Friday, September 28, 2012

How to fight our foreign corporate/bankster occupation?

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Federal Reserve Notes are Foreign Corporate/Bankster paper money. We the people lend money for funding of foreign interests and wars of occupation and owe interest. We did not agree to become slaves to foreign banks and corporations. These foreign masters claim they protect us, feed us, keep us warm, and are the reasons we have small businesses and freedoms. These occupiers want to break up families, small businesses, and want to harm, rob, enslave, and even kill as many of us off as they can get away with.

Taking more and more time to live outside your enslavement will set you free. Join groups where cell phones are shut off and left somewhere for the time you meet. Meet to learn how to grow natural food, can food using glass jars, and how to occupy time without the use of electronics. Knitting, reading, sports, shooting, bow and arrow, chess, theater, music, and other pursuits can be a common thread. Agree to keep foreign banks and corporate chain stores out of your life as much as is possible.

Consider starting a community group at your local religious institution where it is a non-denominational community betterment campaign. Video can be put on local public access television and uploaded to internet. Community theater, swap shops, tag sales, bake sales, and other events could be organized.

Youths could volunteer to clean attics of the elderly, rake yards, and choose worthy recipients of community help. Powers need to go back to people's grand juries, where judges don't just dismiss the cases against police, government, and our corporate/bankster occupiers. The US President down to a homeless person should be answerable to the same laws and punishments, period. No one should be immune from legitimate prosecution.

Mostly retired men and women our meeting mornings at McDonald's restaurants having coffee, mornings. This might be happening across America. These retired folks are talking about what they see, what they think is wrong, and what should be done. 4 older women are sitting at a table near me. They are talking about 9/11 and the BS of both Obama and Romney. It is amazing as they are talking about the pre-planning of 9/11 by our government and outsiders to wage wars for corporate profit. If Grannies are starting to connect the dots, or connected them right off, real Americans are on the same page and realize, it is truly "Us against Them". We have the numbers ...

Communities need to band together to start manufacturing goods.Skills, tools, machinery must be either made or sourced.

We need our own private investigations and private protectors. US police are mere armed revenue collectors beholden to foreign masters. Courts are rigged. Town Hall criminals are taking inventory of you, your family, and all you have. US Troops are not American, they should be re-labeled "UN" and we should have our own American defenders. Banks and corporations wage wars for their interests, not ours. These banks and corporate owners would fund foreign armies to police us here in America.

Vote for 3rd and other party candidates 100% of the time. Do not elect any lawyers to anything, they pledge a secret oath to each other, not us. When overwhelmed with force do the minimum to comply. Don't work, don't support, don't move, don't help our occupiers in a forward motion.

Do foreign bankers own the Statue of Liberty, all national parks, and all public lands? Who let it go this far? Should you remain silent or voice your opinion of discontent and demand self-rule?


Understand their motives, [click here]

Does the UN and Foreign Banksters/Coporate Pirates own the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, National Parks, Lands, Preserves, and watershed, lake, and beach areas? [Part 1] [Part 2]

[Steven G. Erickson and the movie, Lawless America]

[Cancer, Tumors, Infertility, Death - Monsanto Corn]


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