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The Smoking Gun has been Smoking a long time

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This is how all US Government is run, from the outside. [example, a post from 2006]

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Are Foreign Banks Setting Up to Further Occupy the US?

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Love him, or hate him, Alex Jones talks about some of the topics that are talked about at backyard barbecues, out on the shooting range, out fishing, out on the golf course, or wherever friends and family get together. Guards at a women's prison are concerned with what is going on, and coming up, those who are State Workers in the Welfare System are asking conspiracy theorists how to plan, pack, and get situated for what is coming up.

 I have a bicycle and a backpack. I have a passport to leave. If you are in the camp I am, which is just basic "sick of all the BS", and just want to live life unmolested, being free and American at the same time might be somewhere outside US borders.

Not having weapons on you, just a change of clothes, and enough to buy food and travel might just be the only ticket out. Being detained, or worse, for me is not an option if the military starts further roaming the streets. Especially if foreign bankers and corporate owners hire outside military to police the US.



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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ban Shotguns, they are a danger to Mini-Drones?


 I talk to hundreds of people in all walks of life, face to face, every month. I overhear all sorts of conversations. I run into the elite and the man living on the street. I have listened to some very interesting conversations.

There was talk of forcing all Americans to take an Anthrax Vaccine when our offshore owners allegedly manufactured the Anthrax hoax pre-9-11. Big Pharma could have raked in billions with that scam.

Weaponizing hard body ticks on Plum Island, a Bio-Weapons Research Facility below Lyme, Connecticut, allegedly, so sea birds could accidentally carry them to mainland and to the deer population is reason these offshore criminals and their elite friends should be watched. It is about profiting from out misery and killing as many of as possible while making whole populations sick. When the forefathers of our current owners landed on the American shores they brought blankets infected with Small Pox as gifts for the natives.

We are all the new Native American population in the way.

Some medical workers are afraid that a weaponized form of TB, Tuberculous, is to be purposely unleashed on the American public. There are questions about Europe already having the vaccine. I personally don't trust any corporate pirate who wants to jab me with needles with their untested, and tested poisons.

Mini-drones armed with shotguns and video cameras flying all over America could be vulnerable to being taken down by American ownership of shotguns and shotgun shells. If we are truly occupied by our offshore owners, shotguns in the hands of Americans is truly dangerous to their interests.

Confiscating property, targeting citizens for detention and murder, and identifying young women for sexual slavery are possible with use of drones and other surveillance. Police surveillance using standard hidden microphones, video cameras, and the use of phone taps in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and other test cities should be looked into what was done, pre-9-11. Police use your tax dollars to promote prostitution, drug dealing, vandalism, crime, terrorizing you. Courts also are for revenue collection and promote abuse. Families are targets for break up. Small businesses are in the way. They go after you if you question what they are doing with your money.

If I had the money, I would vote with my back. I would be "Free" and "American" at the same time, outside of America. I would like to live out my life out in peace, somewhere else, offline, unmolested by offshore corporate bankster goons. Raising a family, owning a home, having a small business was too alarming to those in charge as I did not have their permission to do this.

This all started pre-9-11 with pilot programs in select cities. Cops wore black ski masks, abducted and tortured citizens in abandoned waterfront factories, terrorized citizens, went after citizen leaders, set citizens up for prison to be held as political prisoners, used informants for murder-for-hire where citizens who complained about rigged courts and police brutality could be murdered. All this abuse was funded with our US tax dollars.

Do you think those who profit from harming from you want to fix the problem they created? Do you think these offshore elite are able to police themselves? Do you think giving into every whim of Big Government makes you safer? Do you think paid mainstream media liars and provocateurs are out to disseminate the truth?

Do you want to drink their Kool-Aid?   


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Published on Aug 10, 2012 by TheAlexJonesChannel
Nationwide, the surveillance drone rollout is causing a stir and heads to turn as government, flush with an endless supply of taxpayer money, rapidly introduces the technology. "Some are as large and fast as commercial airplanes," Scientific American wrote in January. "Some are blimps that sit in the sky, surveying broad swaths of territory. Others flit around imperceptibly, like birds or insects, recording videos and landing themselves."

During his morning commute in Austin, Texas, Alex Jones noticed the kind of drone favored by police about 120 feet above the roadway. Traffic slowed, backed up and pulled off the road to see what appeared to be a UFO as the small helicopter-like machine circled overhead photographing traffic. A contract worker for the highway department stood to one side of the road maneuvering the machine with a handheld control box.

With his iPhone video camera running, Alex engaged the pilot in friendly conversation. He mentioned a number of disturbing events, including the ominous prospect of police outfitting the devices with weapons and the EPA spying on cattle ranchers in Nebraska and Iowa. Alex also mentioned the unnerving experience of journalist and publisher Joseph Farah, an outspoken Obama critic, who was the victim of drone surveillance at his remote home in northern Virginia.
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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Judges + Lawyers = Organized Crime?

What are judges really? If Judges are given immunity what do they do? If judges can take your property, money, your home, and your kids while breaking laws will they care if they have immunity? Do judges reward those who they partner in organized crime with? Our lawyers out to help you, or themselves? Why should lawyers be writing our nation's laws?

Have international bankers and corporate owners bought our government at auction where elections have gone to the highest bidder? 

The selectman of Stafford Springs, Connecticut, told me that his more important friends wanted my property and should have gotten it. I was told to sell them my property at a loss, or wish that I had. I then faced police retaliation and the organized crime court system.

Citizens who get in the way can be beaten up and killed.

I don't have all the facts, but a woman who was to appear in the State of Maine about judges who conspire to rip off property of non-organized crime affiliated owners was terrorized into possibly not appearing in the documentary, "Lawless America". [click here for some video, unrelated to this woman's story]

The woman's adult son was allegedly hit on his bicycle and was then called that here son was in the hospital. Then she got a call not to appear as part of Bill Windsor's "Lawless America", allegedly from the same caller who may have just purposely run down her son.

I was asked to go down and interview victims of the Brooklyn, New York, court system and one judge in particular who has a realtor as a wife. A man who exposed the judge, his wife, and organized crime in a youtube video was allegedly beaten to death with a baseball bat shortly after uploading the video exposing judges as organized criminals stealing property.

We can't live in fear. Expose your story in any way you feel comfortable. They can't beat up, railroad to jail, ruin, and kill all of us. There is strength in numbers. Silence signifies acceptance.

I am part of a talk show tonight at 8 PM EST. Call the above number if you have a story. Call the number if you want to make an anonymous tip.

Check out this website for more information:

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson


Impounded Files (Secret) Rigging All Court Cases?

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Published on Jul 14, 2012 by
More info:

What if insiders, and offshore corporate and international banker organized crime had a back door to skew justice and make as much profit as is possible? They do. Lawyers rule and are screwing us blind.

Steven G. Erickson meets up with Bill Windsor "Lawless America", the movie, more information:


I received the below email Aug. 7:

Hello Friends.

Due to the need to get a lot of work done, the need for some rest, and a few other factors, I am changing the Itinerary & Schedule.  I didn’t want to do this, but I believe it is ABSOLUTELY in the best interests of the project.

So, here’s the plan:

I will stay in Minneapolis from now until the evening of August 10, when I will drive to Pickstown, South Dakota.

I will return to Minneapolis on August 12, and I will spend a week here.

I will then be in Des Moines to film on August 20; Omaha on August 21; Lincoln on August 21; Pierre on August 23; Bismarck on August 24; and Billings on August 27.  I will look at the schedule for any tweaks needed thereafter, and I will publish the new Itinerary tonight.

I hope this doesn’t inconvenience anyone too greatly.

During the week of August 12 – 19, I will call on the people of Minnesota to help me.  Anyone who can volunteer some time will be invited to come to the hotel to help process videos; upload videos to YouTube; write and post articles on; etc.  I will have a room with a big conference table, so bring a computer.

More later on all of this.

An RV is coming from Florida, so we will then have four people traveling with me.

We could use some help from each of you:

1.       If you have already been filmed, please send a paragraph or two sharing your observations on the filming.  To:
2.       If you haven’t been filmed, please send a paragraph telling why you want to be filmed.  To:
3.       If you are yet to be filmed and haven’t prepared your three-minute statement to Congress, please, please do so.
4.       Everyone should email to me all text of your script and any other notes, narratives, etc. that you prepare.  This helps us write stories about you.

More information to follow.

We have a MOVEMENT going.  We must press the multiply button and blast news of this out everywhere we can.

All the best,


William M. Windsor
Movie Trip Phone: 770-578-1094
Fax: 770-578-1057


 Do you wish to donate to the "Lawless America" project? Do you want an audio and/or 3 minute video clip of your story presented to Congress? Do you want to fight foreign occupation of the US by banksters and corporate organized crime? I will utilize 15% for transportation costs, film editing, and filming, and send 85% to Bill Windsor to further the "Lawless America" cause with any money donated through [this link], click on donate buttons. Thank you.

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