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Eliot "I have sex with hookers" Spitzer

[Photo of Eliot Spitzer and Silda Wall by Jake Chessum at Capsule Studio, New York, reprinted by permission from 02138, "the lifestyle magazine for Harvard influentials."]

Eliot Spitzer was a New York Attorney General and New York Governor. As NY Atty General Spitzer went after pimps and hookers. High priced call girl services were targets he liked to go after. Many of his victims paid huge fines and did jail time. Spitzer is a hypocrite if he paid $6500 just to get laid hiring the alleged prostitute below. The mainstream media, owned and spewing propaganda for international corporate owners and bankers, hired Spitzer to be on CNN. I guess sleazebags hire sleazebags. Crime does pay if you are part of the less than 1% elite. Did the video, [scroll down in this post], being brought to the attention of the FBI, ultimately get Spitzer to resign as New York Governor? Why didn't Spitzer get jail time when so many got so much time for such little violations in comparison? Violation of public trust is even more of a crime.

Text with photo:
"MARCH 12--Meet 'Kristen,' the high-priced hooker who trysted with Eliot 'Client-9' Spitzer last month at that Washington, D.C. hotel. The 22-year-old prostitute's real name is Ashley Alexandra Dupre (though she was born Ashley Youmans), according to a New York Times report ..." [more from source]

Former State of Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland was allegedly having an affair with the former head of DCF, Department of Children and Families, Kristine Regaglia. Kristine was alleged to have gone into Rowland's Governor's office to bend over in front of his desk not wearing underwear. At least that is a rumor probably first circulated by staffers. The possible sex is not my issue. Their getting bribes from organized crime to make "Kiddie Max Prisons for Kids" a national franchise is the real scandal. Organized crime syndicates build these facilities, run, and supply them. Judges and politicians like Rowland get bribes, kickbacks, freebies, insider trader information, and/or favors. After being caught, and getting a year in prison, Rowland was rewarded with a 100k tax dollar paid job in Waterbury, Connecticut. He gets speaking fees in the 6 figure range. Speaking fees are probably just bribes after the fact for keeping his mouth shut.

Children in state "care" are more likely to be assaulted, sexually assaulted, and traumatized than in what are considered abusive homes. Children in state care are more likely to end up being used by organized crime or their associates in law enforcement to be hookers or to deal drugs for organized crime and police officers. Children who grow up in state care are also sometimes part of street gangs that are run by police.


I talked with a woman who was married into the Greenwich, Connecticut, elitist and organized crime central. She wanted custody of her sons after divorce. Her husband was rich and connected, so he allegedly had some of his Stamford, Connecticut, cop buddies gang rape her, after drugging her, and made a videotape of the rape to further torment her. The officers were allegedly involved in helping drug lords traffic in cocaine and heroin. Norwalk police were allegedly involved in some sort of child porn ring AND narcotics trafficking. An officer who was to allegedly testify against other officers was said to have held an AK-47 out by the barrel to commit suicide according to a police report. How do you commit suicide in that awkward position if you can even reach the trigger?

[click here] for post below and a little about the Norwalk police officer mentioned above:

Are Cops entitled to take anyone's daughter, girlfriend, or wife?



I was to work with a New York City area actress on projects. I got to know her. She is a student still in her 20's. She told me that she would be sent from the North Carolina area to be sent to West Virginia to be with her grandfather, summers, to further her religious education. She told me from about age four, her grandfather and 5 or 6 other men at a time would have sex with her and force oral and anal copulation. She was quite promiscuous and into S & M, bondage, and receiving pain. She is also troubled and and traumatized. I have heard many rumors, and have been told by rape victims, that heads of certain churches have sex with young boys and girls. The secret binds groups together. The head of the organization can do whatever he pleases. Sex can be power. The story of the West Virginia rapes only furthers my suspicion that this problem is widespread.

I had networked with New York City actors and actresses to try and get an independent movie project off the ground. A police officer, who is now deceased, told me real crime stories about organized crime drug dealers, State Police, FBI, and how they connect to judges, lawyers, the courts, and to policing. The story I wrote is fiction, but based on those stories, with a modern twist exposing the police state. I didn't get the funding to shoot that production. I will if I can the funding from somewhere. The main character's face is blurred, his voice is altered, it is made to look like surveillance footage that has been redacted to protect the guilty. The police state captain is head of a cell to locate the gold, fine cars, property, and good looking women in an area he is in charge of when Martial Law is declared. He decides who lives and dies. He decides what type of payments he is to receive from the living, and from officers and others who are forced to do his bidding, that is what I wrote and want to produce.


I know a woman in the psychology field. I talk to her about her marital problems and her children. She helps other people with their problems, all day. She sometimes just wants to be heard, other times she has asked for advice. She talks about a grandfather who was inappropriate, and I assume, sexually assaulted her over years, when she was young. She told me that a Rhode Island Police Officer pulled her over as a teen force her to perform oral sex on him, and swallow, and she was told she would be killed if she didn't keep quiet about it. A Massachusetts State Trooper was alleged to have done this, over, and over, and over, and victims started to speak out, to show he officer was a serial rapist.


Young girls talked to me about police officers in the Stafford Springs, Connecticut, area and their having to have sex with police officers. They talked about having to inform on others not to be violated on probation or for other favors. Others claim officers gave them drugs and/or alcohol in exchange for sex.

I could not get police officers to do anything with prostitutes who just moved into the apartment houses I owned by just getting in, changing the locks, and expecting me to pay the rent. I did not want prostitutes and drug dealers on my property, but police did. I was paying thousands of dollars for prostitutes a month, and I wasn't paying for the sex for me, but assume I was paying for sex so police officers and operators of the court to get free sex at my expense. I figure police officers were getting laid and getting oral sex, and I figure Rockville prosecutor Keith Courier got oral sex from at least one of the prostitutes, because Lana Thompson told me she gave oral sex to that prosecutor and he told me by phone that if I evicted Lana Thompson that I would get arrested and go to prison. I wasn't suspected of anything and hadn't been arrested. So, if Courier, got one blow job, it could cost me over a million dollars I would not have made over my lifetime and loss of about a half million in real estate I then owned. Courier refused to give me AR, Accelerated Rehabilitation a program I was entitled to for my having resisted being mugged on my property ending the beating I was taking having used pepper spray. I got a year in prison for
this "offense".

You suffer, as I am not now contributing by consuming goods, going out to eat, traveling, buying new cars, giving and receiving greeting and birthday cards with family, etc. Your tax dollars pay to take taxpayers offline. That makes economic sense, right?


Department of Homeland Security, DHS, and the TSA can sexually assault and molest young children, or just about anyone when they are on their 24/7 7 day a week power trip. The excuse for them to sexually molest, violate, and terrorize children is that these harmless kids might be carrying weapons, really!!!???

Would you want Eliot Spitzer putting his fingers inside your young daughter or a young relative or neighbor of yours?

Allowing the existence of Homeland Security Fusion Centers, [click here for information and location of the center in your state], the NDAA, and pushes for internet censorship like ACTA, SOPA, and PIPA, you are also giving police, police informants, and spy goons keys to your home, codes to your bank accounts, retirement, keys to your car, access to all of your calls and emails, and access to rape your daughter, wife, and/or mother at their leisure.

I talked with a model in the former USSR about the years before the wall fell. An attractive women who went to report a rape was then gang raped at the police station by police for reporting the rape. Some of the same signs of the fall of the Soviet Union are showing up here in America.

Do you America to sell its soul to scumbags like Eliot Spitzer? Well, if not, vote for Ron Paul, and vote out all incumbents. If at all possible represent yourself, don't hire a lying lawyer scumbag for anything. Try to do away with Satan's black robed minions, judges, we should have grand juries made up of citizens who sit in judgment instead.

I do feel that the internet as we know it will soon be dead. When Connecticut US Senator Joe Lieberman says something is going to happen, or should happen, it usually does. That includes internet censorship, maybe the internet going down for those who report stories independently, and big mouths like me to be whisked off, confined, tortured, and then murdered. No hearing will be necessary. No records will need to be kept. Will Israel nuke the US in the next 9/11 type false flag? A commenter suggests that [here].

Fight back, or bend over.

stevengerickson AT

Stafford Springs, Connecticut, Officer "Fat Frank" Prochaska told me I didn't deserve my wife, slammed me against the siding of my house, telling me that he was going to arrest me for the offense of being bounced off my house, "Assaulting a Police Officer". Lucky for me, there were witnesses that time. I was told that I wasn't allowed to talk to elected officials and if I spoke at the Crime Watch in Stafford that I co-founded, I would be arrested. Fat Frank also told me I was kicked out of Connecticut.

The police harassment and the police informant activities to harass my wife and I didn't help our marriage, we divorced, and were completely happy before moving south to Connecticut.

A police informant Barbara Sattal told me she was going to be paid $10,000 for setting me up for a police beating and to be railroaded to prison for 5 to 15 years for being beaten up by Connecticut State Police.

She confessed because she wanted to leave her husband for me. I didn't know she was married. I broke up with her. She told me that I wasn't allowed to date as State Police were going to enforce a "No Dating Policy" on me, and that if I didn't date her I would be arrested, lose my rental properties/home, contracting business build over 20 years, lose my daughter, and be permanently estranged from her, be sent to prison, and then kicked out of Connecticut upon my release from prison. I refused, and that all happened. I'm pissed. The video clip, below, is a fictional demonstration of how cops get involved in your personal relationships.

A woman I was dating, said she was sexually assaulted twice on her way home from being with me, by a Connecticut State Police Trooper. The police officer threatened her with arrest if she continued dating me, and with her losing her house and businesses. I never saw her again. She told me that the officer scolded her not wearing condoms with me and his getting my cum on his fingers after he stuck them in her. He pulled her over for being with me and found she wasn't wearing underwear. He followed her all the way home and pulled her over near her home. She had two beauty salons in the Avon/Canton area and didn't want to lose everything just to date me. She also was afraid of being sexually assaulted and/or raped by police.

Cops infiltrating your sexual relationships?

Text with video:
In the US, probably the UK, and probably in most of the world cops think they own single, married, even children for their sexual purposes. Anyone's business, home, children, spouse, family, job, and sum total of one's life can be stolen at anytime by police. [Post to go with video]

Elected officials like former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer can have sex with hookers, and pay $6500 to get laid, while being paid tax dollars. While being paid tax dollars Spitzer saw to it that call girls and their agents got arrested, the highest fines, and usually prison. Spitzer is a patron and ends up getting the big money as a host on CNN. Crime does pay for the less than 1% Elite.

With the passage of the Patriot Act, the NDAA, and pushes for internet censorship like ACTA, SOPA, and PIPA, police, elected officials, riggers of courts, international organized crime, heroin and cocaine traffickers affiliated with the CIA and DEA, and the international corporate owners and banksters can now do as these please. Robbery, rape, assault, kidnapping, indefinite detention, torture, murder, genocide, crimes against humanity is all now legal for the 1% elite and their minions because they say so.

[The Judicial Abuse blog] [My service to the abused]

* * * *

Cops, officials, and international organized crime likes you to post your pictures and information on facebook. Having your friends and family linked to you makes nefarious activities that much easier. If police, their informants, the government or other goons want to harass you, or your friends, they have a perfect tool. It is great for spying on you. You can be set up for prison, even if you are doing nothing illegal. Cops, and others, who want to target little girls, little boys, or you for sexual submission, for you to be raped, made into a prostitute for police, or sold into White Sexual Slavery, Facebook is a great tool. If you are being set up for your property, small business, the classic car, or whatever you have that someone "more important" wants, Facebook is great. If you love the Police State, embrace Facebook. I found the below on, I can't verify the intentions of that poster.


[click here] for:

I was an Enemy Combatant, Pre-9/11


[click here for Steven G. Erickson video uploads]



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