Friday, March 16, 2012

"Fuck You Congress & US Troops can't be trusted with guns"?

Leon E Panetta, head of the Pentagon, Scumbag, image [found here]

I listen to Alex Jones, more than often. I hear claims that US Troops are being experimented on to see what drugs will make them kill more and then not remember war crimes. If so, I can understand why Leon "Scumbag" Panetta would not trust US Troops with guns, and [worry about being shot by US Troops]. If the troops are for the USA vs. Panetta and Obama who are for the UN and international organized crime scumbag corporations and banks, I can understand Panetta's concerns.

Why should Obama and Panetta attack countries that have oil and natural resources and then make US taxpayers pay for it? Why should Obama and Panetta swear allegiance to the UN and international bankers while giving Americans in America the middle finger?

Go Fuck Yourself Leon E. Panetta.

Go Fuck Yourself, Traitor, Scumbag, Piece of Shit, Barack Obama. Americans who really know who you are should piss on you as I did scumbag Connecticut US Senator Joe Lieberman's face picture. [video]

Eat shit.

We the people are sick of being lied to, ripped off, shit on, groped, raped, tortured, confined without hearings, murdered, and made to fight wars to make bankers and owners of international corporations rich.

Fuck you, any scumbags who support these organized criminals.

You are either for us, or you are against us.

If you want to know why I post this, check the side panel for all my posts. I'm not quiet about my opinions.

Or, here's my mugshot:

stevengerickson At

I worked hard, bought a house, was married, and have a daughter. A fat, no personality Stafford Springs, Connecticut, police officer, "Fat Frank" Prochaska, a cop with no perceivable personality, bounced me off my house threatened to arrest me saying that I didn't deserve my wife. Fat Frank lived with his mother and didn't travel to Europe and meet my wife, I did. Is this how an American, in America, should be treated?

I went to prison thinking the American Dream was real. Police listened to my calls, read my emails, and paid informants to set me up for prison.

It is all lies. The current liars are Obama and Panetta. Please wake up if you are reading this. You know what needs to be done.

Cops wanted prostitution, heroin and cocaine being sold, paid scumbag informants to commit crimes, and lied to take houses, break up families, and put mostly self-employed, small business owners, and the outspoken in prison.

This doesn't help the economy.

Tax dollars are used to ruin, harass, and terrorize taxpayers. How intelligent is that? In the Big Picture, it will take prosecuting Obama and Panetta to fix the "Sewage runs down, System".

Work hard, pay taxes, buy a house, raise a family, get fucked over. Let's change that.

Fuck you Obama. Fuck you Panetta. I hope you rot in hell after suffering the punishments for being the treasonous, scumbag, bastard, pieces of shit who you are.


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Globalists will eat us or keep us as pets


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America, the typical?:

Police Scamming Property furthering Prostitution, Arresting Honest Citizens

Text with video:
Police are responsible for policing themselves in the US, mostly. They get perks from offshore corporations, banks, and since they are already turned by organized crime they further the aims of pimps for prostitution, can act as look outs during robberies, rape women with immunity, beat people up, have police informants kill citizens who complain about police brutality and misconduct especially in the State of Connecticut, but also in Florida and many other states. [click here] for the full interview, more information, and links.

Rental properties, hotels, and motels, and be scammed away from their rightful owners by organized crime police, kangaroo courts, and elected officials who are bribed by all the outside criminals, organized crime, drug cartels, their banker friends, and the offshore corporate owners who want to enslave, abuse, rip us all off, and confine, torture, or kill us if we get in the way.

Francis C. P. Knize interviews Bob Bertrand, a well known judicial reform advocate. Video clip edited and uploaded by Steven G. Erickson. [The mission]

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Those who are successful raising money to cover independent news, shoot documentaries, and independent film?

Interesting coverage of the Syrian situation:

"Pirate My Film" funds for film:

I would go to Syria, Iran, or where news is happening if I had the funds. I am sick of mainstream media lies. I want to help gather the news, no slant.



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