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UN/Foreign Troops to Occupy US to Enforce Gun Ban?

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  New US Policing? by

Our international corporate and banker owners are getting nervous. They don't know when they will reach the point where they have stolen too much and have committed too many crimes for we the people to bear. There could be international backlash and America is the last domino to fall. Many Americans are armed and in the way of the corporate bankster world government. International bankers and your corporate owners work you up with their media mind manipulation and for the most part, their lies are working on you. Are you weak minded or can you think for yourself?

Do you want to have less than the diluted US Constitution? Do you want Obama to sign away US sovereignty? Do you want foreign troops kicking in your doors, raping mothers and daughters wearing black ski masks taking all of your valuables?

What happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina should be a wake up call for all of you.

Regardless of what you think of the gun issue, do you care about the bigger issue of paying taxes to a world government where you have zero real representation?

Check out the below video, even though many people possibly have an aversion to that video uploader, valid points are made.

The pre-9-11 plans for police to spy on American, run black operations, and rig courts are foreshadowed in Ritt Goldstein's video at bottom. After exposing what he did, Ritt was so terrorized by police in the State of Connecticut, he fled to Sweden seeking political asylum.

Should we have internal KGB, or CIA, in the US called "State Police Intelligence Units" and should use states have "Departments of Administrative Services" to fund international surveillance, espionage, beatings, kidnapping, rigging court cases for false imprisonment, manufacturing evidence, and killing citizens who get "mouthy" Should police informants be hired as thugs to beat up citizens, set up citizens, and even kill us if we get in the way?

Are you ready for foreigners to come in and do a more extreme job of what we are already being subject to?

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I used to own 2 rental properties side by side on Church St, in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. After I had done major renovations and spent about 100k on improvements a crack cocaine addict came on my property and started yelling at me, his name is Peter C. and I had never met him. He told me that I did not know what I was doing and he would own my properties. I told him to get off MY PROPERTY. I did not know he was a police informant and who made a deal with Connecticut State Police and town police to terrorize me out of Connecticut and get my properties.

Peter C stalked and sexually harassed and left death threats against my then 14 year old daughter. State Police stated that they would break up my family, I would lose my property, and I would go to prison if I did not shut my mouth and leave the state. I was threatened with prison for redressing grievances to elected officials advocating civilian oversight of police and court reform. So, Peter C was awarded with my property, I was railroaded to prison, and was kicked out of Connecticut upon my release from prison, and my daughter has not said I love you or called me Daddy since I was railroaded to prison. This is the US you will all get a taste of soon.

Peter C was helped to get a permit to carry concealed pistols by Connecticut State Police for assaulting me and terrorizing me out of Connecticut after my release from prison for resisting being mugged by another police informant on my property.
by Steven G. Erickson (24 fans, 8 articles, 5 quicklinks, 326 diaries, 1562 comments [1958 

Eyes wide open
Thank you, Steven, for the lone voice of reason in a plethora of pitifully naive, acquiescent and subservient (to government) comments on OEN regarding gun control in America.

Wake up, people, especially those of you who have not served in the military and have no idea how brutality is taught and ingrained into the human psyche. Put quite simply, at this point in history, Americans with guns are all that stand between a modicum of freedom and worldwide globalist tyranny. All other countries of any significance have already been conquered in this regard. We are the last frontier. 

Quit arguing over left vs. right/right vs. left, get your head out of any place that blinds and deafens you, and take a look at the reality of 30,000 armed drones flying over you, surveillance of every email, phone call, bank deposit and purchase you make, FEMA camps actually being manned, your president openly murdering Americans with no due process (one the 16 year old son of one of the other victims) and ad infinitum. 

Learn from military veteran and constitutionalist Stewart Rhodes of the Oath Keepers just what kind of a reality you are living in. Keep in mind that this video was made BEFORE Obama signed the NDAA and before the current push for the unconstitutional UN Gun Treaty. Watch it, then join and support the Oath Keepers if you want to have any power whatsoever in protecting yourself and your family from the ruthless eugenicists and psychopaths currently controlling the criminal enterprise that is now the U.S. government.

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Reply: Censored
Thank you.

It does suck to be censored on Right Wing sites for being a liberal and being censored on sites like this for being considered Right Wing while making the exact same comment. I think both Democrats and Republicans suck equally. They both are beholden to foreign corporation owners and bankers.

This post has been censored because it is the truth, period.
by Steven G. Erickson (24 fans, 8 articles, 5 quicklinks, 326 diaries, 1562 comments [1958 recommended]) on Sunday, Jul 29, 2012 at 6:58:05 PM

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Lawless Domestic Spying


By (about the author)

Lawless Domestic Spying
Big Brother watches virtually everyone in America.
by Stephen Lendman

Years ago, domestic spying was common. Post-9/11, it became institutionalized. Police states do it. So do faux democracies. America is no exception.

In 2007, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) established a new domestic spying operation.

 It's called the National Applications Office (NOA).

It's described as "the executive agent to facilitate the use of intelligence community technological assets for civil, homeland security and law enforcement purposes within the United States."

It provides sophisticated satellite imagery. Eye in the sky drone spying supplies more.

The FBI, CIA, NSA, and Pentagon spy domestically. So do state and local agencies.

In the new millennium, spies are us and other lawless practices define America's agenda. Obama exceeds the worst of his predecessors.

Everyone is suspect unless proved otherwise. It's a national sickness. With other repressive tools and harmful policies, it's destroying the fabric of society. America the beautiful doesn't exist.

It never did, in fact, except in songs, verses, slogans, and other rhetoric. They wore thin long ago.

On July 9, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) headlined "Law Enforcement Agencies Demanded Cell Phone User Info Far More Than 1.3 million Times Last Year."

On July 8, The New York Times covered the same story. It headlined "More Demands on Cell Carriers in Surveillance," saying:

In the last year, federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies demanded "text messages, caller locations and other information in the course of investigations."

Rep. Edward Markey (D. MA) disclosed it. What's going on reveals "an explosion in (domestic) cellphone surveillance."

He expressed shock at how extensive and pervasive it's become. He chairs the Bipartisan Congressional Privacy Caucus.

Much of the time it's warrantless. The 1.3 million number way understates the pervasiveness of domestic spying. According to The Times:
"Because of incomplete record-keeping, the total number of law enforcement requests last year was almost certainly much higher than the 1.3 million the carriers reported to Mr. Markey."  "Also, the total number of people whose customer information was turned over could be several times higher than the number of requests because a single request often involves multiple callers."
"For instance, when a police agency asks for a cell tower "dump" for data on subscribers who were near a tower during a certain period of time, it may get back hundreds or even thousands of names."
Markey learned that nine telecommunications companies cooperate in spying on subscribers. Over the past five years, demand for their services increased up to 16% annually.
Given advanced technology and widespread cell phone usage, Americans may be the world's most spied on population.
In April, the ACLU covered the same issue. It reported unprecedented cell phone location tracking requests. "The threat to personal privacy presented by this technology is breathtaking," it said.
Knowing where people are over time reveals much about their activities. According to the Washington-based US Court of Appeals for the federal circuit:
"A person who knows all of another's travels can deduce whether he is a weekly church goer, a heavy drinker, a regular at the gym, an unfaithful husband, an outpatient receiving medical treatment, an associate of particular individuals or political groups -- and not just one such fact about a person, but all such facts."
Tracking this type information and most others should require warrants based on probable cause. Otherwise, privacy rights are violated. Constitutional law mandates it.

In United States v. Jones (January 2012), the Supreme Court ruled that government-attached GPS devices to cars or trucks to track movements constitutes searches under the Fourth Amendment.

It follows that tracking personal cell phones applies the same way. Doing so violates privacy. Without warrants explaining probable cause, it's troublesome at least, illegal at worst.

What goes on mostly happens secretly. In August 2011, 35 ACLU affiliates filed over 380 public record requests. State and local law enforcement agencies were asked about their policies and procedures for tracking cell phones.

Information gotten was disturbing. Over 200 police departments said they track them. Few, however, obtain warrants or demonstrate probable cause. The ACLU said:
"The government's location tracking policies should be clear, uniform, and protective of privacy, but instead are in a state of chaos, with agencies in different towns following different rules -- or in some cases, having no rules at all."

Demonstrable cause should accompany these type requests. Warrants should explain it. Congress, state legislatures, and city governments should update obsolete electronic privacy laws accordingly.
Everyone carrying a cell phone on or off is trackable. According to ACLU spokesman Christopher Calabrese:
"Whether they realize it or not, Americans are carrying tracking devices with them wherever they go. The cell phone data of innocent Americans is almost certainly swept up in (government) requests."
EFF also reported disturbing information. AT&T alone complies with "230 emergency requests" daily nationwide. Sprint last year processed 500,000 requests.

Real-time information provider Neustar handles law enforcement compliance for about 400 telecom and Internet companies.

EFF and ACLU both call what's going on a privacy disaster. Congress has been largely out to lunch. In recent years, cell phone surveillance exploded. Companies provide thousands of records daily.
They're handed over in response to emergency requests, court orders, law enforcement subpoenas, and other demands.

All levels of government are involved. Information requested runs the gamut from garden variety crimes to financial felonies and intelligence investigations.

Law enforcement agencies have their own tracking capability. They can bypass minimal carrier protections. In addition, telecom companies maintain personal records. They include cell phone use. In response to requests, they can provide it in massive quantities.

EFF says cell phone companies must start releasing regular transparency reports like Google and Twitter. Doing so is a step in the right direction. Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

Many companies, however, oppose transparency reports. They lobbied against a California measure. EFF and the ACLU of Northern California sponsored the California Location Privacy Act of 2012 (SB 1434).

Passage would require warrants based on probable cause to obtain electronic location information. A watered-down bill passed the California Senate Committee on Public Safety. It omitted a reporting requirement.

Wireless companies opposed it. According to the Wireless Association (CTIA), it would "unduly burden(s member companies) and their employees, who are working day and night to assist law enforcement to ensure the public's safety and to save lives."

EFF and ACLU called CTIA's objections "baseless" and "laughable." One Sprint official, in fact, said its automated system can easily comply. It's "extremely inexpensive to operate and easy," he said.

At the same time, cell phone users have a right to know what legal basis government agencies have to violate their privacy.

Congressional legislation is needed. Mandating warrants based on probable cause is essential.

Information gotten is very precise. Cell phones transmit locations to towers every seven seconds whether they're on or off.

Government can know user locations round-the-clock daily. In 2010, the DC Circuit court said:
A "person who knows all of another's travels can deduce whether he is a weekly church goer, a heavy drinker, a regular at the gym, an unfaithful husband, an outpatient receiving medical treatment, an associate of particular individuals or political groups--and not just one such fact about a person, but all such facts."
EFF believes Fourth Amendment protections apply. Many federal courts agree. So does the Supreme Court with respect to attaching GPS devices to cars, trucks or other vehicles.

Markey and other congressional members are drafting legislation. He wants clarity on how law enforcement agencies can access this data. He calls requests made "digital dragnets." He fears "we've already crossed the line."

On June 14, HR 2168: Geological Privacy and Surveillance Act was introduced. Markey wasn't one of 22 co-sponsors. On the same day, it was referred to committee. No further action was taken. It requires warrant authorization to conduct electronic tracking.

Obama officials oppose the law. They claim it's "burdensome" to demand warrants. It's easier spying covertly. No one then knows you're doing it except complicit telecom companies.

The Obama administration exceeds Bush era lawlessness. It includes pervasive warrantless surveillance. It immunized government agencies and telecom companies. It blocked pesky lawsuits.

In January 2012, the San Francisco-based US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit dismissed 33 warrantless suits. In doing so, it ignored rule of law inviolability. Telecom companies involved were absolved.

They're concerned only about bottom line priorities and avoiding lawsuits. They're well paid for cooperating with government authorities.

In 2006, they cooperated with Bush officials on matters alleging national security. They conducted warrantless eavesdropping. They were sued. Congress granted them immunity.

In 2007, the FBI was criticized for improperly using emergency letters. They required telecom companies to provide records on thousands of phone numbers. They allegedly related to counterintelligence investigations. Emergencies weren't involved.

Normally, carriers require warrants, court orders, or subpoenas to release customer information.

However, when law enforcement agencies claim emergencies, anything goes, including privacy and rule of law principles.

Federal, state and local authorities call cell tracking a powerful law enforcement tool. Many others fill their arsenals.

Emerging fascism grips America. It's on a fast track to tyranny. Techniques used would make despots proud.
Obama achieved the impossible. He exceeds the worst of George Bush. Arrogance and unaccountability define his presidency. Rule of law principles don't matter. Imagine what's ahead if he's reelected.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at Email address removed .


His new book is titled "How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War"
Visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.
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Steven G. Erickson in Lawless America Movie

Impounded (Secret) Files to Rig all US Court Cases?
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Judges, Their Prostitutes, and America Tanking P1 Text with video: Judge Edward "Naughty" Nottingham might not be an exception. Judges owe favors. They are bought. They are whores who expect taxpayers to pay for their sex with prostitutes and their lavish lifestyles.

Even the rich, who don't have international banking and corporate organized crime connections are falling victim to the Occupation of America, Courts.

William "Bill" Windsor is helping expose public corruption, police brutality, and judicial misconduct in the upcoming movie release of "Lawless America". [Links]

* * * *
Judges, Their Prostitutes, and America Tanking P2 -  
Electronic Harassment of Whistleblowers?

This is the case of Gail McSweeney in Massachusetts


Health board clerk laid off for ‘economic reasons’

By Steve Annear
Posted Mar 18, 2010 @ 11:15 AM
Last update Mar 18, 2010 @ 12:27 PM

Six months after accusations surfaced in the office of the Pembroke Board of Health concerning “discrepancies” in accounting as well as accusations that health board members were allying with Town Administrator Edwin Thorne and other town employees to oust Gail McSweeney from the board of health office, McSweeney was laid off from her position as principal clerk.

On Tuesday, March 16, a letter was delivered to McSweeney’s house, stating that the Town decided to eliminate her position for “economic reasons.”

    “At dinnertime the other night a police officer showed up on my deck with a letter in his hand,” said McSweeney, who was stunned by the news. “The letter was to let me know I had been laid off from the Town Hall.”

    McSweeney did not comment further about the issue.

According to the document, the layoff will go into effect April 1. In the meantime, beginning on Wednesday (March 17), McSweeney was put on paid administrative leave until the end of March.

Town Administrator Edwin Thorne said the layoff came in part to help curb the $76,000 solid waste deficit the Town is facing this fiscal year.

However, at a public meeting on Nov. 2, 2009, board of health members decided they would raise residents’ trash fees by $30 instead of cutting costs by eliminating a position in the health board office.

“The solid waste fund was operating in a deficit,” said Thorne. “The department of revenue ordered us to cut expenditures and raise revenues in the fall, and we were in no position to raise trash fees again so we had to cut back in expenditures.”
Thorne said this week’s layoff might be the beginning of some other adjustments the town may have to make.
    The elimination of the position will save the town $6,000 for Fiscal Year 2010, according to Town Accountant Mike Buckley, and $30,000 to $35,000 in FY’11.

    McSweeney’s accusations about an alleged alliance between Thorne and members of the board of health stems back to July 2007, when charges of embezzlement were brought against Maureen Wolter, a secretary who worked in the board of health at that time.

    Wolter pleaded guilty in December to stealing nearly $28,000 from the town’s recycling center fund.

    McSweeney said she observed wrongdoing in the office even after Wolter’s departure; she alleged documents and invoices were altered and went missing and claims someone logged on to her computer under her name on at least three occasions.

    McSweeney made her concerns public for the first time last September. For the last year or so, she said she’s urged town officials to respond by ordering a full audit of the department, but according to McSweeney, they have resisted.

She said her accusation later led to a letter being submitted to the board by Thorne, acknowledging an oral resignation McSweeney allegedly gave after a dispute in the board of health office between Mirotta and herself.
    However, McSweeney said she never gave an oral resignation.
    Thorne’s letter was written after a dispute occurred between McSweeney and Mirotta in the board of health office on Monday, Sept. 14 when Mirotta was filling out McSweeney’s payroll sheet. McSweeney said Mirotta was “putting in the wrong hours” and when she asked, “who told you to do that?”, Mirotta allegedly responded by saying “none of your business,” three times.
    McSweeney said she then left the office and went over to Thorne’s office to report that she was leaving for the day, “until things were figured out.”
    According to McSweeney, on Sept. 15, she phoned former board of health chairman Scott MacInnes  and board of health agent Fred Leary to say she was taking a personal day to be with her sick father. McSweeney said she notified MacInnes again on Sept. 16, with the same request.
    But according to the letter from Thorne, McSweeney said she was “done” and “was not playing these games any longer,” and left the building on the day of the dispute with Mirotta. Diane Tobin, the executive assistant to the board of selectmen, took down the message that day.
    At the September meeting, MacInnes accused Police Chief Michael Ohrenberger, Thorne, board of health member Liz Cytrynowski, Mirotta and now board of health chairman Lisa Cullity and Buckley of being in an alliance to “throw out himself” and McSweeney from their positions in office because they were pursuing an audit.
    MacInnes has since submitted information regarding discrepancies in the budget and missing meeting minutes to the District Attorney’s office.
In December, an argument erupted at Pembroke Town Hall between McSweeney and Town Accountant Mike Buckley after some McSweeney’s duties were transferred to another employee in the office.
    According to McSweeney, on Nov. 23, 2009, Buckley approached board of health members with Town Treasurer Deborah Mulrain and requested that McSweeney’s duty of handling bills be put in the hands of office secretary Carol Mirotta.


raw footage of me, Steven G. Erickson:

William "Bill" Windsor is taking allegedly taking a tour of all 50 states to interview whistleblowers and victims of public corruption, police brutality, and judicial misconduct. Bill can be reached at 770 578 1094

A common theme is that judges make up rules as they go along. People are wrongly imprisoned. Families are broken up. Jobs are lost and wealth earned is wiped away. This is ruining America and the Economy.

These lawyers, legislators, and judges must be stopped.


A police officer knew he could follow me around, kick me out of the State of Connecticut, and arrest me just because he wanted to sleep with my then wife. She had not interest in Dufus, Stafford Springs, Connecticut, Police Officer "Fat Frank" Prochaska.

 I lost my home, my family, my retirement, and my contracting business because of scumbag cops, lawyers, and judges. Legislators are whores for organized crime, international bankers and corporations.

It is time to end the party these scumbags are having at our expense.

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