Sunday, September 09, 2012

Survive after our Corporate Occupiers Act

If the international corporations and bankers decide that they can't charge us any more interest on money we didn't borrow, they will use their US Military, Police, rigged courts, and all their weapons against us. They will first just shut everything off, and let us fight amongst ourselves, starve, and die of thirst. Keeping your head means you might live.

There will be no warning other than there will be days of no power, no water service, and nothing will be over the airwaves. Having water, not traveling, and not drawing attention to yourself might mean that you survive. Knowing how to keep yourself calm with little, to know conversations, eating and drinking as little as possible and just vegetating for days on end is not something most of you know how to do. I have hidden from Connecticut State Police informants who were sent out to harm, or kill me, and know how to keep my head, and survive.

I look clean cut now, have a great job, and this sort of post should be the last thing I should be doing, but I can't forget what I know, what I've seen, and what I have been taught by insiders who have a conscience.

You need a baseball bat, wood is preferred. It is better home protection, inside close quarters, in the dark than any firearm. You can take away guns from intruders and use them yourself if you have a bat. Stay quiet and in the dark, and only strike if you are to be found.

You need at least a half gallon of water a day to survive. Know what foods give you "no wipe" on toilet paper. I take multivitamins and eat canned fish and peanuts when I have hidden in the past. I eat fiber at beginning of a meal on the run, and end it with fiber. When you shit, your asshole is cleaned just before shitting, and just after. You will be more comfortable and will feel clean with days without a shower. It is all about believing, and having dreams to fulfill. Lose your dreams and die. They need not be realistic, you just have to have something that you look forward to in the future.

I had cheap Scotch Whiskey to brush my teeth with and preserve food. I would cook steak and then put it in a jar with Whiskey and it stayed good and did not freeze solid in cold weather. You can live outside as long as you have a workman's type overalls and jacket, all one piece. Taking your shoes off, having sleeping socks, and having a sleeping bag you keep out of the weather and keep dry, even if you are sleeping on top of snow out in the woods can keep you alive.

If I ended up in the woods because of some dumb, fat ass, Stafford Springs, Connecticut cop who lived with his mother, and thought he could get my wife if I was out of the picture, anything can happen to any of you, anytime. These assholes have more than proven it.

All is not lost. We can have a worldwide sit down strike. There are more of us, than there are of them. But, if you know something is coming the best defense is just to have overnight clothes, currency that can be taken over the border, and a passport, and get over the border anyway you can, no weapons and no excuse to keep you in the war zone.


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