Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tax Dollars Fund Our Occupiers

The State is a revenue collecting pig.

Police and the courts are for revenue collection, levying undeclared taxes in fines, to confiscate property and assets, put as many people through courts and put in prison as possible, so jobs are created for those who are connected, paid for by we the people to abuse we the people.

 Lawyers are legislators. Lawyers legislate for lawyers to make more money and have more power. Lawyers are tied to international bankers and corporate owners. Look at what they are doing to us.

Police can rape women they pull over. Can take property. You are being told to shut up and like it. Homeland Security is international organized crime. Own a home, the state wants to take it. Have a small business, the international corporate banking state wants to ruin it. Have a family, the state wants to break it up. Speak out and the state wants to kill you.

I know because I was asked to be one of them. I declined and was toasted for my choice.

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