Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ridiculousness of Kate Middleton Bottomless Photos Story

I found the picture of Kate Middleton [here]. Why is this a story? Are vagina photos more important than real news? All of your money, your future, your home, your job, everything you hold dear and believe in is jeopardy, and so many of you go right for the pussy, don't you? You should be paying attention to International Banking and Corporate Organized Crime Figures like Hillary Clinton. I found that below photo on [The Kenny's Side Show blog].


Many of you who tune in to the 30 Second Attention Span Theater should check out this Obama supporter who sounds like Elmo and is spouting off how she gets a free phone, and allegedly her mortgage and gas for her car paid for because she supports Obama for US President. [Scroll down for Video Here]

[This] is what more of you should be thinking about.

[Who are our real enemies and how can you fight back]?

If Connecticut has about 3 and 1/2 million people and if I am one of the top 3 on the Secret Police Enemies Arrest on Sight list for blogging critically of the Connecticut Governor, who are these people really serving?

Do you feel safe knowing that maybe even millions of dollars of your US tax dollars have been spent on the hours, and hours, police have spent following me around, following those I know, paying police informants to break laws and make false statements, rigging court cases, causing small business failure, and making people like me lose their families, homes, jobs, retirement, safety and security, belief in American Government and Policing, to beat us up, falsely imprison us, and even kill us if we get "Mouthy".

[Target on Enemies List picture, video, and story]

[My contact Information, scroll down for my phone number]

[Does the UN and International Bankers own the Statue of Liberty, The Grand Canyon, National Parks, us, and most of everything?]

Impounded Files (Secret) Rigging All Court Cases?

Text with video:
Published on Jul 14, 2012 by
More info:

What if insiders, and offshore corporate and international banker organized crime had a back door to skew justice and make as much profit as is possible? They do. Lawyers rule and are screwing us blind.

Steven G. Erickson meets up with Bill Windsor "Lawless America", the movie, more information:


International Corporate Detention of US? 

Are all Americans being taxed without Representation? Are all elected officials bought with international corporate paper called "Federal Reserve" Notes. The Federal Reserve is a private, international corporation. Have you asked who really owns the Federal Reserve? Do these people own elected officials, us, and are they the ones paying and ordering US Troops to do their corprate evil? [Links, pictures, video CLICK HERE]

I, Steven G. Erickson, drove around Salem, New Hampshire USA, yesterday, September 29, 2012. Driving in rural New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and other states I have noticed a pattern. Roads are being blocked up. Choke points and road blocks are just a key stroke away from some secret, back room boss.

Is the US, and all Americans, under secret bankster and corporate pirate international organized crime armed occupation? Look around.



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