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When Moral Outrage turns to Action

One man stands up against foreign occupation, a corrupt court system, and demands government act as advertised. Let's see to it that this true patriot isn't hung for his moral outrage turned to action.

The Stamford Advocate photo above, has a story with it [here]. Michael Nowacki whacks a bee hive with a stick in Connecticut. Just one sting from one of the bees means serious physical trauma, being murdered, or being locked up in prison or mental hospital in Connecticut for life.

He is exposing fraudulent accounting practices in the Catholic Church, a possible major bribery scandal which could tarnish the new Connecticut Governor's reputation, how UBS might be running town halls, the police, and the courts.

Why would in divorce cases in Connecticut, the litigants aren't required to disclose foreign bank accounts and investments because USB has exerted control on lawyers running the legislature, judges, the Connecticut State, city, and town governments, and the policing of the state? Is USB making government an organized crime racket?

Mr. Nowacki is a former CBS executive. He could tell us stuff about the 2000 US Presidential election and why there was such a mess in Florida. One voting/polling firm who gave "pool" information to all the networks is probably key people who are mostly responsible for the whole mess. The mainstream media doesn't out their own. Mike is gagged from disclosing the truth about that. He hints at quite a bit during the longer version of the below video.

Mike is facing at least 5 years in prison next court date in March for inadvertently sending an email to the wrong recipient, his ex-wife. Taking his associate, Francis C. P. Knize, with him to see US Homeland Security about his plight, probably kept him out of life in a mental hospital. This is the first known instance that this author has something positive to say about DHS Department of Homeland Security. America would not be in the financial, judicial, and legislative chaos, America has become, if there were more Mikes in America. I am glad there is at least one American like him. A longer version of the below interview, and a link to Mike Nowack's [click here].

Does Foreign Bank run Government, Courts, and Police?

Text with video:
This is Michael Nowacki

Swiss Bank UBS, the Catholic Church in Connecticut, Corrupt Judges and Politicians
may think Mike is very dangerous person, being allowed to speak.

Judges want him silenced, in prison, in a mental hospital,
and probably wish he suffers a horrific death.

Is UBS, a foreign bank, calling the shots in US town
governments, in the courts, and do police break laws for UBS?

Were two of the Connecticut Governor’s top legal aids bribed
in the hundreds of thousands of dollars by the Catholic Church and others?

Please check out longer version of the interview for answers.

Check in text with video.

Mike is a former CBS executive. He knows stories, yet
untold, about the US 2000 election debacle.

Interview conducted by Steven G. Erickson

Should US Government and Courts be for the people, or
against the people?

Should the Catholic Church, foreign banks, and corporations
put citizens on US secret police target lists?

“Our” elected officials push the NDAA, SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA

Jail should be for corrupt judges, politicians, police
officers, and their criminal banking and corporate friends.

We need more Mikes. Feb. 1, 2012

Mike exposes what is wrong with the US, the courts, and
unrepresentative government

Check link with video

Stamford, Darien, New Canaan, Wilton, Hartford, Greenwich, Connecticut, State, Police, scandal, brutality, retaliation, high school, gag order, prison, arrest

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Feb. 17, 2012, Hartford Connecticut Legislative Office Building LOB Judiciary Committee Public Hearing. Mike Nowacki lets alleged lying lawyer legislators have it:

Text with video:
Michael Nowacki of New Canaan Connecticut might just be fighting for his life. If you complain about judges, or the courts, in the US, you can end up arrested and in prison. Others commit suicide under mysterious circumstances. Nowacki would have ended up in a mental hospital had it not been for an influential documentary producer who accompanied him to a Homeland Security meeting. The UK, Australia, Canada, and most of Europe also have a similarly abusive system.

[post on Michael Nowacki with link to his website]

Laws are made by legislators who are mostly lawyers. They make money in the courts and they make laws (legislation) to keep people in the court system as long as possible so lawyers make more money. The more unfair the system is, the more money lawyers make.

Look at the [legislators bios], they are Free Masons, have affiliations to other lawyers and they swear an oath to each other that takes precedence over the US Constitution. International corporations and banks run the courts, police, and governments. Prisons are being privatized as corporations are bribing politicians to put more people in prison and to guarantee prison populations will be kept at certain levels. We pay taxes to be slaves and prisoners. We pay to have our families broken up and to have our homes and property seized. [Is this okay with you]?

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Police supporting drug dealers, prostitutes, crimi...

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