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Lawyers are Needed to Bribe Judges, Disadvantages of Pro Se

I talked with a legal reform advocate for over 2 hours tonight. He is well versed, and English Common Law goes back to 1066, and most states' laws are based on this law.

A lawyer can lose gambling with a judge. Bet on a round of golf and lose a grand a hole for whatever number of holes, purposely playing badly. The cash may not even need to be handed, hand to hand, with some excuse. There are favors and other things that can be done to pay for rulings in cases. Let's call the guy I talked to tonight, Mr. X.

Mr. X says that if you are involved in a property dispute in a civil case with a mortgage company, or another individual, it is good to get an organized crime lawyer. The lawyer has preferred judges that he, or she, works with, called a "judge in the pocket". Organized Crime lawyers can predict the outcomes of cases, civil and criminal.

A Pro Se litigant can't just bribe a judge. There isn't the access, country club membership, and chumming around with people in common if your Pro Se. That is the case for most people who are on the being used by the system, part of the court system. So, if you need to bribe a judge to get a favorable outcome in a court, you need a lawyer. That is how the system works, or doesn't work. Not all judges and lawyers are dishonest and I have personally seen pigs fly. Although there are gray areas, those who takes oaths to uphold the law and honor the US Constitution swear a higher oath that supersedes both, to each other. That secret oath is their glue not to tell on each other.

I learned a bit how police and sheriffs work in the legal system.

The Kings and Lords of the Land had lawmen. The ruling class wanted the use of the land to produce them the most in taxes and fees for use of land. Grazing cows, sheep, and crops growing meant money in the pockets of those who considered themselves more important. Abandoned property can taken over by those willing to work it to profit the Land Lords. Those who were in the way, could lose their property based on English Common Law. The ruling class could get the most of land that was used to its full profit potential, and laws were designed to this end.

So, the same holds true today. Police, Sheriffs, and the Courts are to protect the interests of the ruling class. In order to own a house, be married, and be unmolested by authorities in your town and in your home, you have to know the history of policing and the courts before making a decision to reside in a given area.

This makes sense.

I wish I had talked to Mr. X. before I had bought boarded up rental properties in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, spend 100's of thousands of dollars and years fixing them up. I got prison for my hard work and a criminal who did favors for police got my properties. That story most recently told in [this post]. If I had talked to Mr. X. my daughter now 25, would have still been in my life, not estranged from me since she was 15, and I went to prison for believing in the American Dream and that honest, hard work was rewarded.

In my case, if I defended myself Pro Se, I would have had an actual defense. The judge told my lawyer in chambers that he was allowed to defend me. So I had two prosecutors and no defense. In the case where the state has it out for you, blatantly, if you can, defend yourself in court. At least you will have some sort of defense. When it comes to anything with the law, research for yourself. Don't take my word. Many lawyers don't have a clue.

I understand from talking to Mr. X. how and why international banks and corporate owners can rig the courts and therefore own and control everything. Understanding the facts of life, and negotiating around English Common Law from 1066, might be key in fighting back.

Civilian Oversight of Police, those who operate the court system, and key functions of government would have prevented the CIA/International Corporate Owner/Banker Coup d'├ętat. Substitute "Organized Crime" Lawyer for "Corporate Influenced" Lawyer and you can start to connect the dots. Lawyers legislate. Evil minions, from the other branch, get involved in legislating. That violates the separation of powers rules. In simplest terms, this is what is broken. Lawyers should be kept out of the legislating process. Lawyers should not be confirming judges. Lawyers should not be involved in the process, it violates the separation of powers rules.

Mr. X. also brought up the problem with police, or those acting for them, who come on your property. Talking to these people only through a locked door is the key. Don't give them any information, just ask what are their credentials, what written orders they have a judge's signature. Ask them to cite statutes and laws to give them authority. Continue to ask the trespasser to leave the property. Police will attack citizens for arrests and later seizure of property. Police also send "cut-outs", also called "informants". Again, if one learns he reputation of the extent of the lawlessness of the lawmen and the rubber stamp courts, a decision then can be made to live, work, and pursue happiness in a given area is a good idea.

We the people should try to fix what is broken while we still have a prayer of doing so.

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