Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm having a look like this

Monkey shocked facial expression image [stolen from here]

I have been doing research on the State of Connecticut Judiciary Committee legislators. [My cheat sheet, click here]

I have learned some pretty amazing things. A lot, I have seen with my own eyes. A man, now deceased connected some of the dots for me. [I shot this video] after learning some interesting things about the unseen world in Hartford, Connecticut. I shot that video in August of 2007.

There is a school in the shape of a cross with the Vatican Coat of Arms hidden behind bushes. It is a public school, but there is some crazy stuff going on there, pre-9/11. A special school that teaches the Chinese language in downtown Connecticut!!!???

Teachers and staff are terrorized into not publicly talking about what is really going on. In the leak to the cheat sheet, the bios to all the legislators don't raise suspicion separately, but together there is some really scary shit.

There are those into Free Mason rituals, the Knights of Columbus, a special Scottish Order maybe the Orange Men, alleged Jewish, Italian, and Irish Mafia families, Federal and State judicial and government spider webs, and lawyers rigging the system. I have been to hearings, talked to people, and am starting to understand how everything works. "The Davinci Code" and "National Treasure" movies elude to some of what might actually exist. Except, the truth might be too strange to ever be part of any screenplay, let alone any actual movie being produced about the truth.

There is a major conflict of interest. Foxes are the ones in charge of hen houses.

People get murdered.

Torture and rendition of Americans is now legal in America.

These people said so, and made it so.

If the [video at the bottom of this post] is watched, the entire hour and 50 minutes of public testimony of those who decided to look the devils in their faces and tell them what they are doing wrong, is an indictment of the whole US "Justice System".

I know people who would have just volunteered to put the information into Excel spread sheets, and not charged me. I needed to re-learn a valuable research skill. But what dots I have connected are making me sick to my stomach.

-stevengerickson At yahoo Dot Com

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