Sunday, July 29, 2012

UN/Foreign Troops to Occupy US to Enforce Gun Ban?

The below was posted on and it was too controversial to keep up on the main page so it was taken down. So, where is free speech?

  New US Policing? by

Our international corporate and banker owners are getting nervous. They don't know when they will reach the point where they have stolen too much and have committed too many crimes for we the people to bear. There could be international backlash and America is the last domino to fall. Many Americans are armed and in the way of the corporate bankster world government. International bankers and your corporate owners work you up with their media mind manipulation and for the most part, their lies are working on you. Are you weak minded or can you think for yourself?

Do you want to have less than the diluted US Constitution? Do you want Obama to sign away US sovereignty? Do you want foreign troops kicking in your doors, raping mothers and daughters wearing black ski masks taking all of your valuables?

What happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina should be a wake up call for all of you.

Regardless of what you think of the gun issue, do you care about the bigger issue of paying taxes to a world government where you have zero real representation?

Check out the below video, even though many people possibly have an aversion to that video uploader, valid points are made.

The pre-9-11 plans for police to spy on American, run black operations, and rig courts are foreshadowed in Ritt Goldstein's video at bottom. After exposing what he did, Ritt was so terrorized by police in the State of Connecticut, he fled to Sweden seeking political asylum.

Should we have internal KGB, or CIA, in the US called "State Police Intelligence Units" and should use states have "Departments of Administrative Services" to fund international surveillance, espionage, beatings, kidnapping, rigging court cases for false imprisonment, manufacturing evidence, and killing citizens who get "mouthy" Should police informants be hired as thugs to beat up citizens, set up citizens, and even kill us if we get in the way?

Are you ready for foreigners to come in and do a more extreme job of what we are already being subject to?

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Comments on

I used to own 2 rental properties side by side on Church St, in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. After I had done major renovations and spent about 100k on improvements a crack cocaine addict came on my property and started yelling at me, his name is Peter C. and I had never met him. He told me that I did not know what I was doing and he would own my properties. I told him to get off MY PROPERTY. I did not know he was a police informant and who made a deal with Connecticut State Police and town police to terrorize me out of Connecticut and get my properties.

Peter C stalked and sexually harassed and left death threats against my then 14 year old daughter. State Police stated that they would break up my family, I would lose my property, and I would go to prison if I did not shut my mouth and leave the state. I was threatened with prison for redressing grievances to elected officials advocating civilian oversight of police and court reform. So, Peter C was awarded with my property, I was railroaded to prison, and was kicked out of Connecticut upon my release from prison, and my daughter has not said I love you or called me Daddy since I was railroaded to prison. This is the US you will all get a taste of soon.

Peter C was helped to get a permit to carry concealed pistols by Connecticut State Police for assaulting me and terrorizing me out of Connecticut after my release from prison for resisting being mugged by another police informant on my property.
by Steven G. Erickson (24 fans, 8 articles, 5 quicklinks, 326 diaries, 1562 comments [1958 

Eyes wide open
Thank you, Steven, for the lone voice of reason in a plethora of pitifully naive, acquiescent and subservient (to government) comments on OEN regarding gun control in America.

Wake up, people, especially those of you who have not served in the military and have no idea how brutality is taught and ingrained into the human psyche. Put quite simply, at this point in history, Americans with guns are all that stand between a modicum of freedom and worldwide globalist tyranny. All other countries of any significance have already been conquered in this regard. We are the last frontier. 

Quit arguing over left vs. right/right vs. left, get your head out of any place that blinds and deafens you, and take a look at the reality of 30,000 armed drones flying over you, surveillance of every email, phone call, bank deposit and purchase you make, FEMA camps actually being manned, your president openly murdering Americans with no due process (one the 16 year old son of one of the other victims) and ad infinitum. 

Learn from military veteran and constitutionalist Stewart Rhodes of the Oath Keepers just what kind of a reality you are living in. Keep in mind that this video was made BEFORE Obama signed the NDAA and before the current push for the unconstitutional UN Gun Treaty. Watch it, then join and support the Oath Keepers if you want to have any power whatsoever in protecting yourself and your family from the ruthless eugenicists and psychopaths currently controlling the criminal enterprise that is now the U.S. government.

by Joan Mootry (12 fans, 0 articles, 3 quicklinks, 0 diaries, 119 comments [418 recommended]) on Sunday, Jul 29, 2012 at 12:10:15 PM

Reply: Censored
Thank you.

It does suck to be censored on Right Wing sites for being a liberal and being censored on sites like this for being considered Right Wing while making the exact same comment. I think both Democrats and Republicans suck equally. They both are beholden to foreign corporation owners and bankers.

This post has been censored because it is the truth, period.
by Steven G. Erickson (24 fans, 8 articles, 5 quicklinks, 326 diaries, 1562 comments [1958 recommended]) on Sunday, Jul 29, 2012 at 6:58:05 PM


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