Wednesday, March 14, 2012

International Lying Corporate/Banker/CIA Owned Whore

We the people should not just have to choose between two international corporate whore scumbags. Mittens Romney says corporations are people. If these lying sacks of shit are our only choices we are really in trouble. Let's impeach and remove Obama so there is room for a real choice offering by the Democrats.

Let's ask for the removal of Leon Panetta. If Panetta believes that Congress is merely ceremonial, he needs to be removed. International corporate scumbags should not be able to war on us at will and then make us pay for it as debt slaves. If Obama thinks he can wage war at his corporate masters' will, he needs to be removed and prosecuted. If Obama has ordered the killing and torture of Americans, he needs to be prosecuted for that too. Obama knowingly lied and now laughs in our faces. Is that okay with you?

I would like my Vermont US Senators Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy to consider the above. I would like all elected officials to consider the above. Are you with us, or against us? The current international corporate and banking owners of our bodies and all US citizens' property are against us, not for us. It is time to repossess what is ours from the corporations and banks. Let's treat them like the enemies that they are.

We the people demand representation for our taxation. This is something we aren't currently getting. We need to fix this problem right now.

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