Saturday, March 17, 2012

I believe almost zero of this LA Times Report

What type of lies were told by the former USSR Government and their media? Well, the CIA would kidnap, disappear, assassinate, torture, kill and do other clandestine deeds for the United Fruit Company in South America in the 1950's. Have land or a food processing plant in South America, and the CIA would make sure you lost it to their international corporate and banker masters. These criminals have America under armed occupation. They deal heroin and cocaine. They are for Big Pharma and Big Oil. Their corporate/bankster owned media puts out crap like this:

The above photo, and what is cut and pasted below is from [this LA Times source].

Bin Laden plotted to assassinate Obama, Petraeus, documents show

Osama bin Laden in his final days schemed over an effort to kill President Obama as well as other top U.S. officials, documents recovered from his compound show.

A senior administration official confirmed the existence of a Bin Laden proposal to assassinate Obama and Gen. David Petraeus, first reported Friday morning by Washington Post columnist David Ignatius. The administration official said the documents show that Bin Laden spent much of his time brooding and offering guidance that went unheeded and that he was extremely concerned with improving Al Qaeda’s public image, going so far as to consider changing the group’s name.

Senior leaders of Al Qaeda believed the group’s image had been seriously damaged because of its attacks against other Muslims, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter.

Bin Laden’s suggestions were not advanced enough to be considered a serious plot, the official said.

A cache of personal letters shows a “brooding, frustrated and isolated Bin Laden,” the official said. The Al Qaeda leader seemed disconnected from other members of the group and from their operations.

The documents include correspondence between Bin Laden and key lieutenants, including one letter in which he proposed changing the name of Al Qaeda “because of the group’s declining public image,” the official said.

In the months since the operation that killed Bin Laden last May, government analysts have been poring over letters, documents, video and other items taken from the compound.

Officials are preparing to declassify the material and make some of it public, according to the official, who declined to release the documents or make them available for inspection.

Ignatius said in his column that a senior administration official showed him the documents, in which Bin Laden said that “Obama is the head of infidelity” and that killing him would throw the U.S. into crisis because Vice President Joe Biden was “totally unprepared” to take over the presidency. Bin Laden hoped to target the president’s plane, Ignatius said, something that U.S. officials do not believe Al Qaeda has the ability to do.

Bin Laden plotted to assassinate Obama, Petraeus, documents show

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I, Steven G. Erickson, would like to work with people who put out work [like this].

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I cut and pasted the below from the Kenny's Sideshow blog:

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