Saturday, March 10, 2012

Black Bagged and Tagged, Rendition, Kidnapping, Torture by Mail Delivery?

Mail truck image [found here]

I was told by a former Homeland Security Officer and Police Officer about possible plans for transporting "prisoners". Check out the air vent at back of trucks. Is that for live cargo. Citizens can be black bagged and tagged and mailed to torture or rendition centers. They can be murdered and then mailed. I thought it crazy when I heard the officer tell me this. Other things he talked about are coming true.

The former Homeland Security Officer and Coast Guard Reserve Officer told me that military would start patrolling streets in pickup trucks, most likely quad cabs and not necessarily four wheel drive. Prisoners can be put in the backs seats, or even in bags in the back if a cap is on the pickup.

The actual "police" on the streets may have just doubled or tripled with passage on the NDAA. Expect TSA and/or DHS, Department of Homeland Security to start setting up checkpoints all over out on American roads. You can be groped, sent through scanners beamed with radiation, and you can be secretly detained, no hearing, no reason given, and off you go.

Did you ever expect to see unmanned drones flying in the US with the excuse given, "traffic control"?

How far to they have to go before you say "When"?

Would you like to know where your state's local Department of Homeland Security Fusion Center is located?:



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