mrs. Frances Nathan Wolff. (Mrs. Julius R. Wolff. New York Times, Jun. 6, 1949.)

Reuters copyrighted photo of U.S. Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) Business & Law post on NYSE Euronext [found here]


[click here] for:

Is America a Police State?



Will Iran Be Attacked? Paul Craig Roberts 1/2

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Feb 9, 2012

Aaron Dykes talks with economist, columnist, blogger and former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration, Paul Craig Roberts, about the faltering economy, the impending attack on Iran, and other topics.

Paul Craig Roberts

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Washington has made tremendous preparations for a military assault on Iran. There is speculation that Washington has called off its two longest running wars--Iraq and Afghanistan--in order to deploy forces against Iran. Two of Washington's fleets have been assigned to the Persian Gulf along with NATO warships. Missiles have been spread amongst Washington's Oil Emirate and Middle Eastern puppet states. US troops have been deployed in Israel and Kuwait.

Washington has presented Israel a gift from the hard-pressed american taxpayers of an expensive missile defense system, money spent for Israel when millions of unassisted americans have lost their homes. As no one expects Iran to attack Israel, except in retaliation for an Israeli attack on Iran, the purpose of the missile defense system is to protect Israel from an Iranian response to Israeli aggression against Iran.

Juan Cole has posted on his blog a map showing 44 US military bases surrounding Iran.

In addition to the massive military preparations, there is the propaganda war against Iran that has been ongoing since 1979 when Washington's puppet, the Shah of Iran, was overthrown by the Iranian revolution. Iran is surrounded, but Washington and Israeli propaganda portray Iran as a threatening aggressor nation. In fact, the aggressors are the Washington and Tel Aviv governments which constantly threaten Iran with military attack.

Neocon warmongers, such as David Goldman, compare the Iranian president to Hitler and declare that only war can stop him.

Washington's top military officials have created the impression that an act of Israeli aggression against Iran is a done deal. On February 2 the Washington Post reported that Pentagon chief Leon Panetta believes that Israel is likely to attack Iran in two to four months.

Also on February 2, Gareth Porter reported that General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, informed the Israeli government that the US would not join Israel's aggression against Iran unless Washington had given prior approval for the attack.

Will Iran Be Attacked? Paul Craig Roberts 2/2

Unmanned Drones to Replace F-16 Fighters & FEMA Camps

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Feb 9, 2012

Alex takes Calls on unmanned drones and a FEMA camp location reaffirmed.

Source Exposes FEMA Training Camp in Missouri

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Feb 9, 2012

An anonymous source has sent photos to of a FEMA training camp located at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Sam will talk with Alex Jones on his nationally syndicated radio show today.

The FEMA camp whistleblower was contracted to work at the camp. He describes it as a "civilian inmate training camp" and told he has spotted foreign troops in maroon and purple uniforms instructing troops in the use of baton tactics and crowd control techniques.

He said there has been "incredible activity" at the camp since the passage of NDAA.

Prior to Obama's signing the NDAA bill into law on January 1 of this year, we reported on a push to outfit FEMA and Army camps around the United States. Documents on the effort were forwarded to us by a state government employee who wanted to remain anonymous.

In January, witnesses came forward with evidence of a FEMA rendition facility located at the airport in Los Angeles.

FEMA camps are a touchy subject for the government. In December 2010, an episode of Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory covering FEMA camps, fusion centers and the police state did not re-air on TruTV after the government put pressure on the network.

Mossad Works with Terror Group to Assassinate Iranian Scientist: Infowars Nightly News

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Feb 10, 2012

Aaron Dykes covers the latest news, including:

Reports that a large number of U.S. warplanes and transports are en route to the Persian Gulf and presumably headed for bases in Saudi Arabia where an attack on Iran will be staged.

U.S. officialdom stating that Israel's Mossad is behind the assassination campaign directed against Iran's nuclear scientist community. It is said that members of the designated terror group MEK are acting as triggermen in the assassinations.

More on the Missouri FEMA camp as told by an anonymous contract worker at the facility.

And finally, and informative run-down on ten things every American should know about the Federal Reserve and its manipulation of the U.S. economy

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stevengerickson AT yahoo Dot Com

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Target on Enemies List


The Globalists want to rape your children after they take them away. Check out [this DCF story]. Department of Children and Families in US States like Georgia, Florida, and Connecticut get federal tax dollars to officially kidnap children and to railroad small business owning, home owning, family raising taxpayers to prison. Get in the way of State Police heroin and cocaine trafficking, illegal gun confiscation, their armed revenue collecting, cash and asset confiscation scam, prostitution, White Sexual Slavery, sex with children scam, court case rigging, and furthering of the US International Corporate Bankster Police State and get toasted.

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Anonymous Anaughty Mouser said...

Taking stock of where the world is today February 11, 2012.

1) "those who say they are jews but who are not, they are the Synagogue of Satan" refers to, with 99.9% probability, to the zionists. They are a political not religous group. Some zionists, like Biden, Clinton, Bush, Rockefeller are not jewish. All jews are not zionists. Some jews condem the secular state of isreal because it should not actually exist until after the messiah has returned. The present bain of civilization is zionism.

2) Zionists control private central banks and thereby the governments in 193 of 197 countries of the world. Lead by the Rothschilds, the international usury bankers are now actively implementing a one world currency and thereby a one world government. The unfolding zionist NWO intends to have the a 1% of mankind, the zionists, as feudal lords, over the 99% of mankind, the people.

3) To achieve the zionist NWO two actions are presently coming to a climax. i) the fiat world money system is being bankrupted to be replaced by a singel world currency based on gold of which the zionists have 500 billion dollars of real gold deposited in Switzerland. The zionists will print/issue the SDRs or equivalent to lend to all governments with usury. ii) the international border system, demarcating separate sovereign countries, is being abolished by fomenting a third world war wherein the christians and muslims will drag all countries of the world into a nuclear thermal armageddon. The zionist NWO will be offered as a solution to end WWIII.

4) There are tens of thousands of individuals around the world who are afflicted by electronic harassment. Over 80% of those targetted are peace activists, anti-war, anti-zionist and/or anti-government. In other words those being irradiated or 'cooked' have taken the red pill and are discussing with other people what they see - the truth about the world we live in.


Saturday, February 11, 2012 8:40:00 AM  

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