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Jeffrey R. Yeaw shot by Berlin Connecticut Police?

Just got an anonymous tip that Jeff Yeaw was shot by Connecticut police in Berlin, Connecticut. I know from having talked to Jeff, years ago, looking at his paperwork, and knowing the story, he got f'd over by official Connecticut. If Jeff got shot by Connecticut police, it is not okay. If anyone knows anything, please contact me.

I don't know anything and have not confirmed anything. I don't know if the tip is bogus. (Check up date at bottom of post)

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I know that official Connecticut, and the court system in Connecticut have been looking into, and for, Jeff. I want to know more. Why should Connecticut, or anywhere in America be about how much families can be abused, and how far a state can push a person?

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Where is Jeffrey Yeaw, Now?



Added March 10, 2012, 8:50 AM EST:

What I remember about Jeff, is that he was an alleged target on the Connecticut State Police Secret Enemies Arrest on Sight List. [Example].

Jeff complained about DCF, the police, the Governor of Connecticut, and the Courts. Complaining about the Connecticut Department of Children and Families results in retaliation, possible arrests, definite family break up, and mostly like jail time.

Jeff's kids were taken away after he complained about treatment at the hands of DCF. His kids were in DCF care, crying, and asked Jeff to take them home. Jeff took them from what was supposed to be a secure facility. Just walked out with his kids. An Amber Alert was triggered for Jeff having taken his kids out of what he considered a harmful and abusive state controlled environment.

Jeff faced 30 years in prison. I had stuff up on Free Speech dot Com, was getting 5000 to 10,000 hits a day with word searches like "Connecticut State Police Brutality", "Judicial Misconduct", "complaint against DCF worker" etc. None of my content is up on Free Speech after [this video] went up. Goons for the state threatened the owner blocking my content, and taking it off, on Free Speech dot com. Tell the truth about the state, get toasted.

Then Connecticut Governor [M. Jodi Rell] made a statement about Jeff saying he was guilty tainting his case. A professional employee of taxpayers with ethics would not have made such statements. Here is a blog complaining about Richard "The Dick" Blumenthal:

Dick Blumenthal is the former Connecticut Attorney General and now sits in US Congressman Chris Dodd's US Senate Seat. Dodd took bribes from banksters to allow bankers to further screw citizens. Thanks Chris. Thanks Dick for your abuse of us too. If Dodd, Rell, Blumenthal etc weren't such criminals, average Joes like Jeff Yeaw wouldn't be so abused.

Connecticut police officers were stalking Jeff, threatening him, and trying to use others to set Jeff up. The courts would give Jeff a date to show up, and then say he would have had already had to be there. They would then be able to screw him out of a hearing, and then just charge him with failure to appear further muddying Jeff's legitimate complaints against the system. It may have been my involvement, and knowledge of the shenanigans judges and prosecutors were pulling that may have prevented Jeff from getting the usual Connecticut railroading to prison as part of the state's retaliation program.

The system is about hiring more people paid with taxpayer dollars to break up families, ruin the self-employed, closing small businesses, making people lose their homes. It is about the elite in Connecticut, organized crime, and their international corporation owner and banking friends having a feast on flesh. We pay to be abused. We pay to be slaves. We pay so psychopaths can torture, rape, rob, detain us without hearings, and murder us at their leisure.

Silence signifies acceptance.

A recent example of the abuse:

Police Facebook Gang out to steal your home?

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Mar 7, 2012

More info:


Are Connecticut State Police, Troop K, Colchester, running gangs? Are they using facebook to network to steal houses? Are citizens who are whistle blowers or who make police brutality or misconduct complaints targets for arrest, property loss, job loss, and to be railroaded to prison?

There are allegations of Connecticut State Police Brutality and/or misconduct involving Connecticut State Police K Troopers Dowd and Southworth.

Are lawyers in the legislature legislating for lawyers to make more money. Are courts in the state of Connecticut rigged? Are states all over the US as bad as Connecticut?

Did a 21 year old kid get a house where a couple had to pay $50,000 to sell it? Did a taxpaying couple have to leave the state of Connecticut to avoid retaliatory arrests and prison? Do they still face prison for having been stolen from? Are international criminal police breaking up families, stealing property, and putting their victims in the court system and prison?

Brigitte and Craig Jurczyk are going through hell for owning a house, having a family, and having made a Connecticut State Police misconduct complaint.

Video uploaded, and narrated by Steven G. Erickson. My mugshot and entry onto the Secret Connecticut State Police Enemies Arrest on Sight List:

* * * *
* * * *

Update 9:54 AM:

Berlin Police Shoot Man Who Fired On Them

Wounds Are Not Life-Threatening

March 09, 2012|By CHRISTINE DEMPSEY,, The Hartford Courant

Officers shot a man who fired at them as they responded to a domestic disturbance late Thursday, police said.

The man, identified as Jeffrey Yeaw, 44, was shot three times but is expected to survive, police said.

Officers responded to the disturbance at 18 Peck St. shortly after 10:30 p.m. and met the caller outside the house. The caller told officers that he had been involved in a dispute with his nephew, according to a press release from the state police.


Update 5:55 PM

I haven't talked to Jeff in a number of years, probably not since 2005 or 2006. We talked about being stalked by police, being set up by police informants, and since we were both on a list to be targeted by police and Connecticut rigged courts, that we would not carry weapons, not even a box cutter, or pocket knife for fear of being shot by police and then a story made up. If I am ever shot by police, for the record, question it, because I will never have a gun in my hands when police are after me. I will not give police an excuse to execute me or railroad me to prison again. I got a year in prison for pepper spraying a mugger. I learned my lesson.

4 Connecticut State Police Officers committed perjury for me to get convicted. All said that I never asked to make a complaint against the felon who jumped me, said he would cut my penis off, and would kill me if I didn't hand over my wallet. Can I shut up to save my life? The answer is "no". So, obviously all the State Police Officers involved filed false reports and lied. Police pay informants to set people up, file false complaints, lie, commit perjury and commit crimes.

I can picture Jeff being non-compliant. I can picture Jeff yelling, or hiding. I remember that Jeff was opposed to guns, weapons, and violence. He may have yelled and been inappropriate in how he behaved, and what he said to significant others. Jeff yells, loses his temper, and throws tantrums. He is a big kid. I don't believe he is a thug who would carry a gun. I believe Americans have a right to bear arms, but when you are a political activist, having one can give police an excuse to just start shooting. I believe a gun may have been planted on Jeff, or been there at orders of police to set Jeff up. I have questions. Were those who are witnesses against Jeff police informants? Are they on probation and owe their being on the street to police? Something smells funny.

People who I know who are on the secret enemies list are dying, getting arrested, and all of a sudden many are being chased down. I'm concerned there is some sort of purge going on.

-Steven G. Erickson

Added March 11, 2012, 8 AM EST:

I received an email from a person claiming to be Jeff's sister. Maybe the ongoing police and judicial harassment led to what happened. Jeff just didn't want to go back to jail. When you have no options out, some people don't make the wisest decisions. This might be a case of "suicide by cop". More details of what might be the bigger picture, a nationwide DHS Department of Homeland Security super sweep to arrest all those with outstanding warrants, talked about here:



Anonymous Anonymous said...

seems to me jeff is an informant himself. he earned a drugdealing license by getting shot up& dropping dimes.

Sunday, April 27, 2014 4:10:00 PM  

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