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US "Democide" to exceed Genocide of Past?

Image of Faces in Horror, Death Masks [image stolen from here]

If GMO "food" is making sheep and cattle sick, is killing them, is causing spontaneous abortions, and the "food" designed to grow its own poison to kill crop eating bugs, might be killing natural bacteria in the stomachs of farm animals where they can starve with full stomachs of GMO, such as provided by Monsanto, so these animals are dying horrifically painful deaths.

The corporations and banks who run the US Government, US Military, and who are out to rule the world want you to eat this same food. Should you trust them to give you injections, and inoculations? If there is civil unrest, can you trust them to "care" about you when you are sent to a FEMA Camp? Information about DHS Homeland Security Fusion Center Locations and the TSA agenda [click here].

Did the World Bank help taint the 3rd World blood supply to get rid those considered unworthy of living by world's less than 1% elite? Did a billion dollar Big Pharma scam for the treatment and testing of Lyme Disease get exposed, so that a dangerous drug was taken off the market? [The answer to both questions]

[Plum Island] which is a bio-weapons laboratory is allegedly the source of Lyme Disease and the West Nile Virus, weaponized African continent based diseases and viruses made stronger in labs. Sheep and goats infected with various diseases were allegedly used to produce infected urine to be dried and sprayed all over war zones such as in Iraq. Is there more to Gulf War Syndrome?

I recall Kathleen Dickson telling me about Yale University scientists in New Haven and Big Pharma are working on bio-weapons that will kill people based on their race. Allegedly some of what has been developed kill Jewish people too, and further work is needed to allow Jews to live while killing target races. [Check link] for interviews with Kathleen Dickson.

I put blog posts about lawyers and Connecticut State Senator John A. Kissel. I found out lawyers, and others, can hire hackers, or just give your name to goons in government, and posts on the internet can no longer be found in word searches. If word searches are only sought by those are considered political activists, the new results can go directly to webpages made to infect computers, or are to cause computer failure. What happened to Lisa Masterson in the UK, and Kathleen Dickson in the USA, when they exposed the billion dollar taxpayer fraud perpetrated by Big Pharma? [story]

I had gone to Connecticut State Senator John A. Kissel of Enfield about removing Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan for bias in civil cases, and proposed Civilian Oversight of Police. Connecticut State Police then threatened me with being beaten/tortured , being killed, and losing my family job, property, and going to prison after I talked to Kissel. After I was railroaded to prison, Kissel wrote me in prison to say, "Life isn't fair ..." in other words, " ... buck it up, it is public corruption baby, shut up and like it!" [Chris Kennedy on Judge Kaplan, Kaplan's friend Sen. Kissel running interference for corrupt tyrant judge] [on CT DCF misconduct]

[Courts and Judges are the number 1 problem in the US, click here for more]

[Some Connecticut Cold War Secrets, lying and spying, post]

[Post on the Jewish Mafia]

[This is what happens to someone who gets in the way of the Lawyer Syndicate, Black Robe Mafia of Judges, International Organized Crime, Drug Trafficking, and/or who exposes public corruption, police brutality, or judicial misconduct.]

[A blog Steven G. Erickson visits, The Kenny's Sideshow blog]

[Steven G. Erickson's protest of the NDAA, ACTA, and Obama, click here]

Because of what I know about links in the above, I would love to be part of a news reporting team where I have a camera and have a recent college graduate stand in front of the camera and tell about stories we cover on location. I would hope that Alex Jones, James Corbett of The Corbett Report, Amy Goodman, RT America, or other independent news organization gets hold of me to work for them as a news reporting contractor.

-stevengerickson AT

The below is an excerpt [from here]:
Genocide: among other things, the killing of people by a government because of their indelible group membership (race, ethnicity, religion, language).

Politicide: the murder of any person or people by a government because of their politics or for political purposes.

Mass Murder: the indiscriminate killing of any person or people by a government.

Democide: The murder of any person or people by a government, including genocide, politicide, and mass murder.

The number one killer of people is Democide, cancer is not your number one concern. Death by government is the number one threat. The NDAA is just more proof, and the beginning of stage 2.

If you don't want to watch Alex Jones' sense of humor, humor I appreciate, slide into about 6 minutes 49 seconds in. There are some pretty convincing stats from other sources to back up what he says on Democide. Really, check out the below video. The international corporate owners of the US Government and their banker friends, puppeteer the US Government and US Military. Would you like to know what they are really up to?

stevengerickson AT

New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen 1/3

New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen 2/3

New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen 3/3

More video and this post expanded, [click here]

The below video is good for its history of the CIA. When you get up to 9/11, I believe it is mindless propaganda. You have to admit what is taught to college students around the world who study history in a video like this. That is if you want people to actually watch it, and who have paid attention. But, when you get to the more modern stuff, in order to get a documentary or news piece out, it has to pass what the sponsors and what investors will allow. So, have an open mind, and don't necessarily believe any propaganda that is part of what the CIA might want to spout out, had they made the below video.

CIA Agents Reveal "Secrets of the CIA"

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Dec 23, 2010

"The CIA is a state-sponsored terrorists association. You don't look at people as human beings. They are nothing but pieces on the chessboard." -- Verne Lyon, former CIA agent in revealing documentary "Secrets of the CIA"

Secrets of the CIA is a revealing 45-minute Turner Home Entertainment documentary available for free viewing at the link below. In this riveting exposé, five former CIA agents describe how their initial pride and enthusiasm at serving their nation turned to anguish and remorse, as they realized that they were actually subverting democracy and killing innocent civilians all in the name "national security" and promoting foreign policy agendas.

A Notre Dame football star, an aerospace engineering senior at Iowa State, an attractive high school graduate, a young patriot, and an Olympic shooting champion all were recruited by the CIA at a young age. These five brave individuals risk retaliation in revealing the story of their gradual disillusionment and finally defection from the CIA, as they eventually became convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were serving neither democracy, nor the people of their country.

The Olympic shooting champion describes being put in charge of overthrowing the democratically elected government of Guatemala. The patriot relates his deep remorse for his direct responsibility in the deaths of numerous innocent people for which he can never make amends. The pretty high school graduate describes how her initial addiction to power and intrigue turned to disgust and horror. This powerful documentary is a rare and remarkable look at the results of unbridled secrecy and the lengths to which some elements in government will go to achieve questionable foreign policy goals.


If you know too much, you can be murdered, and it will be called suicide. [some video examples embedded here].

Our international corporate and banker owners have declared a modern day Vietnam War on us. Having Vietnam PT gunboats out on our lakes and rivers is just more proof. Armed military on our streets is illegal. So is having the CIA running operations in the US.

New Jersey Police and the FBI raided a room full of spies who were illegal spying without a warrant. The spies were NYPD and a CIA agent. Who can arrest whom? Can the NJ Police and FBI arrest the NYPD and CIA? Or can the CIA and NYPD arrest the NJ PD and FBI for interfering in an official government covert operation. [that story]

Do Judges in the US swear a secret oath to each other, nullifying any oath to uphold and respect the US Constitution? Was former Florida Governor Jeb Bush not legitimately governor because he did not swear the proper oaths? [answers]

[Steven G. Erickson uploaded videos]

Top Secret America:

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