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Police Facebook Gang out to steal your home?

If you have a car, the police want to steal it. If you have a spouse or significant other, police in the US want to break up your relationship. If you have a kids, they want to take them. If you have a house, they want it. If you don't have a criminal record, they want to change that and put you in prison. If you make a police misconduct complaint, the police want you dead.

Image to depict insane clown Connecticut State Police Troop K Trooper [found here]

Facebook is like the old Sears Catalog of the early 1900's. Police can troll the internet and pick out girls they want to kidnap, use as prostitutes, or have sex with. Networking on social media sites, the police gang can operate as an organized crime unit to steal houses, cars, bank accounts, silver, and gold. Setting you up for prison might just be a click away.

Cocaine and heroin are plentiful.

These drugs are cheap. These drugs are very concentrated. Children and teens sell drugs for police. Sex can be involved. Lawyers make money hand over fist. Legislators can be mostly lawyers. Author Danny Casolaro connected the dots regarding the police state in the time of Ronald Reagan, [that story]. Casolaro allegedly committed suicide at the time he was finishing his book. The transcripts disappeared.

A high ranking Connecticut State Police Officer can have hundreds of thousands of dollars in unexplained cash and then shoot up a courthouse, and none of the real questions get asked, [that story].

Call the FBI, the FBI might make you a target for arrest and prison. Have a heart attack, dial 911 or trigger you "Life Alert" hanging on your neck, and may police will taze you and start shooting you for target practice, [that story].

If we pay taxes, pay these clowns, shouldn't they show a little respect and actually treat us as their employers, not their slaves, ripe for plucking?

Police, lying lawyers, and the Black Robe Mafia of judges count on you to be silent. Why don't you call Troop K, Connecticut State Police and ask them what is going on? Why don't you call the Norwich Connecticut Superior Court and ask them what is going on. If the below was happening to you, would you like someone to at least make a phone call to ask what is going on?

Text with video:
More info:

Interview does start out slow. Imagine that your dog is poisoned by a neighbor. Imagine the neighbor is part of a police gang. Imagine getting arrested for having your dog poisoned. Imagine having to pay to have your house stolen from you. The couple who has been married over 2 decades doesn't have to imagine.This interview is over an hour long. So, if you are searching the web, checking your email, let the interview run. It could be you next, no matter where in the world you live. The international corporate owners and banksters hate you too.

What is most horrific is that this story is more, and more, common. The American government, court system, lawyers, and police are out to steal. Not all are bad, but the bad scare the good into silence. If you don't like it, there is a jail cell for you. Don't expect any special accommodations, but do expect overcrowding and 3rd World conditions.

Connecticut State Police, Troop K, Colchester (Basrah, Norwich court), running gangs? Are they
using facebook to network to steal houses? Are citizens who are whistle
blowers or who make police brutality or misconduct complaints targets
for arrest, property loss, job loss, and to be railroaded to prison?

lawyers in the legislature legislating for lawyers to make more money.
Are courts in the state of Connecticut rigged? Are states all over the
US as bad as Connecticut?

Did a 21 year old kid get a house
where a couple had to pay $50,000 to sell it? Did a taxpaying couple
have to leave the state of Connecticut to avoid retaliatory arrests and
prison? Do they still face prison for having been stolen from? Are
international criminal police breaking up families, stealing property,
and putting their victims in the court system and prison? Do people who work, pay taxes, pay their taxes to become non-taxpayers to be railroaded to prison?

and Craig Jurczyk are going through hell for owning a house, having a
family, and having made a Connecticut State Police misconduct complaint.I, Steven G. Erickson, would like to make a documentary and visit people like the ones in this video. I would like to hire professionals to edit and help shoot this subject. [My mission]


Ritt Goldstein exposed the police state back in 1996 to a special legislative hearing, in front of the Judiciary Committee. The police union would not allow Civilian Oversight of Police to become law. Police were wearing ski masks abducting and torturing citizens in abandoned warehouses on the waterfront, Norwalk, Connecticut. Police would throw their beer bottles on a mayor's porch putting police union stickers on this car. Police would help a man beat his wife and then arrest the wife. It is only gotten worse. Ritt Goldstein fled Connecticut to seek political asylum in Sweden after making the below video. Some pretty powerful stuff that is a must see today:

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[click here] for:

Billions in fraud, post sent in by email


* * * *

If you don't want a lying lawyer or their minions in your backyard, hang one from a tree in the front yard. No, I don't advocate violence, hang a puppet in black stripes and put the word "banker" on it.

If I find a source of money, or get a decent job, I'll post more professional videos, hire actors, and get professional editing help and post some of my videos [here on]. I will, even if it kills me, put all honest efforts into producing the best informative documentaries and most true life exposing independent films that I am capable of. I know how to network with skilled people, and am not afraid of spending most, to all of my budget on the right people to do the job. It is about getting the word out and taking tyrants to task. We all fight back in our own way. Let's have a common cause.

-stevengerickson At

Former Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd allegedly took bribes from bankers to do their bidding, as Dodd was on a key sellout puppet to the international corporations, on a Bank regulating committee. Dodd is a complete scumbag. Former State of Connecticut Attorney Richard "The Dick" Blumenthal is now a Connecticut US Senator. He allegedly covered up organized crime dumpers of toxic and radioactive waste all over Connecticut as that State's Attorney General. The evidence can't be hidden if it is still drinking water, landfills with the names changed, if samples register on a Geiger Counter, and if people are still getting sick and dying. I plan on doing a documentary on "The Dick" and on illegal organized crime and corporate dumping if I get the funds.

If you want to get listed in the credits, or just want to help, the first button gives $100, the bottom button will allow you to give $1 to any amount. I promise to deliver the maximum I can, even if it leads to my being kidnapped, tortured in the cruelest possible ways, and my resting in pieces near where I am murdered.

Don't say maybe I should have. There is the here and now. Let's make a difference, right now.

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