Wednesday, March 21, 2012

No American should have to live in fear

Steven G. Erickson with the young woman who would be my wife, now ex-wife. This is as her parents farmhouse in the outback of Lithuania, a country above Poland. A Stafford Springs, Connecticut, Police Officer started stalking me and my wife. He told me that she didn't deserve me and started bouncing me off my house, telling me that I was to shut my mouth, and leave the state, just me, or be arrested. He found police informants to lie to concoct a way to arrest me.

This is my daughter in happier days, probably on one of our trips to Disney. We don't talk since the legal problems I had getting in the way of police and drug dealers.

At a time that I was starting to become more aware, I could understand how anyone would even try crack cocaine, heroin, or get into that life at all. I still don't understand it, but realize that the laws being enforced the way they are, does more damage than the drugs. I could not get police in my Stafford Springs, Connecticut, neighborhood to do anything about teens selling crack cocaine, heroin, and other drugs. Police had a business relationship with prostitutes and criminals. It is a sad fact.

During Prohibition, police officers made and transported illegal alcohol. Police officers took bribes. Police officers beat people up, killed them, and set them up for prison as part of an organized crime syndicate.

Teens told me that I would be arrested by police if I interfered with their drug dealing business. Turns out they were right. [My mugshot and story]

A woman at about the same time I co-founded the Stafford Springs Crime Watch in the State of Connecticut, a woman owned an Ellington, Connecticut, gas station. She gave away free coffee. Revenue agents contacted her coffee supplier. She faced arrest, or was arrested for this "offense". It may have cost her over $15,000 to cover legal fees, back taxes, fines, and interest. She almost went out of business for giving away free coffee taking donations as she wasn't charging tax on the free coffee. Teens selling drugs had the blessings of police because teens were being given buy money at our taxpayer expense. Teens got to keep half the drugs or half of our tax money to go after bigger fish. The drug delivery system is taxed as a business.

I got in the way of this business.

If you have a house, a wife, a nice car, maybe a police officer, someone in the court system, a crooked lawyer, an official, or organized crime figure might want to take what you have. It happened to me, it can happen to anyone.

I was raising a family, I owned a home, and I was building a contracting business. I paid taxes, bought new vehicles, and put money into the community. I volunteered and helped people. I still do, I just don't have all that I worked for my entire life, including family unity. Public corruption means you, the person who is reading this can lose absolutely everything you have ever legitimately worked for.

Police threatened my life, telling me I was to shut my mouth and leave the state for getting in their way. I knew no one in organized crime. I knew no one to bribe. That is a problem if you want key downtown property in Mobville.

[Bob Hurt of Tampa Florida] recently said it best. If you don't know the reputation of the police and the court system in a given area, or if it is bad, don't live in that area. Pretty simple advice. I wish I had that advice before having moved to Connecticut, especially Stafford Springs.

Why should hard working Americans have to fear the government, police, and the courts. We the people should not pay taxes to reward bad behavior while punishing good. If that doesn't make sense, please get involved in the process to clean up the mess we the people didn't create. We do allow it by being silent. So, do something positive for future generations and yourself.

[Steven G. Erickson video uploads, click here]



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