Sunday, March 25, 2012

Is Blogging for Chumps?

"Lumpy" from the "Leave it to Beaver" series, image originally [found here]

Many from my generation who actually saw re-runs of "Leave it to Beaver" on the 3, or so, network stations caught by "rabbit ear" antennas on our console televisions sets, might know what I mean when I say, "Ward, you've been really HARD on the BEAVER."

I really don't know if I want to continue to do this ... you, know, the blogging thing. I might want to move on. I would say so, here if I do. If I don't, assume some Connecticut State Police Officers, probably now US Department of Homeland Security, make good on their threat to kick in my teeth, throw me in the trunk of their car, and take me for my last ride in handcuffs. I will apologize here for having a wife that a fat, no personality Stafford Springs, Connecticut, Police Officer who lived with his mother should have instead of me, and because he had an unused hard on, except for his hand, I needed to lose my family, my property, the sum total of my life's work for you to use your tax dollars to house me in prison based on lies started by "Dumb-Ass Fat Boy", because I am really BAD, I believed there was truth, justice, and liberty in the United States of America.

Nothing is Free. You have to fight, and continue to fight, or you get bent over. I didn't get bent over, not yet, I'll die first. The less than 1%, if they win, will have to do it to my corpse, as I'm not willing while I still draw a breath.

If I could grow olives outside the US, let's say in Sicily, and I wouldn't even care if I had electricity, I would do that.

I've met some interesting people. I would like to collaborate with some otherwise twisted, but still sane, people and write fiction, based on real events, and have actors and actresses portray real people in a fictional way. Real life would have to be toned down to be believed.

Maybe internet content that isn't a cheerleaders' rendition of a bent over boyscout for the betterment of corporations and banks deserves torture is a good theme. To question America is dangerous. I would like to meet this America Guy, and punch him in the face, because he is wrecking what was a nice country here in the United States. Really, should international corporations and banks be considered people with voting rights? Should the US be run offshore by the less than 1% elite?

Should Americans be stopped on any Highway, groped, run through microwave oven genital exposing radiation DHS devices? Should children be groped, fondled, poked, and terrorized and made to submit for government paid for by the parents' tax dollars?

Where is the "Opt Out" button?

My mugshot for having raised a family, paid taxes, believed in the American Dream, bought boarded up rental properties fixing them up, and building up a contracting business over 2 decades [found here].


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