Monday, August 20, 2012

Are Foreign Banks Setting Up to Further Occupy the US?

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Love him, or hate him, Alex Jones talks about some of the topics that are talked about at backyard barbecues, out on the shooting range, out fishing, out on the golf course, or wherever friends and family get together. Guards at a women's prison are concerned with what is going on, and coming up, those who are State Workers in the Welfare System are asking conspiracy theorists how to plan, pack, and get situated for what is coming up.

 I have a bicycle and a backpack. I have a passport to leave. If you are in the camp I am, which is just basic "sick of all the BS", and just want to live life unmolested, being free and American at the same time might be somewhere outside US borders.

Not having weapons on you, just a change of clothes, and enough to buy food and travel might just be the only ticket out. Being detained, or worse, for me is not an option if the military starts further roaming the streets. Especially if foreign bankers and corporate owners hire outside military to police the US.



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