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Ridiculousness of Kate Middleton Bottomless Photos Story

I found the picture of Kate Middleton [here]. Why is this a story? Are vagina photos more important than real news? All of your money, your future, your home, your job, everything you hold dear and believe in is jeopardy, and so many of you go right for the pussy, don't you? You should be paying attention to International Banking and Corporate Organized Crime Figures like Hillary Clinton. I found that below photo on [The Kenny's Side Show blog].


Many of you who tune in to the 30 Second Attention Span Theater should check out this Obama supporter who sounds like Elmo and is spouting off how she gets a free phone, and allegedly her mortgage and gas for her car paid for because she supports Obama for US President. [Scroll down for Video Here]

[This] is what more of you should be thinking about.

[Who are our real enemies and how can you fight back]?

If Connecticut has about 3 and 1/2 million people and if I am one of the top 3 on the Secret Police Enemies Arrest on Sight list for blogging critically of the Connecticut Governor, who are these people really serving?

Do you feel safe knowing that maybe even millions of dollars of your US tax dollars have been spent on the hours, and hours, police have spent following me around, following those I know, paying police informants to break laws and make false statements, rigging court cases, causing small business failure, and making people like me lose their families, homes, jobs, retirement, safety and security, belief in American Government and Policing, to beat us up, falsely imprison us, and even kill us if we get "Mouthy".

[Target on Enemies List picture, video, and story]

[My contact Information, scroll down for my phone number]

[Does the UN and International Bankers own the Statue of Liberty, The Grand Canyon, National Parks, us, and most of everything?]

Impounded Files (Secret) Rigging All Court Cases?

Text with video:
Published on Jul 14, 2012 by
More info:

What if insiders, and offshore corporate and international banker organized crime had a back door to skew justice and make as much profit as is possible? They do. Lawyers rule and are screwing us blind.

Steven G. Erickson meets up with Bill Windsor "Lawless America", the movie, more information:


International Corporate Detention of US? 

Are all Americans being taxed without Representation? Are all elected officials bought with international corporate paper called "Federal Reserve" Notes. The Federal Reserve is a private, international corporation. Have you asked who really owns the Federal Reserve? Do these people own elected officials, us, and are they the ones paying and ordering US Troops to do their corprate evil? [Links, pictures, video CLICK HERE]

I, Steven G. Erickson, drove around Salem, New Hampshire USA, yesterday, September 29, 2012. Driving in rural New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and other states I have noticed a pattern. Roads are being blocked up. Choke points and road blocks are just a key stroke away from some secret, back room boss.

Is the US, and all Americans, under secret bankster and corporate pirate international organized crime armed occupation? Look around.


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How to fight our foreign corporate/bankster occupation?

Image [found here

Federal Reserve Notes are Foreign Corporate/Bankster paper money. We the people lend money for funding of foreign interests and wars of occupation and owe interest. We did not agree to become slaves to foreign banks and corporations. These foreign masters claim they protect us, feed us, keep us warm, and are the reasons we have small businesses and freedoms. These occupiers want to break up families, small businesses, and want to harm, rob, enslave, and even kill as many of us off as they can get away with.

Taking more and more time to live outside your enslavement will set you free. Join groups where cell phones are shut off and left somewhere for the time you meet. Meet to learn how to grow natural food, can food using glass jars, and how to occupy time without the use of electronics. Knitting, reading, sports, shooting, bow and arrow, chess, theater, music, and other pursuits can be a common thread. Agree to keep foreign banks and corporate chain stores out of your life as much as is possible.

Consider starting a community group at your local religious institution where it is a non-denominational community betterment campaign. Video can be put on local public access television and uploaded to internet. Community theater, swap shops, tag sales, bake sales, and other events could be organized.

Youths could volunteer to clean attics of the elderly, rake yards, and choose worthy recipients of community help. Powers need to go back to people's grand juries, where judges don't just dismiss the cases against police, government, and our corporate/bankster occupiers. The US President down to a homeless person should be answerable to the same laws and punishments, period. No one should be immune from legitimate prosecution.

Mostly retired men and women our meeting mornings at McDonald's restaurants having coffee, mornings. This might be happening across America. These retired folks are talking about what they see, what they think is wrong, and what should be done. 4 older women are sitting at a table near me. They are talking about 9/11 and the BS of both Obama and Romney. It is amazing as they are talking about the pre-planning of 9/11 by our government and outsiders to wage wars for corporate profit. If Grannies are starting to connect the dots, or connected them right off, real Americans are on the same page and realize, it is truly "Us against Them". We have the numbers ...

Communities need to band together to start manufacturing goods.Skills, tools, machinery must be either made or sourced.

We need our own private investigations and private protectors. US police are mere armed revenue collectors beholden to foreign masters. Courts are rigged. Town Hall criminals are taking inventory of you, your family, and all you have. US Troops are not American, they should be re-labeled "UN" and we should have our own American defenders. Banks and corporations wage wars for their interests, not ours. These banks and corporate owners would fund foreign armies to police us here in America.

Vote for 3rd and other party candidates 100% of the time. Do not elect any lawyers to anything, they pledge a secret oath to each other, not us. When overwhelmed with force do the minimum to comply. Don't work, don't support, don't move, don't help our occupiers in a forward motion.

Do foreign bankers own the Statue of Liberty, all national parks, and all public lands? Who let it go this far? Should you remain silent or voice your opinion of discontent and demand self-rule?


Understand their motives, [click here]

Does the UN and Foreign Banksters/Coporate Pirates own the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, National Parks, Lands, Preserves, and watershed, lake, and beach areas? [Part 1] [Part 2]

[Steven G. Erickson and the movie, Lawless America]

[Cancer, Tumors, Infertility, Death - Monsanto Corn]

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Cancer, Tumors, Infertility, Death - Monsanto Corn

 Mother Jones [article]

International banksters and corporation owners love us, right? They would never do anything to harm us, right? There aren't US Troops occupying America if behalf of our international owners if they are comfortable with what they are doing us.

We need to pay attention people!

Text with below video:
Published on Sep 26, 2012 by
A shocking new study conducted by French scientists which shows that rats fed on Monsanto's genetically modified corn suffered cancer and premature death has been met with a furious response from GMO apologists, who are desperately trying to cast doubt on the the study in an effort to discredit its findings.

50 percent of male and 70 percent of female rats fed on a diet containing NK603 -- a genetically modified corn produced by Monsanto -- or those exposed to Monsanto's Roundup weedkiller -- suffered tumors and multiple organ damage, causing them to die prematurely, the study found.

The study was conducted by French scientists at the University of Caen and published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology.

Almost immediately after the findings were made public at a press conference in London, numerous other scientists rushed to Monsanto's defense and claimed that the study was inaccurate.

"This strain of rat is very prone to mammary tumors particularly when food intake is not restricted," said Tom Sanders, head of the nutritional sciences research division at King's College London. "The statistical methods are unconventional ... and it would appear the authors have gone on a statistical fishing trip."

However, the statistical methods are perfectly straightforward. Only 30 percent of males and 20 percent of females in the control group of rats that were not exposed to Monsanto's products died prematurely -- meaning males were 30 per cent more likely to die prematurely after eating Monsanto corn and females a whopping 50 per cent more likely to die.

GMO Scientists Claims Sterility Side Effects Good For Earth

* * * *

1% to treat us all like we are Black

A 2011 Documentary called, "The Pruitt-Igoe Myth" breaks it down.

Powerful Organized Crime, Police, Lawyer, Business Owner, Judge, and Town Hall Whites wanted to keep Blacks separate, down and out, powerless, and wanted to make them homicidal, suicidal, and ripe for prison. They wanted to break up families and ruin Black small businesses. Neighborhood leaders were beaten up, jailed, or even murdered.

The 1% now consider us all Black. [my blog]

Steven G. Erickson writes legislators [text here]

  We all know about the secret weapons of WWII or the spy planes of the cold war…but what about today? What weapons are the DoD working on behind our backs in this day and age? Given the secrecy around this question, what can we say about this topic and how can we discover the answers? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we explore the mysteries of the secret weapons programs.


[click here] for:

Soldiers and Cops have Dibs on Girls and Women

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Corporation Sluts and Propaganda of Iran Attack?

wikipedia on Edward the Confessor [click here]

Workers, teachers, and others in the school systems, in welfare offices, and who are in protection of children might being force fed a rumor on how Iranian inner circle government militants are in possession of school building diagrams of major schools in Texas, New Jersey, and another large state. I call "Bull Shit" on this one.

If Iran were to strike on a target that would most piss off, and upset, and unify the American people, it would gain no real military advantage. There would then be an excuse to occupy Iran for its Oil. Leaders in Iran might be cunning because they have to be. They are trying to brace for an attack that is sure to come on their territory. Wanting to live is not crazy. I see more restraint than anything else on the Iranian side. I see saber rattling on our "supposed" side, and such mindless propaganda that would embarrass the best in the former USSR and Nazi regimes is being spewed on the American general public.  

Just like an attack on New York City would be best achieved, if it is attacked to do the most amount of damage, for the least amount of planning and expense. It would be possibly most feasible to attack the antiquated and failing water supply system for the city. No airplanes or any big planning would be needed to take out any number of feet in miles of piping. A city without water would soon fall into chaos and a huge death toll would result. A true enemy bent on destruction would have a plan that is logical, feasible, and attainable. The solution to fixing the water supply problem which may fail on its own is maybe still 25 years away.

I think that there is a back feed of misinformation to set up Iran as a patsy, so that the offshore banker and corporate owners of the US Military have an excuse to garrison all US schools, and to blockade the US Homeland.

Is there a plan to install road blocks and to militarily occupy the entire US Homeland in case the Tea Party leaders decide to call for an overthrow of the US Government? Is there a contest for maximum absurdity?

The enemies are the ones taking inventory of all of what we have in the US, offshore bankers and corporate owners. They are soon to send their troops to the US, and don't be shocked when foreign troops are "policing" US streets for our protection.


The below re-posted [from here]

Military Will Defeat Any Militia Type Rebellion On US Soil According To Study

By (about the author)

Report Will Make Every American Well Rehearsed In What Our Government & Military Is Prepared To Do If Ever Confronted With Homegrown Insurgents

For the past several months, a debate has been ongoing whether or not Tea Party members could actually instigate an all out rebellion against our government? Some say yes, most say no. According to their platform, Tea Party groups are focused only on advocating strict governments adherence to the United States Constitution, reducing U.S. government spending, taxes, reduction of the U.S. national debt and federal budget deficit. All through peaceful means. 

To most Americans, that doesn't sound like a violent group of insurgents.  

Some of the questions I have been asked are: Why is the military targeting the Tea Party agenda as the catalyst for a rebellion? What factual evidence exists that a possible homegrown revolution could happen in the US? Does the government believe front line Tea Party members are directly involved? Are militia extremists associated with the Tea Party capable of inciting a rebellion? Or, is this all just a mock form of "War Games" for the military, just in case? 

I personally don't know the answers to those questions being raised, but there is one thing for certain, the military feels there is enough probability for a rebellion that they have adopted a mock operational training exercise. One that uses a combination of offensive, defensive and stability support by the Army & Marines. And, their declared enemy in this report is both extremist militia members and the Tea Party. 

That report is titled" "Full Spectrum Operations In The Homeland: A Vision Of The Future." You may have read media accounts of it's existence, but have you actually examined the report and the depth of the strategy behind this mock military operation.

On July 15th 2012, Small War Journals published this 2010 Study written by former Army Colonel and military strategist Kevin Benson, and Ph.D History Professor Jennifer Weber. It details a mock training scenario for the Army that portrays an extremist militia, motivated by the goals of the tea party movement, physically taking over the entire city of Darlington SC, including the local government. There is also a very detailed outline of how the military and homeland security take action after the President enacts the Insurrection Act in order to regain control of the city. 

It should be noted that the military did not enlist Benson or Weber to produce this study, but the Army did adapt and include it in the "U.S. Army's Operating Concept 2016-2028." TRADOC Pamphlet 525-3-1, dated 19 August 2010, p. iii. Hereafter cited as TD Pam 525-3-1. If for no other purpose, this report will allow every American to become well rehearsed in just what the military is prepared to do if confronted with a rebellion on US soil.
I recommend everyone read this 2010 Study. 

About The Authors

Kevin Benson, Ph.D., Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired, is currently a seminar leader at the University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. His credentials are impressive and impeccable. He holds a B.S. from the United States Military Academy, an M.S. from The Catholic University of America, an MMAS from the School of Advanced Military Studies and a Ph.D. from the University of Kansas.  

During his career, COL Benson served with the 5th Infantry Division, the 1st Armored Division, the 1st Cavalry Division, the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, XVIII Airborne Corps and Third U.S. Army. He also served as the Director, School of Advanced Military Studies.

Jennifer Weber, is an Associate Professor of History (Ph.D. Princeton, 2003) at the University of Kansas. She specializes in the Civil War, especially the seams where political, social, and military history meet. She has spoken extensively around the country on Lincoln, politics, and other aspects of the Civil War.

Introduction"How To Crush A Tea Party Motivated Uprising 

In this section of the report, Benson first writes that" "The Constitution allows the president broad leeway in times of insurrection. Citing the precedents of Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War and Dwight D. Eisenhower sending troops to Little Rock in 1957, the president mobilizes the military and the Department of Homeland Security, to regain control."  

He goes on to detail that "this scenario requires us to consider how domestic intelligence is gathered and shared, the role of local law enforcement (to the extent that it supports the operation), the scope and limits of the Insurrection Act--for example maintaining a military chain of command but in support of the Attorney General as the Department of Justice is the Lead Federal Agency (LFA) under the conditions of the Act--and the roles of the local, national, and international media."

Benson points out that, "While invoking the Insurrection Act must be a last resort, once it is put into play Americans will expect the military to execute without pause and as professionally as if it were acting overseas. The Army cannot disappoint the American people, especially in such a moment. While real problems and real difficulties of such operations may not be perceived until the point of execution, preparation will afford the Army the ability to not be too badly wrong at the outset."

The design of this plan to restore the rule of law and will include information/influence operations designed to present a picture of the federal response and the inevitable defeat of the insurrection.

The Scenario & Military Reaction (taken from the study)

The Great Recession of the early twenty-first century lasts far longer than anyone anticipated. After a change in control of the White House and Congress in 2012, the governing party cuts off all funding that had been dedicated to boosting the economy or toward relief. The United States economy has flat lined much like Japan's in the 1990s, for the better part of a decade. By 2016, the economy shows signs of reawakening, but the middle and lower-middle classes have yet to experience much in the way of job growth or pay raises.  

Unemployment continues to hover perilously close to double digits, small businesses cannot meet bankers' terms to borrow money, and taxes on the middle class remain relatively high. A high profile and vocal minority has directed the public's fear and frustration at nonwhites and immigrants. After almost ten years of race-baiting and immigrant-bashing by right-wing demagogues, nearly one in five Americans reports being vehemently opposed to immigration, legal or illegal, and even U.S.-born nonwhites have become occasional targets for mobs of angry whites.

Then, in May 2016, an extremist militia motivated by the goals of the "tea party" movement, takes over the government of Darlington, South Carolina, occupying City Hall, disbanding the city council, and placing the mayor under house arrest. Activists remove the chief of police and either disarm local police and county sheriff departments or discourage them from interfering. In truth, this is hardly necessary. Many law enforcement officials already are sympathetic to the tea party's agenda, know many of the people involved, and have made clear they will not challenge the takeover. The militia members are organized and have a relatively well thought-out plan of action.

With Darlington under their control, militia members quickly move beyond the city limits to establish "check points" -- in reality, something more like choke points -- on major transportation lines. Traffic on I-95, the East Coast's main north-south artery; I-20; and commercial and passenger rail lines are stopped and searched, allegedly for "illegal aliens." Citizens who complain are immediately detained. Activists also collect "tolls" from drivers, ostensibly to maintain public schools and various city and county programs, but evidence suggests the money is actually going toward quickly increasing stores of heavy weapons and ammunition. They also take over the town web site and use social media sites to get their message out unrestricted. 

When the leaders of the group hold a press conference to announce their goals, they invoke the Declaration of Independence and argue that the current form of the federal government is not deriving its "just powers from the consent of the governed" but is actually "destructive to these ends." Therefore, they say, the people can alter or abolish the existing government and replace it with another that, in the words of the Declaration, "shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness."  

While mainstream politicians and citizens react with alarm, the "tea party" insurrectionists in South Carolina enjoy a groundswell of support from other tea party groups, militias, racist organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan, anti-immigrant associations such as the Minutemen, and other right-wing groups. At the press conference the masked militia members' uniforms sport a unit seal with a man wearing a tricorn hat and carrying a musket over the motto "Today's Minutemen."  When a reporter asked the leaders who are the "red coats" the spokesman answered, "I don't know who the redcoats are"it could be federal troops." Experts warn that while these groups heretofore have been considered weak and marginal, the rapid coalescence among them poses a genuine national threat.

The mayor of Darlington calls the governor and his congressman.  He cannot act to counter the efforts of the local tea party because he is confined to his home and under guard.  The governor, who ran on a platform that professed sympathy with tea party goals, is reluctant to confront the militia directly.  He refuses to call out the National Guard. He has the State Police monitor the roadblocks and checkpoints on the interstate and state roads but does not order the authorities to take further action.  In public, the governor calls for calm and proposes talks with the local tea party to resolve issues.  Privately, he sends word through aides asking the federal government to act to restore order.  

Due to his previous stance and the appearance of being "pro" tea party goals, the governor has little political room to maneuver.

The Department of Homeland Security responds to the governor's request by asking for defense support to civil law enforcement. After the Department of Justice states that the conditions in Darlington and surrounding areas meet the conditions necessary to invoke the Insurrection Act, the President invokes it. By proclamation he calls on the insurrectionists to disperse peacefully within 15 days. There is no violation of the Posse Comitatus Act. The President appoints the Attorney General and the Department of Justice as the lead federal agency to deal with the crisis.  

The President calls the South Carolina National Guard to federal service. The Joint Staff in Washington, D.C. alerts U.S. Northern Command, the headquarters responsible for the defense of North America, to begin crisis action planning. Northern Command in turn alerts U.S. Army North/Fifth U.S. Army for operations as a Joint Task Force headquarters. Army units at Fort Bragg, N.C.; Fort Stewart, Ga.; and Marines at Camp Lejuene, N.C. go on alert.  The full range of media, national and international, is on scene.

The design and execution of operations to restore the rule of law in Darlington will be complicated. The Fifth Army will retain a military chain of command for regular Army and Marine Corps units along with the federalized South Carolina National Guard, but will be in support of the Department of Justice as the Lead Federal Agency, LFA.  The Attorney General may designate a Senior Civilian Representative of the Attorney General (SCRAG) to coordinate the efforts of all Federal agencies. The SCRAG has the authority to assign missions to federal military forces. The Attorney General may also appoint a Senior Federal Law Enforcement Officer (SFLEO) to coordinate all Federal law enforcement activities.

Operations Pace To Restore Order (taken from the study)  

The pace of the operation needs to be deliberate and controlled. Combat units will conduct overt "Show of Force" operations to remind the insurrectionists they are now facing professional military forces, with all the training and equipment that implies.  Army and Marine units will remove roadblocks and check points both overtly and covertly with minimum essential force to ratchet up pressure continually on insurrectionist leadership.  

Representatives of state and local government as well as federalized South Carolina National Guard units will care for residents choosing to flee Darlington. A focus on the humanitarian aspect of the effort will be politically more palatable for the state and local officials. Federal forces continue to tighten the noose as troops seize and secure power and water stations, radio and TV stations, and hospitals. The final phase of the operation, restoring order and returning properly elected officials to their offices, will be the most sensitive.

Movements must be planned and executed more carefully than the operations that established the conditions for handover. At this point military operations will be on the downturn but the need for more politically aware military advice will not. War and the use of federal military force on U.S. soil, remains an extension of policy by other means.  Given the invocation of the Insurrection Act, the federal government must defeat the insurrection, preferably with minimum force.  

Insurrectionists and their sympathizers must have no doubt that an uprising against the Constitution will be defeated. Dealing with the leaders of the insurrection can be left to the proper authorities, but drawing from America history, military advice would suggest an amnesty for individual members of the militia and prosecution for leaders of the movement who broke the law. 

This fictional scenario leads not to conclusions but points to ponder when considering 21st century full spectrum operations in the continental United States.

Use Of Military Force (taken from the study)

All federal military forces involved in civil support must follow the standing rules for the use of force (SRUF) specified by the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Much like the rules of force issued to the 7th Infantry Division during operations in Los Angeles in 1992 the underlying principle involves a continuum of force, a graduated level of response determined by civilians' behavior. Fifth Army must assume that every incident of gunfire will be investigated. 

All units involved must also realize that operations will be conducted under the close scrutiny of the media. Operating under media scrutiny is not a new phenomenon. What is new and newsworthy about this operation is that it is taking place in the continental United States. Commanders and staffs must think about the effect of this attention and be alert when considering how to use the media.

Study Cautions Local Law Enforcement May Have Sympathy For Tea Party (taken from the study)

Receiving support from local law enforcement is critical to restoring the rule of law in Darlington.  City police officers, county sheriff deputies and state troopers can contribute valuable local knowledge of personalities, customs and terrain beyond what can be found in databases and observation. Liaison officers and non-commissioned officers, with appropriate communications equipment must be exchanged. Given the suspicion that local police are sympathetic to the tea party members' goals special consideration to operational security must be incorporated into planning.

In Closing

After reading the military scenario, are the feds singling out the Tea Party, the militia or both? It's evident that the military has plans in place to crush any disobedience or violent uprising by any members of any group using any means necessary. Up to and including deadly force.

To target the Tea Party's agenda for being the catalyst behind such a rebellion, the government must assume their members agenda has drastically changed between the Tea Party's beginnings and the May 2016 mock date of the uprising. Is there any evidence to support that? Possibly, the Tea Party is no longer made up of just peaceful protesters who just want to restore democracy through non-violent protests. Corporate and online social media reports are slowly surfacing that describe allegations of racism, bigotry and supporting of white nationalists by some Tea Party Organizations.

Hybrid Tea Party groups are popping up across the US that are actually alliances to groups like "The Patriot Movement" who define themselves as opposed to the New World Order, engage in groundless conspiracy theorizing, or advocate or adhere to extreme anti government doctrines. Many warn of impending government violence or the need to prepare for a coming revolution.

In 2010, the NAACP brought attention to the prejudice side of the mostly white Tea Party by both accusing and presenting evidence of members practicing racism. Studies also have been conducted that reflect that same contention. The Institute For Research & Education On Human Rights (IREH) concurred with the NAACP's in it's findings. The IREH report also details findings that militia and white nationalist are being welcomed by the Tea Party.

After the NAACP exposure, the Tea Party Federation expelled Mark Williams, then-president of the powerful and politically connected Tea Party Express for racially offensive public statements.

Law enforcement has announced arrests and convictions of violent tea party members.  One example, Doug Story , who was a member of at least 2 different groups, "The Tea Party Fund" and the "Patriot Action Network" was convicted on weapons charges and for threatening the life of the President.

Times and beliefs in the Tea Party movement may be changing".

End Of Story

Jack Swint

Related Report-Study

Strategic Study On Warfare Within US (see pages 31-32)


Back in the in Nixon era the CIA could be involved in spying inside the US. The FBI could likewise involved. The CIA could be tasked to murder citizens who get in the way. The "Black List" of citizens became famous under Nixon. What they were up to then is probably like kindergarten is to college, now. 


Watergate -- reasons behind the burglary (pt. 1)

Text with video:
Uploaded by on Sep 1, 2007
It's amazing that this was ever made, but here it is -- in six parts. "The Key to Watergate" (Barbara Newman's 1992 documentary) explores what was behind the Watergate burglary. In particular, why did the burglars have a key to a particular desk drawer at the DNC? The key -- and the reasons -- have been long suppressed. A real shocker! Don't miss it.

Watergate -- reasons behind the burglary (pt. 2)


Watergate -- reasons behind the burglary (pt. 3)  

Watergate -- reasons behind the burglary (pt. 4)  

Watergate -- reasons behind the burglary (pt. 5)
 Watergate -- reasons behind the burglary (pt. 6)

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Is it Money Changer "Love"?

We have some real choice Democrat and Republican candidates, don't we?
above image [stolen from here]

Pictures, video, and reasons why Steven G. Erickson blogs [here] 

Hartmann Vs. Selig - Trickle-down economics only creates a nation of peons

Text with video:
Published on Sep 18, 2012 by
David Selig, Conservative Commentator, joins Thom Hartmann. The message of economic equality that we hear coming from the Occupy movement hinges a lot on tax policy. One of the main gripes that Occupy has articulated over the last year was that the 1% no longer pays their fair share in taxes. Conservatives don't disagee - but they argue that low taxes on the 1%, will actually benefit all of us in the long run. They say it's all about helping the so-called job creators - making sure they keep more of their money to...well...create jobs. It's the basis of Reaganomics - or trickle-down economics. But as we know today - it doesn't work. Trickle-down economics works only to create a nation of peons. Since this trickle-down economic philosophy has been adopted - job creation has slowed - economic activity has been stagnant - and only the very very rich, the top 1% have seen any economic gains - while the rest of has have seen losses.

And now there's this: a new report by the Congressional Research Service that delivers the death blow to trickle-down economics. The report examines tax policy since 1945 to determine whether or not low taxes on the rich actually benefits the economy. The report's conclusion: they don't. As the report says: "The results of the analysis suggest that changes over the past 65 years in the top marginal tax rate and the top capital gains tax rate do not appear correlated with economic growth...However, the top tax rate reductions appear to be associated with the increasing concentration of income at the top of the income distribution." In other words - low taxes on the rich...only help the rich. So is this the intellectual death knell in 30-years of Reaganomics?

1% to treat us all like we are Black
  Text with video:
A 2011 Documentary called, "The Pruitt-Igoe Myth" breaks it down.

Powerful Organized Crime, Police, Lawyer, Business Owner, Judge, and Town Hall Whites wanted to keep Blacks separate, down and out, powerless, and wanted to make them homicidal, suicidal, and ripe for prison. They wanted to break up families and ruin Black small businesses. Neighborhood leaders were beaten up, jailed, or even murdered.

The 1% now consider us all Black. [my blog]

The Elite want to break up our families, starve us, bulldoze our small businesses, our homes, and send us off to re-location camps.  

Text with video:
Uploaded by on Oct 8, 2007

Politicians and their connected, rich developer friends are scamming taxpayers nationwide. This man's story tells it all. Casey Onaitis of 4 Merwin St., Norwalk, CT 06850, doesn't deserve to be put out of his business. Such businesses should be passed on to family or others willing to honor traditions and honestly serving the public.

Casey's Sheet Metal Service, Inc., provides necessary custom sheet metal fabrication and other services Home Depot and other chains do not.

It is a plain shame that working people are being put out of business, put out of their homes, for a scam, a shell game.

Our heritage and history in the US is being torn down and average citizens are being ruined to make the rich richer at everyone's else's expense.

More information here:


The number below is the way you can leave Steven G. Erickson a voicemail:

[click here] for:

Judges + Lawyers = Organized Crime?


I didn't want drugs sold off my front lawn and police, lawyers, and prosecutors housing their prostitutes on my property at my expense, so police guards were out to prevent me from attending Town Hall public forum meetings and from expressing my opinion to elected officials at LOB, Legislative Officer Building, at the Hartford Connecticut Capitol testifying at hearings. I guess this is common. Speak out and get jailed or put in a mental hospital. Just one more example:

 Lauren Canario Eminent Domain Arrest

Text with video:
Uploaded by on Sep 25, 2006
In 2005 Lauren Canario was arrested when she refused to move from a property seized by the New London Development Corporation using its delegated power of eminent domain. The Supreme Court had just ruled that cities could steal people's property and give it to whomever they wished for whatever arbitrary and capricious reasons they felt like.


Useless Eaters, The 1% Have a Plan Text with video:
It is interesting watching an excerpt of the 1997 documentary, "Nazi Medicine, The Cross and The Star".

Names from the past mean something today. Those once persecuted have not learned history's lessons and are some of the most blatant abusers of humanity.

What have the elite and powerful done in the past? What are they up to right now?

[my blog]


I don't agree with Robert Greenwald hook, line, and sinker, but believe most of his points to be valid. I met, and talked to, Mr. Greenwald in Minneapolis, Minnesota, out on a film shoot with Francis C. P. Knize at the NCMR Free Press Event in 2008. The below video should inform you while completely pissing you off.

  Robert Greenwald's "Koch Brothers Exposed" (Full)

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Published on Aug 23, 2012 by
Koch Brothers Exposed is a hard-hitting investigation of the 1% at its very worst. This full-length documentary film on Charles and David Koch—two of the world's richest and most powerful men—is the latest from acclaimed director Robert Greenwald (Wal-Mart: the High Cost of Low Price, Outfoxed, Rethink Afghanistan). The billionaire brothers bankroll a vast network of organizations that work to undermine the interests of the 99% on issues ranging from Social Security to the environment to civil rights. This film uncovers the Kochs' corruption—and points the way to how Americans can reclaim their democracy.

What can you do to fight back? Get the film. Host a screening. Tell your friends. Get the Koch brothers out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

10 Shocking Facts on the Kochs

1. Koch Industries, which the brothers own, is one of the top ten polluters in the United States -- which perhaps explains why the Kochs have given $60 million to climate denial groups between 1997 and 2010.

2. The Kochs are the oil and gas industry's biggest donors to the congressional committee with oversight of the hazardous Keystone XL oil pipeline. They and their employees gave more than $300,000 to members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee in 2010 alone.

3. From 1998-2008, Koch-controlled foundations gave more than $196 million to organizations that favor polices that would financially enrich the two brothers. In addition, Koch Industries spent $50 million on lobbying and some $8 million in PAC contributions.

4. The Koch fortune has its origins in engineering contracts with Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union.

5. The Kochs are suing to take over the Cato Institute, which has accused the Kochs of attempting to destroy the group's identity as an independent, libertarian think and align it more closely with a partisan agenda.

6. A Huffington Post source who was at a three-day retreat of conservative billionaires said the Koch brothers pledged to donate $60 million to defeat President Obama in 2012 and produce pledges of $40 million more from others at the retreat.

7. Since 2000, the Kochs have collected almost $100 million in government contracts, mostly from the Department of Defense.

8. Koch Industries has an annual production capacity of 2.2 billion pounds of the carcinogen formaldehyde. The company has worked to keep it from being classified as a carcinogen even though David Koch is a prostate cancer survivor.

9. The Koch brothers' combined fortune of roughly $50 billion is exceeded only by that of Bill Gates in the United States.

10. The Senate Select Committee on Indian Affairs accused Koch Oil of scheming to steal $31 million of crude oil from Native Americans. Although the company claimed it was accidental, a former executive in this operation said Charles Koch had known about it and had responded to the overages by saying, "I want my fair share, and that's all of it."

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Will 100 mil die in Take Over of US?


Rob Kall of interviews Donald Bartlett and James Steele. [link]

Are international bankers and corporations making Americans look bad to the rest of the world because average Americans seem to support the world domination and abuse of citizens worldwide by banks and corporations?

US Dollars are really "Federal Reserve Notes" a corporation that prints money, is international, and refuses to be audited in any real sense. US Troops are paid with international corporation paper so they are an international force who are beholden to international organized crime.

Will the rest of the world feel bad for Americans once America is a war zone?

I interfered with the revenue collection system of the town of Stafford Springs, Connecticut, lawyers, the courts, police, and the state. [link] So, I know first hand that organized criminals in government, and their friends, have been taking inventory and planning a long time.

Impounded Files (Secret) Rigging All Courts

More info: What if insiders, and offshore corporate and international banker organized crime had a back door to skew justice and make as much profit as is possible? They do. Lawyers rule and are screwing us blind. Steven G. Erickson meets up with Bill Windsor "Lawless America", the movie, more information:  

The Origins of the Euro Crisis - David L. Smith on GRTV

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As ECB chief Mario Draghi announces an unlimited bond buyback program to prop up the faltering Euro, and as the German supreme court rules that the European Stability Mechanism is constitutional, all eyes are once again on Europe. Now, analysts like David L. Smith are explaining the origins of the crisis and its likely consequences to an increasingly concerned public. Find out more in this week's GRTV Feature Interview.


Defense Industry Insider Speaks

(first published on Sept. 9, 2012)

I hung out with a defense industry high tech worker yesterday. I was interested in obtaining a vehicle of his. We got to talking and not knowing who I was, told me what he knows, openly. He works on the testing and manufacturing of missile housings. A multibillion dollar order for a specific type of missile gave a 6 months heads up on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and other conflicts. The biggest order ever, may have just been placed.

So in about 6 months, according to him, one of the biggest attacks on an enemy is about to take place. Bunker buster type missiles that have depleted uranium rods as the main concussion type explosion can penetrate 4 feet or more of heavily reinforced concrete. Some of these weapons are to be set up within the US and are part of the drone program.

From sometime in the 1980's satellites, fighter aircraft, helicopters, ships, ground vehicles, 747's, and C-130s, have been equipped with electronic pulse (EMP) and microwave weapons.

Bees and birds might be species most vulnerable to low level use of these weapons set on wide angle. When a house, or particular vehicle is a target of the weapons everything electronic fries including computers, cell phones, AC, heating, and other units. Vehicles won't run. Generators even that aren't running will be disabled. Microwave low level use can cause memory loss, anger, and confusion. Higher levels cause traumatic injury and death.

F-18 and/or F-22 fighter aircraft, called "the growlers", have been the primary 1st line attack aircraft with EMP and microwave weapons that look like radar pods that hang below the nose, or are the nose of aircraft. The F-35 is to be the new main platform. Pilots can be targeted to be unable to fly. Enemy aircraft and missiles can be fried electronically right out of the sky. The military has been careful to also use, or claim to use, conventional missile technology to cover up the real story of how military hardware, radar stations, power grids, aircraft, and vehicles are taken out of commission. Conventional weapons are back-up and are the cover story.

Anyone anywhere is a keystroke away from losing everything electronic, including their transportation. Anyone can receive low levels of microwave radiation to cause health problems, fatigue, confusion, anger, memory loss, and higher doses to kill. If you are at a fixed address, have a cell phone, or have a vehicle with tags, you can be a target anywhere anytime. Facial recognition software can be used when targeting crowds.

NASA came up in the conversation with the SUV owner. Corporations allegedly buy percentage of use of satellites. International corporations can purchase spying power. License plates allegedly can be read in any weather from a distance of 30 miles.

If a satellite weapon can take out a pilot anywhere in the world from space, or any aircraft, since the 1980's, why weren't these weapons used on September 11, 2001? Had these weapons been used to protect us then the funding to our international occupiers would have been cut, would it have not?

Is it crazy to talk about what Reagan area top officials talked about in detail about in the 1980s? These programs were funded. The paper money in your pocket is issued by international corporations. These people own our US military, all policing, and rig all courts. Who are the real enemies?


Texas vs. Smart Grid, Gates Vaccine Drones, NAM in Tehran - New World Next Week 

[click here for video]

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Welcome to - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Smart Meter Revolt: Upgrade Meets Growing Resistance In Texas
Smart Meter Movement Stirs Rowdy Debate In Texas
Smart Meters on Pubic Utility Commission of Texas
20 More Ways You Are Being Spied On

Story #2: Gates Foundation Funds 'Anti-Vaccine Surveillance and Alert System' and 'On-Demand Vaccine Delivery via Low-Cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicles'
Gates Foundation awards 1.7 million to inspire supply chain innovation
Bill Gates Pays Media to Portray Him As a Saint

Story #3: 16th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit opens today
Wikipedia: Non-Aligned Movement
Netanyahu: NAM summit in Tehran is a disgrace to humanity
Iran: NAM summit in Tehran proves 'failure' of US sanctions
Escobar on RT: Tehran NAM summit unites real intl community

Visit to get previous episodes in various formats to download, burn and share. And as always, stay up-to-date by subscribing to the feeds from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy Thank you.

Previous: Episode 125 - Iceland Was Right, Terror Futures, West Nile Spraying
Gerald Celente: Criminal Banksters Launching New World War


Looting Social Security w/ Paul Craig Roberts

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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Survive after our Corporate Occupiers Act

If the international corporations and bankers decide that they can't charge us any more interest on money we didn't borrow, they will use their US Military, Police, rigged courts, and all their weapons against us. They will first just shut everything off, and let us fight amongst ourselves, starve, and die of thirst. Keeping your head means you might live.

There will be no warning other than there will be days of no power, no water service, and nothing will be over the airwaves. Having water, not traveling, and not drawing attention to yourself might mean that you survive. Knowing how to keep yourself calm with little, to know conversations, eating and drinking as little as possible and just vegetating for days on end is not something most of you know how to do. I have hidden from Connecticut State Police informants who were sent out to harm, or kill me, and know how to keep my head, and survive.

I look clean cut now, have a great job, and this sort of post should be the last thing I should be doing, but I can't forget what I know, what I've seen, and what I have been taught by insiders who have a conscience.

You need a baseball bat, wood is preferred. It is better home protection, inside close quarters, in the dark than any firearm. You can take away guns from intruders and use them yourself if you have a bat. Stay quiet and in the dark, and only strike if you are to be found.

You need at least a half gallon of water a day to survive. Know what foods give you "no wipe" on toilet paper. I take multivitamins and eat canned fish and peanuts when I have hidden in the past. I eat fiber at beginning of a meal on the run, and end it with fiber. When you shit, your asshole is cleaned just before shitting, and just after. You will be more comfortable and will feel clean with days without a shower. It is all about believing, and having dreams to fulfill. Lose your dreams and die. They need not be realistic, you just have to have something that you look forward to in the future.

I had cheap Scotch Whiskey to brush my teeth with and preserve food. I would cook steak and then put it in a jar with Whiskey and it stayed good and did not freeze solid in cold weather. You can live outside as long as you have a workman's type overalls and jacket, all one piece. Taking your shoes off, having sleeping socks, and having a sleeping bag you keep out of the weather and keep dry, even if you are sleeping on top of snow out in the woods can keep you alive.

If I ended up in the woods because of some dumb, fat ass, Stafford Springs, Connecticut cop who lived with his mother, and thought he could get my wife if I was out of the picture, anything can happen to any of you, anytime. These assholes have more than proven it.

All is not lost. We can have a worldwide sit down strike. There are more of us, than there are of them. But, if you know something is coming the best defense is just to have overnight clothes, currency that can be taken over the border, and a passport, and get over the border anyway you can, no weapons and no excuse to keep you in the war zone.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Support Whose Troops?

image [found here]

What does it say on what is supposedly "US Currency". Are we being duped? International Banksters and Corporation owners print script and then say we owe them interest on bogus debts. We pay in blood for no real debt owed. Should we fund our own abuse?

Who is paying whom to do what? Are US Troops being paid real US money to protect and serve the people, or some foreign corporate bankster invaders?

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