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"Fast and Furious" ATF Cop Murders Cover-up?

16 year old Joe Kane dead at the scene. Note the missing license plate on the vehicle.

There are many unanswered questions regarding the murders of Arkansas cops. The Sovereign Citizens movement might be set up to make them look like domestic terrorists, possibly at the same time the greatest efforts were going on to cover up the ATF illegal operation where guns were supplied to to Mexican Drug Gangs for the US Government to attack citizens' rights to own legal guns, the 2nd Amendment. So were operatives out murdering cops to blame a citizens' rights group? Were two suspects murdered so they could not prove their innocence? Did police steal the license plate off the suspect vehicle and manufacture video evidence? Mainstream media won't honestly cover this story.

[Click here] to see how ABC News Nightline skews a story. Is the US Government about this same type of lying? Are international corporate owners and bankers the ones really in charge of the US Government, courts, police, and US Military? Are Sovereign Citizens calling out the US Government? Do Sovereign citizens really obey US laws, just not the made up laws of bankers and international corporation owners?

Bob Hurt does a great job of telling the story in this video, recorded today:


The below story, cut and pasted [from here]

ArkansasLink Cop Murders: Frame-up of the Patriot Movement?

Kurt Nimmo
May 21, 2010

On Thursday, two police officers were fatally shot and two wounded. “Two police officers in West Memphis, Ark., were killed at a traffic stop. The two suspects later died in a shootout with law enforcement in a Walmart parking lot. The Crittenden County sheriff and his top deputy were wounded,” USA Today reported yesterday afternoon. “The suspects, who have not been identified, were killed about an hour later after being spotted at the Walmart Superstore in West Memphis, across the Mississippi River from Memphis, Tenn.”

On the surface, the story seems like yet another instance of meaningless violence that resulted in the murder of cops and armed suspects.

However, there is something fishy about the story most of the corporate media is not reporting.

“The white Dodge Caravan van used by the two suspects is registered to the House Of God’s Prayer in New Vienna in Clinton County,” WLWT5 in Cincinnati, Ohio, reports today. “Residents said the people who used the church said they were associated with the Aryan Nations and left about 10 years ago.”

The white minivan, according to additional information received by, had a ministry license plate. In the photo above, the vehicle’s license plate is missing.

MyFox Memphis identifies the two dead suspects as Jerry Kane and his 16-year old son Joseph Kane.

“Jerry Kane and his beautiful son Joe (age 16) were shot to death during an alleged traffic stop by law enforcement on Thursday, May 20th, 2010,” a post on the My Private Audio website states. “Jerry, Joe and their two dogs, while on their way back to their home in Florida have been made out to be everything from drug smugglers to hispanics, which we all know is typical of the media spinners. The police said it was a traffic stop. But their van had more bullet holes in it than Bonnie and Clyde’s.”

2 W. Memphis Officers Slain; 2 Suspects Dead

Text with video:

Uploaded by on May 20, 2010

Two West Memphis police officers were shot and killed Thursday during a traffic stop along an interstate highway. The local sheriff and his chief deputy were wounded in a later shootout that left a pair of suspects. (May 20)

The My Private Audio website features news items and videos covering RFID chips, H1N1 vaccines, and the CFR in addition to handbooks and manuals from the Department of Justice. The site offers TalkShow podcasts by the law activist Tim Turner who advocates The Restore America Plan.

The Restore America Plan came to national attention in April when state governors across the country received letters from a group called Guardians of the Free Republics. According to the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, the letters stated that if governors did not leave office within three days they would be removed.

In response, Homeland Security and the FBI issued a joint advisory cautioning state and local officials that the group “could inspire or provoke violence from others,” given that “they advocate for their views through the use, support, or facilitation of violence or illegal conduct,” according to CBS News.

In fact, the Guardians of the Free Republics group has consistently advocated non-violence and a philosophy based on the teachings of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mohandas Gandhi.

The site also offers a video class on mortgage foreclosure by the suspect Jerry Kane. Kane and his son “educated the people about the Mortgage Fraud and how to fight to keep their homes,” explains the above linked memorial.

WLWT5 report on van registered to Aryan Nations. [video embedded in original post, click here]

It is significant that the WLWT news story links the white minivan allegedly used by Kane and his son to the Aryan Nations.

As the case of the professional provocateur Hal Turner reveals, the FBI specializes in creating white supremacists and using them to discredit the patriot movement.

“For at least five years, and probably more, Turner was a paid informant and provocateur in the employ of the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism, the Federal Government. His assignment was to bait easily influenced people with incendiary rhetoric about race and other resentments, and reel in anyone who bit a little too lustily on the bait. The Bureau credits Turner with personally bringing more than 100 “extremists” to their attention, many of whom (the Bureau won’t specify how many) were arrested,” writes William Norman Grigg.

In addition to the FBI, the Southern Poverty Law Center has been linked to white supremacist groups. In December of 2003, the McCurtain Daily Gazette obtained an unclassified copy of a memorandum marked From the Director of the FBI containing an acknowledgment that the SPLC was engaged in an undercover role at the white supremacist compound at Elohim City linked to the OKC bombing and Timothy McVeigh. Elohim City was crawling with government operatives, including the known German intelligence asset Andreas Carl Strassmeier.

In the 1970s, the Church Committee and internal FBI documents revealed that more than one quarter of all active Klan members during the 1960s were FBI agents or informants.

The Aryan Nations angle reported by WLWT in Cincinnati fits the FBI’s modus operandi. It also dovetails with the ongoing corporate media campaign designed to portray and discredit the patriot movement as racist, an especially urgent agenda now that Tea Party activists are turning establishment politicos out of office.

It appears Kane and his son were involved in the growing anti-foreclosure movement and at least peripherally associated with the states’ right and sovereignty movement. From the circumstantial evidence now coming in it looks like the government — on the heels of its failure to definitively set-up the Hutaree — are attempting to frame Kane and his son as violent white supremacists. Dead men, of course, cannot make their case in court.

The DHS report on “rightwing extremism” and the MIAC report attempt to establish a link between white supremacists and the constitutional and patriot movements.

So far the details emerging fit a well-established government pattern.

Does it make sense that an expert in foreclosure would engage in a shoot-out with police, especially with his teenage son and the family dogs in the vehicle? Do white supremacists usually conduct seminars in mortgages and foreclosure?

Something is rotten in Denmark and Arkansas.


It appears Jerry Kane was opposed to Border Patrol checkpoints. The My Private Audio website contains an audio recording where he talks about New Mexico police arresting him at a “Nazi checkpoint where they were demanding papers or jail.”

* * * *

Bob Hurt, Exposing Judicial & IRS Criminality?

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Feb 3, 2012

More info:

Bob Hurt may have uncovered some pretty important legal stuff. He is Clearwater, Florida, and what he has found out might apply to all, most, or some other US states. The IRS is an organized crime scam according to Bob and he says why in below video. Francis C. P. Knize is the cameraman and interviewer in below video and was shot during his recent drive down to Florida from Connecticut.

Jeb Bush, the former Florida Governor, may have not legally drawn pay as Governor for not having completed the proper oaths, and procedures, to draw pay as a public employee. If he was not legally illegible to be governor, while governor, are his decisions, signings, and plans as Governor now invalid? Are all elections held in Florida, including the 2000 US Presidential debacle, George W. Bush vs. Al Gore, invalid? Is every court case invalid in Florida, prior to 2007, and should all the criminals in prisons convicted in bogus criminal court cases, have verdicts eliminated because the court cases were illegally presided upon by judges who were not qualified to be judges?

Are all civil cases held in Florida, and possibly in other states invalid if judges were not qualified to be judges in the cases they have presided over? In Connecticut all cases from about 1980 were in violation of Federal ADA laws until somewhat recently. Should the Police Brutality, Public Corruption, and Judicial Misconduct State of Connecticut have to eliminate all decisions, and convictions from about 1980 to somewhat recently? Should state government, police, and the courts be an organized crime, drug trafficking, pimping, and citizen abusing banking and international corporate criminal cartel?

Bob Hurt of Tampa Florida's blog:

* * * *

stevengerickson AT


Lawyers can be paid thousands, tens of thousands, and maybe 100's of thousands and they still might sell you out or just plain rip you off. Telling your story, embarrassing the abusers ... priceless.


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Alex Jones reports out of Brattleboro, Vermont?

Text with video:
Alex Jones is putting out the word for the need for independent reporters. He has a contest. Thousands can be won. This video is not an official entry. Youtube could go down at anytime. Blogger blogs which is also google who I call "Gobble". So, I love you, liveleak.

There has to be alternative independent media. and other sources are key. Even if we have to make our own printing presses, let's get the word out on the street. F U international corporations and banks. You have stolen enough and taken enough blood. It is now payback time.

Alex Jones video clip, from this video clip, [full version]

Steven G. Erickson [typical post]



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